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Friday hawt chicks & links – The time warp edition.

It’s Friday which means links and hawtness, what more could you ask for as you roll your way into another weekend. This weekend has come faster than any dirty metaphor that you care to poke something naughty at. I mean, it’s positively flown right by me. This must mean that I’m getting old. Pretty soon I reckon that I’m going to understand what the speed of light means. Those old folks that toddle around really slow are merely attempting to brace themselves against the sheer awfulness of watching time accelerate to warp speed around them.

I remember when I was 8 how slow the winter session of school went. Waiting for that 2nd term to finish was literally the slowest experience of my life. The second slowest experience was waiting to get laid when I was a horny teenager. But now life moves fast, and if you don’t slow down it might pass you by, or something like that in some movie some time in some other place.

So I have some links for you, and some resident hawtness. I hope that they tickle your parts that cause you to laugh and squirm. But unless you’re female, hawt, and under 25, I don’t want to visualize any of that. I reckon that most of my readers won’t fall into that category. Probably none actually. Thank God for that.

On with it.

The president made his State of the Union speech this week. What surprised me is that they still consider it to be a union. He should rename it to the State of the Confederacy. Watch half the country literally start shaking. Anyway, apparently some of the women in the crowd of politicians chose to wear white in protest against something? Come on, they’re chicks so it was just about drawing attention to themselves. The conversation to wear white probably went something like this:

Dumb female polly 1: “I know; let’s all wear white to show our solidarity!”

Other dumb female pollies: “Oh, that’s so brilliant! That will show them all! Hoo-rah! We are the best! They can’t hold us down!”

All dumb female pollies thinking the same thing at that moment: “None of these bitches better look better than me!”

Confused male intern on the sidelines who was only taken on because he has a cute bottom random thoughts: “Protest against what? What a bunch of stupid cunts.”

State of the Union dress up.

… the old misogynistic dinosaurs of yesteryear warned against allowing women into senior positions on the grounds they’d not take them seriously. From accounts I’ve read on Twitter, each woman in white sat through Trump’s address with a face like a bulldog licking piss off a thistle until he said:

No-one has benefited more from a thriving economy than women, who have filled 58% of the newly created jobs last year.

At which point they rose to their feet and delivered a round of applause in congratulation to…themselves.


I have been tough on Gavin McInnes in the past, but I am so pleased to see that he has found a pair and is going after the SPLC.

When McGinnes started Proud Boys, it was basically a social thing — meet-ups for fans of his podcasts — but then the media started paying attention, Trump got elected, and “Antifa” started harassing the Proud Boys. Last year, SPLC evidently decided to target McInnes for destruction, and this lawsuit is about his refusal to be destroyed. Keep in mind, SPLC is also being sued by Baltimore attorney Glen Keith Allen, and many other organizations are said to be contemplating their own lawsuits.

Fight back, destroy their institutions, and sow the field with salt.



The following makes it crystal clear that the prog left have used immigration solely to influence voting patterns in strategic voting districts across our nations.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1093149080744796163&

Montana is 89.4% white. Those whites vote conservatively. You’re fine with taking power from them by transplanting a population that will not vote like them. It’s just interesting that this is morally fine, and republicans acting against this hypothetical scenario is wrong.



The holy grail of upland hunting.


The inhumanity of openness.

The monstrous nature of the open society lies in the fact it assumes choice, based in anything but objective criteria, is invalid. The male who marries a female because of biology is acting from bias. The male who marries a man, because of economic benefit is acting rationally, because his decision is based on objective criteria. This view of people strips them of their humanity and turns them into economic units, cursed with a sense of moral duty and a belief in free will. They must be broken of those beliefs.

This is what lies behind the sudden promotion of race mixing on television. Every ad must feature a mixed race couple. It’s not so much a denial of biology, it is a denial of choice driven by anything other than objective criteria. Preferring your own race or ethnicity is invalid, because it places a barrier between you and others. Breaking up these antiquated notions of choice is not about racism. It’s about destroying any barriers between people, as those are by definition invalid in an open society.

The prog left is in an open orgy to ban discrimination. But discrimination is merely another word for choice.



Rich liberals and why we hate them.

And what of Giridharadas’s economic radicalism? Socialism has never worked anywhere, it produced mass slaughter in the 20th century, and it’s still producing disaster (e.g., Venezuela) today. Giridharadas’s basic problem is that he’s close enough to the top of the socioeconomic heap — the son of a successful businessman — that he can’t see how important a free economy is to those of us much nearer the bottom.


Speaking of Venezuela and socialism

There is no way that Chavez and Maduro could have pursued a pro-Venezuelan policy aimed at achieving economic independence without inciting fury, subversion and sanctions from the United States. American foreign policy remains as focused on oil as it was when it invaded Iraq under Dick Cheney’s regime. U.S. policy is to treat Venezuela as an extension of the U.S. economy, running a trade surplus in oil to spend in the United States or transfer its savings to U.S. banks.

By imposing sanctions that prevent Venezuela from gaining access to its U.S. bank deposits and the assets of its state-owned Citco, the United States is making it impossible for Venezuela to pay its foreign debt. This is forcing it into default, which U.S. diplomats hope to use as an excuse to foreclose on Venezuela’s oil resources and seize its foreign assets much as Paul Singer hedge fund sought to do with Argentina’s foreign assets.

Just as U.S. policy under Kissinger was to make Chile’s “economy scream,” so the U.S. is following the same path against Venezuela. It is using that country as a “demonstration effect” to warn other countries not to act in their self-interest in any way that prevents their economic surplus from being siphoned off by U.S. investors.

