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Australia – It’s not our country anymore.

In The Australian newspaper today:

Scott Morrison is targeting ­migrant communities critical to his re-election in a bid to seize on Bill Shorten’s shift to fast-track refugee medical transfers to Australia, as the government ramps up pressure on Labor in a move drawing comparisons to John Howard’s Tampa moment.

As a new opinion poll last night showed the Opposition Leader has been badly punished after backing independent Kerryn Phelps’s medivac bill, the Prime Minister tapped into voters’ concerns, releasing an opinion piece published in three languages, Mandarin, ­Arabic and Korean, for community newspapers.

We import these people for no better reason than diversity! and then our prime minister has to go to them cap in hand in their own languages in a groveling attempt at re-election.

It’s not our country anymore.

Update: XYZ Magazine took the time to flesh out the same article. However, I have one disagreement with David’s analysis.

Last week Bill Shorten proved an XYZ prediction wrong and torpedoed his chances of winning the next federal election.

I think it’s going to be a wipe out for the Liberals.


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  1. If a politician could get a solid majority of Actual Australians, something could be done. The problem is that a solid majority of Actual Australians are either scared to say anything for fear of being accused of racism (and losing their jobs and friends) or they have bought into the multiculturalism lies.

    On an unrelated note, I don’t understand why my browser seems to have decided to forget that I come here regularly and forces me to type in my email, username, and website each and every time. How annoying. Consider the amount of productive stuff I could be getting done if what was a perfectly good system for auto-filling info on websites didn’t go away because someone at a tech company thought they had a better idea. Not to mention the time spent complaining about it. 🙂

  2. The same thing has happened in the United States – and, from what one reads, throughout the West. This is the fault of the politicians, not the people. The solution is a simple one – although it may seem shocking to those of a bourgeois mentality (here one writes of the United States, but the solution is applicable to all governments): dissolve the government, and put everything in the hands of private enterprise. In this way, commercial enterprises would have to stand or fall on their own merits, as there would be no politicians to buy, and pass asinine laws (and aren’t they all?) to save them. Like-minded people of homogenous stock, would live in territories, not countries, and anyone wishing to move from one territory to another, would either buy land or pay rent. There would be no right to enter and settle in a territory not one’s own.

    Where there is government, there will be corruption. The nineteen hundred-and-sixty-five immigration bill that contributed to the ruin of the United States, was at once intended to create more votes for the Democrats, and to contribute to the destruction of American civilisation, for the purpose of pushing the country towards the hateful goal of world government.

    One thinks of a perfect example of an asinine law and its probable origin: the foul things euphemistically described as seat belts, were undoubtedly the result of a decision of the board of directors of a company where the things were manufactured, to buy a few legislators, and force the motor companies to equip their cars with seat belts, and so increase the cost to the customer. (There are countless examples.)

    It has been many years since the individual was taught to think critically, or populations would have risen up by now.

  3. It is always the fault of the people because they put those politicians in place. If 100% of the native population said “this stops here” then it would stop here. They don’t, however. For whatever reason: fear of being called names, fear of being shunned, inability to express their opinions as rational arguments, they quietly sit by and bemoan the changes without doing anything to ensure that they won’t happen. There are enough people in both Australia and the United States that there could easily be parties that espoused rational immigration policies without sounding like nut jobs. Instead we get the two party system where both are pursuing the same agenda at different speeds.

    • Carl-Edward

      Elections are a charade, intended to give fools the impression that things may change. As you point out, there is no difference between the parties – but people must understand that even if there were, they would still be slaves of the state, for government operates by force. As to immigration from the backward countries, it destroys national culture – for culture is the result of genetics, and immigrants bring their various cultures with them. Enoch Powell could have saved England.I can think of no-one who could save Australia, the United States, or Western Europe.

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