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George Pell and the Australian assault on Christianity.

An article snuck across my radar last week, hidden at the very bottom of the news, seemingly only included as a necessity that had to be included for the sake of ticking all the boxes.

ACT to ban chaplains from public schools.

The ACT government will ban chaplains from public schools in Canberra from the end of the year by withdrawing from the School Chaplaincy program.

ACT Education Minister Yvette Berry says the territory’s Education Act mandated that public schools were secular, and that any chaplains currently employed could stay but would have no authority to teach religion.

“They’re employed to continue to do that youth work and social work, which is important but that is conducted in non-religious way,” she told the ABC.

Of the 150 schools in the ACT chaplains are currently employed in about 20.

For overseas readers, the ACT is a very small state in Australia which was formed entirely for the creation of the nation’s artificial capital, Canberra. It is a bureaucratic state and currently enjoys the best standard of living in the country and the highest per capita average income. In modern Australia it pays to be a parasite.

The ACT has long been a progressive bastion. Back in the early 1970s it legalised pornography and drug use among other unsavory pastimes. Now it is on its way to criminalising Christianity which is entirely in line with its previous attitudes. If you’re going to take the side of Satan then sooner or later you’re going to gather up the courage to come down publicly against the other side.

It seems a lot of government work to go to such bother against what amounts to a paltry 20 chaplains. But any vestiges of Christianity must be dealt with from the smaller scale to the very large.

The other end of the scale this week is the public announcement of the result of the greatest show trial in Australia’s history, and what will in the decades to come be seen as the country’s greatest failure against itself. The conviction of Cardinal George Pell for sex crimes against two choirboys in the 1990s when he was archbishop of Melbourne happened back in December last year but the Australian public has been allowed to discover it today.

This conviction was never in doubt, not because of Pell’s supposed guilt, but because it was preordained. The assault on Christianity in Australia could not ignore the country’s most prominent cleric that has ever lived. He is their top scalp, and even though the credibility of the two witnesses borders on farcical, nothing could stand in the way of this result.

The complainant, who cannot be identified, did not give evidence at the retrial; the recording from the first trial was admitted as the complainant’s evidence. The recording was available to the public only insofar as it was quoted by the barristers in their examination of other witnesses or in their final addresses to the jury, and by the judge in his charge to the jury. So, no member of the public has a complete picture of the evidence and no member of the public is able to make an assessment of the complainant’s demeanour.

Anonymous complainants giving unsubstantiated evidence that is so full of holes it resembles a mosquito net was the best the authorities could come up with, but they wanted their man and they got him. When I first heard that Pell was to fly back to Australia from the Vatican to face charges I knew that he was in deep trouble, as I am sure that Pell knew as well.

If they can get Pell convicted and jailed on such ridiculous charges then they can get anyone. Make no mistake, the Australian progressive left absolutely despise George Pell and he has been their number one target for decades. The same people who celebrate making children transgender hate this guy. That should tell you all that you need to know right there. George Pell was the number three man in the Vatican and a direct threat to the current Pope and his socialist agenda. The charges of pedophilia are beyond ludicrous if one takes the trouble to read the details of the trial. This has been a political and cultural assassination.

I fear that the real assault on Christianity has only just begun. But this only gives me hope and courage. After all, progressives hate truth and they hate Christianity more than anything else. That should tell you something.


Be careful what you wish for.


Coal miners need to learn to code.


  1. Harry

    Hi Adam, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and generally enjoy your posts but I feel compelled to write about this latest one because you are completely on the wrong track. You’re defending a child abuser. You’re defending an organisation with a horrendous record of child abuse. You’re defending an organisation which always chooses to act to protect its reputation rather than do the right thing by its victims.
    You say that it was the ‘greatest show trial in history’ – What! There was a complete court imposed media blackout of the trial. The Aussie media was only allowed to report on it today. If you have some inside information that we don’t know about this being a kangaroo court decision then please share it with us.
    If I knew of somebody in my workplace sexually abusing children I’d be straight to the cops, maybe after giving them one on the chin. I’d like to think you would too. The powers thet be in the Catholic Church have acted very differently and continue to do so. They have covered up, protected abusers, intimidated victims and acted like cunts. How can you defend such an organisation?

