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Podcast #101 – Interview with Didact.

My very first guest on the podcast is fellow manosphere blogger Didact from Didact’s Reach.
We talk about India, Indians, the realities of employing them, the dating market, Russian chicks, Christianity, and much more.

Link to Didact’s hawt chick post on Friday which I suspect is actually a bloke.

And a link to the only good looking woman that he has ever posted on his blog.


Telstra is an anti-Australian company.


Clementine Ford rescued by white male taxpayers.


  1. Al Jahom

    That was great. What an interesting guy. We need more of that sort of thing, dude.

    He seems to have learned Russian – and developed a convincing sounding accent – really quickly. I wonder how he did it?

    • didact117

      Thanks, I appreciate that ))

      How did I learn Russian? Медленно, и с большим усилием. Much of it was self-taught, by the way – I found a book of grammar and a language site that lets you learn through podcasts (, for the record). I’m quite well behind on my Russian lessons, actually…

      And where does my accent come from? It’s genuine, that is actually how I speak in real life. My “native” accent is the contrivance. The reason for it is simple – I have lived outside of “my” country since I was 5. People who meet me in real life always have the devil’s own time trying to sort out where I’m from. It’s a fun game to play, actually.

      • Al Jahom

        Haha, actually I meant your Russian accent! Quite a lot of very different sounds from English.

        The only time I noticed your Anglo accent slip was the way you pronounced Tata 🙂

  2. TechieDude

    That was a great podcast. He’s changed my mind on H1Bs, although we still have a dismal pipeline of talent for IT.

    And that was an interesting observation on the south. He’s right, of course. It’s an entirely different culture and mindset. It’s why I moved here. More John Wayne, less Jerry Seinfeld.

  3. TechieDude

    Funny story – I worked at a medical lab where the CTO had outsourced the new clent (for doctor’s offices) to his Indian company. When the execs found out, they shitcanned him. The work was way behind, and buggy. I was there a year or so, and this happened at the end of my tenure. So all year, no client to deploy.

    So they brought development back in house, and started on the source code.

    It was unusable. What was commented, was commented in hindi. Back to the drawing board.

    Come to think of it, the job I had before that also had Indian coding. My recollection was that the software client performed poorly, and wasn’t designed “ergonomically”. Tough to use, hard to learn.

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