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When the Covington kids controversy broke out the bishop of the local Diocese was quick to condemn members of his own flock on the spurious and easily retracted evidence provided by the Left. But a couple of weeks later the bishop has made a full retraction and apology.

In a letter to parents, the Most Rev. Roger Foys said the diocese was too quick to condemn the actions of the Covington Catholic High School students, particularly those of Nicholas Sandmann, the boy who was seen on video facing off with Native American elder Nathan Phillips as he performed the song “American Indian Movement” near the Lincoln Memorial.

“We should not have allowed ourselves to be bullied and pressured into making a statement prematurely, and we take full responsibility for it,” Foys wrote. “I especially apologize to Nicholas Sandmann and his family, as well as to all CovCath families who have felt abandoned during this ordeal.”

The above quote is an example of something that is almost extinct in the modern world – a since apology with genuine regret and self-reproach, coupled with a determination to do better in the future and to make amends. That it has come from the Catholic Church, which is unfortunately one of the most cucked organizations in the world today, makes it even more valuable. I truly did not expect to see such an apology.

The Church has seen a continuation of the fall in its numbers because it is so weak. It is not a strong organization. It falls for whatever lefty con is the flavor of the day. The more that the Church embraces refugees, or homosexuals, or trans rights, or the feminization of our society, then the more that it loses its spine. It vacillates from one trend to another, desperate to be everything to everyone and thus inching further along the road to becoming nothing to nobody.

But there are signs of strength; small shoots of hope that are peeking out of the mud of lies in which the current Church resides. The above apology is one of them. Another that I have seen recently is the Irish priest who denied Communion to a pro-abortion politician.

Father John Hogan refused to give Holy Communion to Robert Troy, a member of the Irish Parliament, at a funeral Mass on Jan. 4. The Mass where this happened was at the Church of St. Nicholas in the village of Multyfarnham in the diocese of Meath.

Troy had a previous track record of being opposed to abortion until he said publicly that he voted in favor of abortion in Ireland’s abortion referendum in May 2018. In that referendum, the people of Ireland voted overwhelmingly to legalize abortion by overturning the Republic’s Eighth Amendment, which protected the right to life of the unborn.

Imagine the public shame that this weasel of a politician felt as the priest openly denied him the Holy Communion. The priest acted like a leader, something which has been sorely in absence from the Church for a very long time. Small acts of defiance such as this to the prevailing Satanic order are the foundation stones that can become a sweeping reclamation of the True Faith.

Unfortunately Father Hogan’s local Bishop hasn’t exactly got his back.

Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan of Waterford and Lismore has said that those who voted for abortion should not go to Communion unless they repent and go to confession.

However, Bp. Cullinan also said that he would not deny such people Holy Communion, saying, “On the spot that is a totally different matter, because then you are politicizing the actual Mass itself, very awkward situation that you don’t want to get into.”

On the contrary, if you examine the bible and the various travails that Jesus Christ got himself into, they are a continuous series of very awkward situations indeed. The bible is immersed in politics; how could it not be? Christ came to earth to shake up the prevailing order and to reveal to his followers that there is another and much better way.

But today the Church desperately tries to avoid such situations whenever it can. Its two biggest bugbears are Orthodoxy and Tradition, and any priests foolish enough to lead their congregations in a manner in which supports traditional Church teachings almost inevitably find themselves banished to the sidelines.

But priests such as these are the future hope for the saving of the Church. These two men are the ones who should be the bishops of their communities. The priests with fire in their bellies and courage in their hearts. The students of Covington Diocese are indeed fortunate to have a bishop who has reflected on his grave error and has shown a spine. All we can hope is that this becomes first a growing trend and then a tsunami of change that sweeps out the debased Church leadership everywhere.


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  1. G’day Adam, as a Catholic searching for the Church’s backbone, that is one hell of an article.

    I will be going to Latin Mass from now on, firstly because I yearn for the traditional Mass and equally because of the leftist PC garbage being spouted by most Priests these days at Mass.

    And I’ve gone back to reading the Bible every day – the more you read the Bible the more apparent it is that Jesus was no bleeding heart – far from it!

    Great article, keep up the good work.


    Dan Boyle


  2. Al Jahom

    The problem, of course, is that Il Papa is fully onboard with the new world order.

    It has the makings of a schism… Tradexit… could perhaps be no bad thing.

  3. earl

    From witnessing things that happened after Vatican 2…to watching videos from Venerable Fulton Sheen about how the church started to go away from things like mortification, discipline, and politics over theology…there is no doubt it has become weak.

    We shouldn’t of had made things easier so that Protestants would convert and save their souls in the Catholic church (which was the original intention of why Pope Paul VI came up with the Novus Ordo)…we should have made things harder. By making things easier many clergy and laity are losing their faith.

  4. A little noticed fact. Apparently the mumbling chant that Nathan Philips was performing has a name.

  5. TechieDude

    You can’t look at the Catholic Church today, and use the Church of England model. The pope doesn’t call the shots on anything but doctrine of the Church. The Bishops run their dioceses as they see fit. Blue states, they’ll lean more left. Red ones, more conservative.

    Call me cynical, but being deeply involved in my Church, I see things differently.

    The families in Covington lawyered up, and those lawyers are taking names. I read a piece this week where they are going to offer those in the press that libeled these kids to publicly apologize, else face litigation. These kids are minors. Rules are different. Money and pain will be extracted. Honestly, I can’t wait.

    While the hierarchy of the Church leans left at times, (The vestiges of a former homo infestation), the people that make things happen in the Diocese and Churches are nearly always very traditional. I’d bet my bottom dollar the Bishop had a number of these types, as well as probably a large number of his priests, ask him WTF he thought he was doing.

    Here, there is a thing called the “Bishops Lenten Appeal”. Lent is coming, and they’ll ask for shekels for the Bishop to do things – help retired priests, help schools, whatnot. People will come to mass, the plate will be passed, and come back empty.

    Bottom line is the shepherd doesn’t throw a few lambs to the wolves, hoping they’ll be satiated.
    The wolves never are, and the flock will scatter.

  6. I dont agree with the premise of this article that this letter of apology was an act of strength. Read it more critically for the content and the timing of the letter. Two points here: First – The bishop acknowledged that he was ‘bullied.’ Who bullied him? Why did he allow himself to be bullied? He is a bishop, is he not? A shepherd, and he was ‘bullied?’ True shepherds with a spine are not bullied. Second – What we know now is that this particular diocese was on the list for the Covington student’s lawyers to go after for defamation. His apology came out AFTER the lawyer stated that certain parties will be targeted. Thus, this letter was simply an attempt for CYA. No, this bishops did not act like a man. no strength found there. Lastly, two other bishops and the entire USCCB (body of US bishops) have not made a public apology.

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