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What’s the secret in the crazy world of modern dating to dealing with young women raised on a diet of feminism, ingratitude, and believing they are firmly on the pedestal? Is it to listen to their every word and supplicate at their feet, hoping for a few sexual scraps to be thrown your way? Or is it to be the alpha male chad, ploughing through the babes as you make hundreds of bed notches; you are the cock carousel.

Or perhaps there is a third way, a more enlightened way. Where you not only embrace your inner male feminist but you raise the ante and double down, taking it to places that it was never intended or ever imagined to go. After all, women might have invented feminism but we all know that if something needs doing properly then it will have to be a man that goes out and does it.

And so I give you the new hero for our times. Gentlemen, may I present to you the very best male feminist ally that there has ever been.

Here’s a story of a Male Feminist Ally on a date.

The Feminist Male Ally is HUGE fan of Gamergate troll and formerly relevant person Anita Sarkesian (@femfreq or Feminist Frequency) — a nigh-psychotic feminist who rants endlessly about anti-feminist “tropes” in videogames, like female characters being attractive and having breasts.

This guy ruins a date because he can’t stop talking about feminist and gay-friendly tropes in TV shows and Anita Sarkesian’s entire oeuvre.

Meanwhile the poor woman is like, “OMG, what a sissy drip, he’s going to start menstruating any second and then we’ll be cycle sisters.*”

Is it that bad? Well like I said, it depends on how you look at it. Sure he comes off as amazing soy boy beta cuck of the year. When you say things on a date like “there should be more empowered non-sexualized female characters in AAA video games” it does affect your manliness credibility somewhat. But as Ace notes in the link, in a way this guy dumped her. He tested her and she came up short. He didn’t want to have sex with her because her feminist credentials were found to be wanting. There’s a kind of perverted genius there if you think about it.

I am of the opinion that it could be taken even further. Surely there is amongst you young men someone who could take this to even greater extremes. And secretly record it. You could be the new hero for our times. And in the process finally reveal to women the utter lunacy and ludicrousness of their feminist fantasies. Just think about it; a video where a young man goes all-in on feminist jargon and the look of disbelief and disgust on the girl’s face, and then he dumps her for failing to meet up to his feminist ideals.

That’s some powerful shit right there if you play it right.



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  1. That’s some Master’s Class reFrame Game! Ha ha!

  2. Klaus

    What a sneaky, clever idea! You, Adam, have a bit of a mean streak…I like that.

  3. I DontTroll

    It was the best of poes, it was the worst of poes.

    Some of the responses to the guy on Twitter are hilarious. They are still there, but he has since deleted his account. He does have an Instagram account still open. He just got a rose tattoo on his leg. The rose is blue-hair blue with purple highlights. He snuggles with his cats, one of whom is named Binx. There is more if anyone cares to look and has the stomach for it.

    It looks like he recently started lifting weights. He really needs to lay off the soy and feminist Kool-Aid though. Maybe have the watercolour tattoos removed too. He’ll never make any gains with that combination.

  4. purge187

    “He didn’t want to have sex with her because her feminist credentials were found to be wanting.”

    As Archie Bunker once said, I think he likes girls, but he doesn’t know what to do with them.

    Or he’s become so Feminized that he’s a pole-smoker.

  5. Screwtape

    This is unknowingly ‘agree and amplify’ on social retard roids. The guy is likely a closet homo but thats another story.

    Indoctrinate three generations of boys to become supplicating champions of the feminist cause and then get turned off when they partot back to you the lesson plans.

    They wanted lap dogs so they get them, then lament the rarity of the hunting dog. Note they still claim to want the domesticated dog and not the wolf. Hmm.

    She doesn’t want to hear the source code of Progress pushed back on her, but I’m sure she is more than happy to soak up the bennies, goodwill, handicapped male competition, and multitude of marxist feminist vagina privilege, but goddamn if a male embodies the logical conclusions of those very things. Yuk.

    Its shitlord all the way or a slow death. The multigenerational shit test needs to be broken.

    This kid is extreme but not that much more than all those “happy wife happy life” types.

    Speaking of: Happy valentines day, from mexico norte.

  6. earl

    I don’t know…there’s a fine line between going black knight to rid yourself of a feminist and other men seeing that as you are a traitor.

    Feminists already pretty much see it’s nonsense regardless if you are a soy boy or fulfilling your masculine role. The difference is they wail and gnash teeth at the masculine guy…and subtly think the soy boy is creepy.

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