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Boomers flooding gyms in all out effort to avoid old age.

Wisdom in life is about accepting the stage of life in which you reside; childhood, youth, adult, middle age, old age. In the past when we had fully functioning family units this progression was natural as every age group had their role to play. When you’re 65 and you have 7 grand kids then by definition you’re a grandmother. You do grandmother type things. This means spending time with your grandchildren and even showing an interest in them like you actually mean it.

But if your entire existence has been about you, about finding yourself, about finding your passion, about discovering who you are, about getting in touch with yourself, about acknowledging your true inner self, about making constant critical breakthroughs that are all designed to further who you are as an individual to the exclusion of all others around you, well, you’re going to keep exhibiting this embarrassing behavior well into the final stage of life.

The Superfit Sixties.

Today’s 60-somethings know that age is no deterrent to even the most challenging athletic goals. A new tribe of hard-bodied sexagenarians is emerging.

Superfit 60-plus members put in longer hours at their gyms than any other age group, averaging eight visits a month, according to the British healthcare charity Nuffield Health. More than one in 10 members of David Lloyd gyms are 60-plus. And it’s not the more gentle classes on the timetable that are drawing them in but high-intensity workouts and tough training regimens.

Sport England says the biggest rise in sports participation in recent years has been among older age groups, with running and cycling experiencing massive growth.

There’s a photo too … are you ready for it?

can’t you just picture them lecturing us on how tough they had it at our age …

England Athletics has recorded a 12 per cent increase in those aged 60-plus joining running clubs over the past 12 months, while British Cycling says 74 per cent of those over 60 say they cycle not just to enjoy the scenery but to seriously improve their fitness.

As a former cyclist in my teens let me just say that boomers have absolutely destroyed the sport of cycling.

Now don’t get me wrong; as a dedicated weightlifter I consider it to be immensely important to continue to be strong as you age. Strength is the difference between a healthy and enjoyable final stage in life and one where you drool into your cereal from your wheelchair in an old age home.

But it is the sheer lack of dignity and “look at me we will never die” attitudes of the Boomers that is so annoying. But above all else it is the continued self-absorption to the exclusion of all others that grates the most.

Fashion fitness brands are signing up the superfit 60s as ambassadors. Yazemeenah Rossi is a 63-year-old grandmother with 218,000 Instagram followers who fronts a campaign for the fitness brand Sweaty Betty. Rossi credits her commitment to exercise for giving her the body of someone a third her age. “I’ve practised yoga for more than 30 years,” Rossi says. “And I’ll spend between 30 minutes and an hour doing it each day.”

Time for her grandchildren amongst all of this? Oh sure, she’ll pop in to see them now and again, although she would never have the little bastards dropped off at her house where she’d be trapped with them. That would never do.

I’m just waiting for them to announce that 70 is the new 30. It’s coming very soon. I’d put money on it.


They were the most worthless of times.


Be the best feminist male ally that you can be.


  1. Cycling was doomed the instant aging boomers took an interest in it. Little wonder they forced legislated minimum passing distances. Even their millennial children are starting to hate them.

    I see these flabby armed, big gut boomers in gyms. They have no hope. But the moral posturing is irritating.

    • Heather

      You didn’t invent bikes or roads or gyms. Get used to sharing in case your politics tends to lean that way.
      P. S. Lighten up. Time will sneak up on your ass too.

  2. Dave

    >”Rossi credits her commitment to exercise for giving her the body of someone a third her age.”

    A 63 year old that thinks she looks 21…… when you wish upon a star……….

  3. Klaus

    Top post – certainly true for my gym. It could be though that my fellow old bastards are recovering from serious illness as well. I only started lifting at age 60 and flat out didn’t know that it brings euphoria, rather than pain/exhaustion.

    “A man barely has enough time to get good at one thing…be careful what you good at.”
    Rust Cohle – True Detective.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Al Jahom

    I have a theory, for what it’s worth.

    With their paid-off properties, plentiful free time and healthy pensions, boomers are an obvious target market for easy money when it comes to flash gym kit & equipment, $5000 carbon bicycles, premium gym memberships, personal trainers etc. All the gear, no idea. Easier than trying to take money off jaded, harassed GenXers or hopeless millennials.

    So the marketing wallahs court the ‘lifestyle’ media – the newspaper supplements, the daytime TV etc – and promise the boomers the keys to eternal life.

    The boomers aren’t any more or less ovine than any other generation, and the easily led flock to whatever this year’s shiny thing is on their quest for the holy grail.

    Next year they’ll all move onto mountaineering or horse-riding, or whatever gimmick (hot yoga?) the lifestyle monkeys come up with, and you’ll be left with a bare few who stick with the gym.