Not all things are as clean and simple as often made out.



The Townsville floods were supposed to be someone else's problem.


You went to college to find yourself, well now you have to pay up.


  1. earl

    ‘Come on, they’re chicks so it was just about drawing attention to themselves. ‘

    Pretty much…from wearing the same things, to taking selfies, to posting damsel in distress posts…it’s all for attention. They used to do those things to attract a husband and become wives and mothers.

    Men basically have to shitpost to even get anyone to notice they exist.

  2. Shy Ted

    No doctor of gender studies looks like the lady in the picture. Come to think of it they look more like Earl only not as sexy.

  3. Someone

    I’m sure the world has not seen that many Democrats in white garb since the beginnings of the KKK.

    Besides, most of the women of the Democratic Party are so physically repulsive that it would benefit most people to see them wearing a full burqa so we don’t have to look at that. I guess a basket or a paper sack over the head would work to.

  4. TechieDude

    ” This is forcing it into default, which U.S. diplomats hope to use as an excuse to foreclose on Venezuela’s oil resources…

    What bullshit. We have our own oil, thank you. If this imbecile thought to look harder, he’d see the Chinese in there. That’s who is after the oil. And probably Russia, who is looking shunt that oil to China and away from Europe. Never mind that Chavez was belligerent and openly hostile to the US and it’s interests. That’s why to boot on his neck.

    I’ve never met a lefty hippy that didn’t love a good conspiracy theory. Way back, as a young dude in the 80s I was installing cable TV. During bad weather, or if there wasn’t enough work, they’d pair us techs up. I spent a day with a weirdo hippy and had to listen to his tortured logic conspiracy theories.

    You know why there aren’t street cars any more? Why, it’s a collusion between GM, Standard oil, and Goodyear! They replaced those cable cars with GM buses, burning standard oil fuel, on Goodyear tires to rob us of cheap transportation.

    Never mind the cost/passenger-mile was lower and flexibility higher with buses. Today’s lefty idiots are in love with rail. Never mind that a Boeing 737s cost/passenger is less than that of a compact car.

    • TechieDude

      “that prevents their economic surplus from being siphoned off by U.S. investors.”

      Oh. You mean those guys that bought Chile’s and Argentina’s bonds – lending them money and expecting a return? Those guys who were robbed when these countries defaulted?

      You know, I have the same issue. Citibank is stealing my economic surplus.

    • Xword

      Don’t know where you’re from TD but down here in Sydney town the city has been crippled for the last five years by some Spanish company digging up the roads installing a new light rail system which, some 55 years earlier, was originally ripped out on the basis in was uneconomic, traffic-strangling crap. The progressives have been strangely silent re the project compared to the ruckus they put up when the city experimented with a now-defunct monorail a couple of decades ago … which at least got its tracks well above road level.

      • TechieDude

        I live in DFW, Texas, where these projects tend to get done properly. I live a few miles from the infamous high five interchange. One of the busiest highway interchanges in the country.

        It took three years. And it wasn’t all that painful, considering.

        This is what can be done when there’s a fixed goal, people come together and are properly incentive to achieve the end result.

        The problem with lefty politicians is that these projects aren’t about seeing a need and getting project completed. They are giant graft programs where you need minority run companies, and certain levels of team black and brown involved. The rail project isn’t about bringing rail service, it’s about keeping all their supporters hands well greased. They are “jobs” programs.

        There are a few American cities where this sort of epic silliness is on grand display. The one that is probably the worst is Boston. In a fraction of the time it took to do the “big dig”, They rebuilt the high five, and changed one of the feeder highways into a massive 10 lane + double decker, Digging far more real estate than the big dig. As you drive around you’ll see long abandoned walking bridge projects – You’ll see the ends, but no middle. You’ll see highway ramps that stop in mid air, long abandoned. I asked a dude about them once that started a tirade, the point of which was they ran out of money. The money was for palm grease, not steel and concrete.

        There’s one or two of these in LA that lasted forever. You’d see them on Chips (tv show), Dirty harry, Speed, and nearly any action flick where they need something to fall off a “ramp construction” project. When not filming, they sit there. Rusting monuments to idiocy.

  5. What I thought was telling, given todays FemDims, was one persons response when POTUS said the following:

    “Well, Elvin was a boy, the end his family legally immigrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic. At the age of 8, he told his dad he wanted to become a special agent. Today, he leads investigations into the scores of international sex trafficking. He says that if I can make sure these young girls get their justice, I’ve really done my job. Thanks to his work and that of his incredible colleagues, more than 300 women and girls have been rescued from the horror of this terrible situation and more than 1500 sadistic traffickers have been put behind bars. We will always support the brave men and women of law enforcement, and I pledge to you tonight that I will never abolish our heroes from ICE. Thank you.”

    According to the Wire:
    “Everyone stood up and applauded at that moment, except for Ocasio-Cortez, who took several moments to look around to see if she should stand. After seeing everyone else stand she begrudgingly stood, but refused to clap, even as most of her Democratic colleagues did so.”

    Feminism has blood on its hands.

    • Isn’t the Daly Wire the “brainchild” of that annoying little grifter Benny Shapiro?

      If so, please don’t give that little bastard any clicks whatsoever.

      There are always other sites that will give you the same news and in a more timely manner as well.

  6. It’s OK to wear white

  7. Remember when Melania Trump was accused of being a racist for wearing white?

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