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Child Sacrifice.

We live in an era of child sacrifice. What future generations will think about the West’s commitment to murdering its unborn infants under the pretext that women should be allowed to do whatever they want is predictable. We will be damned by our descendants, or at least those that manage to get born.

But abortion is not the only form of child sacrifice eagerly practiced by those eager to climb the progressive totem pole. Remember the 10 year old boy dressed as a transvestite and dancing at a gay club for money? That is also a form of child sacrifice. In that case the child has been sacrificed by his parents for their own social benefit in the progressive society in which they live. Their social status has been elevated as a result of the debauchery that their child engages at their direct encouragement. Parents in my day used to stand on the sidelines and cheer when we hit a four or scored a goal. Now they cheer when their child gets a fifty dollar bill.

It is an indictment of our age and our civilization.

Roissy has another example. The race to self disgrace.

I’m in the elevator, getting ready to leave for the day. it stops on on floor and two guys enter: one a whiteish looking dood with dreadlocks that would rival Bob Marley and some brit limpwristed bloke.

Dreads is yapping away about his kid or some such as they enter. He also stinks. Limpwrist then adds that his daughter doesn’t like boys or girls; that she’s really asexual. Dreads agrees in that tone of agreement that accompanies such dialog.

Limpwrist says it makes him feel better that she’s asexual. Says it like a normal man would talk about the fact that his six year old son wants to plough his female teacher.

We all exit the elevator at the lobby and Dreads adds that he’s been married six times and he hopes his son is gay. Both men laughed. Dreads says he oughta put it on a shirt. This was normal to them. All of it.

That was a comment left on his blog. Roissy, who is one of the most fearsome social commentators alive, had this to say:

Soyborn White males have so debased themselves, and live within the constraints of such a malignantly corrupt culture, that they ostentatiously display their fealty to the most undignified tenets imaginable.

Status signaling about hoped-for asexual daughters and gay sons is how soyborns “fit in” to the reigning Whitegeist. It’s public profession of faith in a religion which teaches the ultimate good is the social and genetic annihilation of their own race.

As another commenter noted, they want our white sons gay or dead and our white daughters pimped out to browns and blacks. It goes without saying that the white girls will then abort whatever child was so unfortunate as to win that life lottery.

In past civilizations that practiced human sacrifice, particularly child sacrifice, I have no doubt that people rushed to offer up their newborns in order to curry social favor. When I was younger I simply couldn’t understand how people could have done such a horrible thing, but the reality is that lazy and worthless people will do whatever it takes to artificially enhance their lives. We are surrounded by child sacrifice today on multiple levels. Our children are sacrificed in the womb. The ones that survive that are sacrificed at the altar of the gay and transsexual demons. Our children are sacrificed to progressive brainwashing in our schools. And to top it all off they are indebted for life with a worthless education at university and college where the brainwashing is completed so that the circle may continue.

Do you think that parents today spend tens of thousands of dollars for what is so obviously worthless education for their children for the benefit of their progeny? Of course not. They do it so they can boast at social circles that their child is at Harvard. When the daughter returns with blue hair, tattoos, and a fascination with feminism and socialism they are nominally shocked. But the reality is that they knew deep down inside that this would be the predictable result of their actions.

And even that destruction is beneficial.

“Oh yes, Sally came back from Yale with a girlfriend but they’re getting married now and we’re hoping to find a bakery that won’t bake us our cake because of pagan Christian principles, haha.”

Progressives do not simply fail in the task of preparing their children for adulthood. They actively destroy them for their own social advancement. In essence, an abortion, terrible as it is, is one moment in time. But the other child sacrifice can continue unabated for 25 years or more.

The Aztecs had nothing on us.


Jordan Peterson as approved opposition.


I don't like Thursdays.


  1. “Progressives do not simply fail in the task of preparing their children for adulthood. They actively destroy them for their own social advancement. In essence, an abortion, terrible as it is, is one moment in time. But the other child sacrifice can continue unabated for 25 years or more.

    The Aztecs had nothing on us.”

    I always wonder if people ever think that our learned backwardness might be our downfall, just like Etruscans, Aztecs, and the like. It is one thing that we are near replacement reproduction levels but we are no where near what it takes to win wars against those that are well above it. Or at least have the dominant population. I am starting to think that the leftists are “neo-progressive barbarians”.

  2. earl

    It all started with widespread use of contraception…separating sex from marriage and procreation. Everything else that has happened from the gay to abortion to pedos and ruining childhood innocence is just the continued side effect. And unless widespread contraception is taken out our civilization will continue to crumble just like every other civilization that had child sacrifice.

    • earl

      And I’m speaking of the modern problems we’ve had since the 60s.

      • As bad as the Catholic church has gotten, if you read what they said about Contraceptives in the 1960’s, they predicted all of this.

        Also, Can you not let my previous one go through mod. I switched the name and email lines? Thanks.

  3. Al Jahom

    Possibly the bleakest thing I’ve read all week… but only because every word is true.

    Well almost every word. Cheers for hitting a four? Pffft… Sixes, catches and bowling out is cheers… fours should be expected level of performance.

    I wonder if there are any tales of belated repentance by these parents. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one.

  4. Know-It-All-American-Guy

    I once heard a guy say (facetiously, but still) that he was not worried about his daughter becoming pregnant because he figured she’d be a lesbian (this was a little girl). It is reasonable to not want a “teen mom” and all, but never pregnant? Anyway, the guy was just being silly, but still; it shocked me.

  5. TD

    I met up with a friend at Dragon Con 2018. At a talk about bento lunches, the simpering blond talked about her vegan daughter was transitioning into a boy at about age 10-12 with no mention of a father. Nor did I expect there to be one.

    At least I got to see author Larry Correia talk some sense.

  6. Lexet Blog

    1-birth control
    2- abortion
    3- daycare at a young age
    4-public schools
    5- “adolescence” and promotion of delayed adulthood
    And now at the end, there is euthanasia

  7. Roman Daoist

    You haven’t smacked the nail on the head. You’ve double barrelled it Doom II style.

    I’ve been thinking exactly this sort of thing, that we either sacrifice OURSELVES via self-restraint, education, training, delayed gratification, or we sacrifice OTHERS… In any case there seems to be a common need to burn something to make something else anew. Progressivism is just paganism (again).

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