    • Allen

      It’s mostly women who suddenly “find” their inner horsewoman in their 40’s and 50’s. It’s like retired guys and their Harleys.
      The women are especially annoying, they’ll sign up for the 3 day horse training seminar to the tune of thousands of dollars and then proceed to lecture others about the proper way to do things. I really shouldn’t do it, but… Here, take this plastic sheet, now throw it over your horse’s back. We have ourselves a rodeo.

      • Al Jahom

        Haha… I went down the horsey route in my early 40s… you’re right about the women.. they’re all as mad as a box of frogs… every last one has unshakable belief that everyone else is doing everything wrong.

        In the end I decided they’re stupid, stubborn, unpredictable animals. Same goes for the horses.

  5. Sweet. Boomers who don’t know what they’re doing, in time-worn bodies gone soft from the cubicle farm, think that starting high-intensity gym work in their 60s will make them live longer.

    Somewhere, a black knight is laughing himself sick.

  6. earl

    I don’t mind boomers working out…it’s their delusions of life that are irritating.

    • Heather

      I’ve been running for 37 years. I don’t have illusions or delusions, just a desire to pass you on the hill.
      I pass a lot of houses with half drawn windows with strong second hand pot smoke wafting across the street. Losers.
      I take the road less traveled. I don’t care what it looks like.

    • Heather

      At least we didn’t have to listen to crap music and tell ourselves it was good or convince ourselves that failed political ideas just weren’t “done right.” Delusions anyone?
      Definition of insanity…doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.
      I wish my Mom worked out. It’s better than vitamins.

  7. MatrixTransform

    keep pumping Gen-Gibberish .

    ur gonna be so ripped in 20yrs.

    definitely wont look like an silly old fart in a gym in 2035

  8. TechieDude

    They definitely have ruined cycling around here. I live exactly a mile from a high end bike shop. It’s typical to have to maneuver my truck past packs of chubby boomers in brightly colored, very inappropriate, spandex riding bikes that cost as much as my truck.

    The upside, I suppose, is the missus and I scored some mighty nice used bikes at a good price. I ride mine alone, without the gay apparel.

    But the elder gym rats seem to be outliers. At least here. When I used to go I’d see oldsters, and college kids (hogging gear, on their mobiles, doing ineffectual exercises). The geezers don’t like to be told they are doing it wrong, and probably hurting themselves.

    There were a fair amount of boomers, that split into two groups. The first reminds me of the ones Cappy was venting about – Waited until mid 50s or older to plan retirement, and start to get in shape. They exercises they were doing were certain to only tucker them out. I’ve known at least two to take up jogging only to drop dead.

    The second were types like me, trying to recover after a physical injury or illness. I lifted prior to getting sick, and was using the starting strength method to some success. After? Not so much. I wish I had found Convict Conditioning before hitting the wall over and over. I reckon I have 6 months at least before I can consider hitting the Iron again.

    But I’m with Earl, I don’t mind them in the gym. But it won’t make them immortal. Some health crises take years to incubate. The reaper may be after them and they have no idea.

  9. MatrixTransform


    Techie …dude.

    Ask not for whom the bell tolls said Mr Donne … like about 500 years ago

    Seriously when are you children gonna stop this boomers ate my future bulldust?

    Tell me mate… got any kids?

  10. jb

    Do you mean all boomers or just the white ones? You of course mean only the whites. No other race throws their elders under the bus this way. It’s a divide and conquer tactic that objectively helps our enemies. Much of it is actual trolling by those enemies. Drop it.

    Beyond that, look at that dude! You’re just jelly.

    • Dave

      >”Do you mean all boomers or just the white ones?”

      You appear to not even understand the definition, boomers are the substantial number of white births in Western countries after WWII, on top of this you don’t even understand the huge role they have played in the destruction of the West – I have no sympathy for them and would happily reverse that bus back-up over them again.

      The boomers as the biggest voting block continue to vote left which means more debt ridden welfare for them and the continuation of the third world immigrant flood they induce – in other words they are no ally to those of us who want to see the West saved.

  11. MatrixTransform

    Dave, it aint about the correct definition.
    If it were the matter would of course be settled.

    Dunno how old you are but Im guessing yr a youghish whining dumb-arse that spent yr money on computer games, over seas holidays and iPhones. No assets, no skills and no future … blaming anybody except yourself.

    Im technically a boomer by 1 yr.

    You guys tell yrself fantasies. Pretty little lies so you dont have to face the truth.

    Fucked it up with self-indulgent gibber.

    My brother in law is 38, 2 kids, a wine maker and his missus has an online storefront.

    Rents a flat Brunswick and bitches and moans about how hard it is. Especially now he had to buy car to ferry the kiddies about

    Just wondering out loud … how do you reckon it would have turned out if he didnt spend several years bumming around the world, visiting music festivals and living the night-life?

    he would have 20 years of anything except phone shapshots.

    enjoy yr bong dickhead

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