    • Adam


      A show trial is not based on having a wide audience. It is a stitch-up, done for appearances and to make those in power look good. Pell is innocent of these charges. This is a political hit job and has been going on for years. It is a lie and a smear campaign and now a false accusation and conviction. Do not fall for their lies.

      • Dan F

        Adam, Harry is making a very good point. You claim to know more than the judge and jury. You appear to be defending a convicted pedo simply on culture war grounds – that if lesbian feminists are against Pell then he must be innocent. Is the rule of law not important t you anymore? Do you think it’s so easy for courts to be hijacked by leftists? You are choosing you own truth here Adam and unfortunately that makes you a pedophile apologist.

        • Adam

          Go fuck yourself Dan, chronic and foul supporter of homosexuality and other deviant acts. You are no longer welcome to comment here.

  2. Al Jahom

    Slightly tangential, but there is a chink of light.. it seems the seppos are having second thoughts about abortion.

    • TechieDude

      I think the combination of the outing of planned parenthood’s selling baby parts and the leftists over-the-top, in your face, glee for infanticide has turned off and repulsed even those non-Christians.

      Even an atheist has to concede that at some point in a pregnancy, that clump of cells is now a child. And after it’s born the discussion of whether or not to “keep” it, has long passed.

  3. TechieDude

    The Cardinal needs to get back there and fight. Publicly.

    That’s what our Bishop is doing. He produced a list of perverts since 1950. BTW there’s only been one or two in the last decade or so. Twenty times less than is reported by the local school system – each year. One fled to mexico (he was mexican) and the other defrocked and opened to prosecution.

    I was at a conference this weekend where our new Bishop spoke about these matters. He’s a no bullshit dude.

    Nearly all these issues have to do with coverups rather than allowing abuse. My diocese, (and I’m sure others) have been pretty successful at routing the homos from their midst. I’m surprised the left hasn’t jumped on that.

  4. recent immigrant

    The problem across the board in Oz is exactly as Adam describes…

    Aussies in the main have abandoned Christianity in favour of every other religion du jour on offer. Every public ceremony starts with Aboriginal animist spirit worship. Every schoolchild is indoctrinated in Gaia warming/cooling/changing fervour. Every household prays to be blessed by the Centrelink cargo cult. The gender-confused alphabet mob parade even in outback towns to great jubilation. And the Muslims are the untouchable made-man mafia.

    But Pell and chaplains and Christianity are under direct attack. The Catholics are partly to blame because of their hideous behaviour with children over the last 100 years, but their complicity is no excuse. This is a self-inflicted wound that is starting to fester and spread gangrenously.

    • Dave

      >Aussies in the main have abandoned Christianity in favour of every other religion du jour on offer.

      A little off-topic, but I would not use the word abandonment, in the 1970s we used to get visits at primary school by old ladies who would bring fold out felt screens and small cartoon like paper figures of various people from the bible as well as animals, plants, rocks, etc and use these to tell bible stories to us in the class room – I didn’t mind it and I still remember some of it, plus on occasion they would hand out free bibles to anyone at our secondary school who would like one. We had an Xmas tree each December in the class room and also celebrated Easter.

      This had all vanished by 1980, on top of that we used to have in our public state schools:

      – Free milk in the form of Glug / Sunny Boy shaped packs each day – if you are a real Aussie you know what a Glug / Sunny Boy is.
      – Bank days where we brought our kown bank books to school with out deposits.
      – Tree lovers day where we were given a sapling of a native Australian tree to take home and plant.
      – Our Fetes where our mums would come to school for a day and help run stalls.
      – We had our morning flag ceremonies each day.
      – And lots of other stuff throughout the year which I can’t remember right now.

      The issue now is you have a generation of white kids who have never known such civility or in-grouping activities…. it is the memories of older dudes like myself that are the last bastion of what once was – the elites can’t wait for we older Gen-Xers to die and take our memories with us. You can burn old Australian books, photographs, and films, but it’s a generation’s memory that’s harder to rid.

