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Funny, right? Well I laughed at least. But that’s not the point.
I originally thought that the oh so obvious Smollett hoax would be just more chaff in the wind, yet another example of the continuing attacks and racial bias against white men, as opposed to the whites with actual privilege, the coastal white elite.
But it’s more than that, much more. And Roissy captures the rottenness at the heart of the five point apex of the government, big business, the mainstream media, academia, and the special people, that all conspire against the underclass of non-privileged white men.

Let’s be clear about this, Smollett’s Blood Libel carried with it some very serious consequences, if he had pulled it off. The sociopath narcissist was ready to condemn two innocent White men to prison to preserve the believability of his faked anti-black and anti-gay hate crime. Had the security camera been pointing in the right direction, he may have succeeded. Realize what this means. A pumped and primed media running a 24/7 weeks-long propaganda blitz featuring a grainy video of the two masked Nigerians wearing MAGA hats in a choreographed beating and noosing of Smollett would have set Chicago ablaze in race riots. There would have been multiple deaths, billions in property damage, and even greater State hounding of dissident White men.

Let that sink in. And then consider this.

Smollett is the consequence of a “victim culture” in which social status is gained through victim “faming”. While not entirely meritless, this typically cuck-preferred argument is misleading. If a victim culture were the primary motivating force behind all these hate hoaxes, why is it primarily White Christian men targeted by the victim mongers? A true victim culture would feature a more random assortment of perpetrators to boost the opportunities available to the victim whore.
The truth is that the fundamental motivation of these hate hoaxes, and the nature of the culture which exalts the hate hoax mentality, is HATRED OF WHITE PEOPLE, and specifically hatred of White Christian men.
This is the alpha and the omega of modren day America. NO COUNTRY FOR GOY WHITE MEN.
Until and if “mainstream” conservatives acknowledge this reality, we will continue losing the war, and our nation, to the degenerate fuggernaut Left.

To understand how Christians are now specifically targeted, and more particularly white Christians, just consider how the SPLC is now libeling Church associations who stick to the bible as hate groups, and the towns in which they reside as “epicenters of hate”.

A theologian by training, McDurmon’s views can perhaps be most easily summarized as Calvinist and libertarian, and the question is: Why is this Christian non-profit organization with an office in Powder Springs labeled an “Anti-LGBT Hate Group” by the SPLC?
“Merely because we have always stood by the Bible’s position on homosexuality,” McDurmon told me in a phone interview the day the latest “Hate Map” was published. . . .

I would not hesitate to make a wager that the Powder Springs community in which this Church association is located is a predominantly white neighborhood.
I suppose in such circumstances there is really only one thing to do.

she needs me to make her life complete …


Dalrock has been on a tear over the last couple of weeks with a series of articles based on an email interview of him by a guy from Warhorn Media, whoever they are.

A few weeks ago Nathan Alberson reached out asking if I would be willing to join his podcast Sound of Sanity for an interview.  I declined the request to join the podcast, but offered instead to do an interview via email.  Nathan agreed, and we are nearing completion of the interview.  I’ve responded to all of Nathan’s original questions as well as his followup questions to date.  Once we are done Nathan will create a podcast regarding the exchange and I’ll publish the discussions as a series of posts lightly edited for clarity.

The series is up and I found it fascinating. What makes it so valuable is the fact that Alberson genuinely sought out answers to intelligent questions for the value of learning in of itself. As a result, Dalrock’s responses are full of wonderful insights. As writers we can get stuck sometimes in a groove, like a musician picking up his instrument and automatically playing the same notes that he always does just in a slightly different form. But it is when we are challenged by others, when we jam with other great musicians that we discover notes in our fingers that we never knew we had.
The entire series is here.
A primer:

One thing I think we need to be very careful of is not to try to create a theology of Game (intentionally or not). This would be replicating what we did with chivalry. The Bible doesn’t tell us to Game our wives, just like it doesn’t tell us to buy them flowers and propose on one knee or speak their love language. The Bible also needs to be the lens we view Game through, not the other way around. If we are clear on that, however, Game can make it easier to stop rejecting what the Bible plainly tells us.
We reject the bulk of what the NT teaches us about men, women, and marriage because it offends our primary religion (chivalry). If Game helps us recognize the error of worshiping chivalry then it is beneficial, but we shouldn’t then make the same mistake and confuse Game for Christianity. Wives should submit to their husbands in fear and reverence not because it generates “tingles” (sexual attraction), but because this is what the Bible tells us.
Husbands should see themselves as the head not because this makes them sexy, but because it is what the Bible tells us. And if someone outright rejects Game but chooses to follow biblical teaching on marriage anyway, they are doing the right thing for the right reason and any disagreement on Game is akin to two Christians disagreeing about the proper way to forecast the weather.


Borepatch has been on a climate change tear this week, ripping new ones for global warming conspiracy theorists everywhere. He also used Australia as an unfortunate example.

Nothing illustrates the stupidity of the old order more than this obsession with “renewable” energy.  Australia – the most aggressive in implementing a Green New Deal – has the highest electricity rates in the world and spent a billion dollars for a single day’s power in a single state because that power simply failed.  A new term has emerged in the European Press – “energy poverty” – describing how escalating electricity rates due to their Green New Deal forces people to choose whether to eat or heat their house in winter.  We’ve seen where this ends up, and it’s not pretty for the “elite”.

Just how bad is the power supply in Australia?
Australians destroying their grid faster than any country on earth.

Australia is installing renewables so fast it’s even faster than the second top country which is also, Australia.
Apparently the net cost of adding renewables is zero according to the experts at the ANU. In a consistent world this one document would also immediately end all subsidies. No more RET, SRES, LRET, low interest loans, tax breaks, forced market rules or golden interconnectors.
Except, of course, they’re totally wrong on the cost. Australians have the most expensive electricity in the world for a reason. Somehow Chinese hackers or a renewables marketing team must have snuck into the ANU to write most of the report. Of the six summary conclusions, the first two are obvious and the last four are fantasy. They are only “straight-forward” or “sustainable” if you have $10 trillion dollars to spare and you can’t think of anything better to do with it.

Apparently according to the linked report the net cost of destroying the energy grid with renewables is zero.

The net cost is only zero if you ignore the glorious subsidies, the extra transmission lines, the rising FCAS bill, the blackouts, the emergency demand management, the damage from surging voltages, the wasted capital expenditure, the squads of flying diesels, synchronous condensors, and the burden that unreliable energy dumps on the whole grid. In the US windpower makes gas power $30/MWh more expensive. Blakers et al might think this is a part of the gas bill but obviously it’s a hidden renewable cost. We can argue the toss with cherry-plucked analysis of wholesale price bidding games, but the end result is a retail price and on that, history is devastating. Coal gave us 30 years of falling prices, and renewables wiped all those gains out.
Renewable energy saves on fuel, but wastes infrastructure, land, labor and resources. How can that be cheap?
Like an infection, unreliable power damages the efficiency and economics of every other generator. And even though solar energy is semi-reliable, it still wrecks havoc on the grid: see the Duck curve, the 1000MW generator that goes AWOL and the warnings. For most of the year solar energy is the extra energy that arrives when we know we don’t need it.
Plus the rise of subsidized unreliables pushes out the unsubsidized sector leaving the market ripe for bid squeezes that cost nearly a billion dollars a day.

Dear oh dear. And now a helpful video to finish things off as I layer on some nice cream cheese over a slice of buttered sourdough.


In just over a week I’m arriving in the USA for the first time, down in Louisiana, and coincidentally the day before the Mardi Gras. I wonder if the Seppos will do it as well as the Eyeties?


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