      It was incredible just how great this country once was to live in….and could have still been.

      • PB

        I still remember our religious instruction teacher from primary school. She was a batty old lady who would come clunking into the school grounds in her ancient, gigantic, grey side-valve Humber Snipe. I never forgot how she got excitable during the Walls of Jericho lesson, and as she announced the CRASHING!!! down of the walls her maps and charts crashed off the blackboard and onto the floor.

        At ten years of age I took this omen of doom very seriously.

      • recent immigrant

        “This had all vanished by 1980” – How? By magic?
        OR by Australian Christians (and non-Christians) falling prey to Gaia worship, nanny-state devotion, aboriginal totem submission or Muslim fear & abandoning historic Christianity? Just google-up the ABS census results, the National Church Life Survey data and McCrindle research. You’ll see “abandoned” is just the right word.

        I think it’s interesting you remember your old Scripture lessons…those are gone in some states & barely breathing in the others…see the list of what has replaced it above.

        Like state-church-dominated Europe & free-market-faith America, Australians are on the retreat from faith we see in the 21st century West. Oz is still a great place to live…but man is it tough to raise your kids to be faithful to Christ when everything around them screams something else.

      • Dave

        @Recent Immigrant

        >How? By magic?

        I was a single digit aged kid then, I don’t know why they stopped it, I just noted that in 1980 the story telling presentations by this elderly woman ended abruptly along with us not being allowed Xmas trees or other specifically Christian driven things anymore.

        We kids at the time didn’t abandon it (the story telling sessions were quite popular actually), somewhere some adult decided to simply take it away.

        >Oz is still a great place to live…

        It depends on where you live, I can nominate areas (including where I grew up) that you wouldn’t want to raise a family in.

    • Mr Black

      We should not mis-label the offenders here. The offenders were homosexuals first, Catholics because it gave them access to children. Homosexuals in other professions behave in just the same way but are not hounded by the media because then there would be no doubt about the root cause.

    • snikdad

      ‘Aussies in the main have abandoned Christianity in favour of every other religion du jour on offer. Every public ceremony starts with Aboriginal animist spirit worship.”

      22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

      23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

  5. PB

    I first thought this may be to do with his work sorting through the Vatican finances, but I now see there are much bigger fish frying.

    “If they can get Pell convicted and jailed on such ridiculous charges then they can get anyone.”

    This was my first thought when this came down, and to me remains the real take-home from this. I thought back to old Senator Coulston (ALP) in the 90s whose chronic abuse of Parliamentary perks only became an issue because he supported the Liberals on some motion as he drifted feebly into retirement. It was the first case I saw that made me aware that the Law was not absolute, but could be used as part of the political toolbox.

  6. Keith

    I stumbled upon this rant and couldn’t believe what I was reading. The ACT is a territory and obviously not a State in Australia, but the writer doesn’t care much for facts. A hint is in the name Australian Capital Territory. How terrible it must be to no longer be allowed to preach in public schools in a secular country but instead have to use your own PUBLICLY funded private school for preaching. So unfair, not. Then, to attach this minor issue to the disgraceful child abuse case of George Pell was so low. To evenly minded people reading this person’s rubbish from overseas the Australian legal system is fair and unbiased and the outsourced quote above was a complete fabrication made to sound official. The writer has so limited knowledge of law that they don’t even know that this is a criminal matter so the complainant is the State of Victoria not an individual. The adult who was attacked is a witness. The witness appeared via Live Video Link, there was no recorded tape and he was obviously scrutinized by both the prosecutor and defense counsel. The writer of this misleading, unresearched piece of fiction can hold whatever chips on his shoulder as to how badly done by his choice of faith is but to lie and mislead to prove his point is a disgrace.

    • Keith, obviously, you’re the liar here, and a very stupid one at that. Anyone can find in seconds links confirming the complainant did not give evidence at the retrial.

      • Keith

        The only video footage used in the trial by the prosecution was an interview between George Pell and police.George Pell chose not to testify which is his right. The trial went for 5 days what do you think everyone was doing during this time, sipping cups of tea. You still haven’t grasped the meaning of complainant either, I notice. I guess the word sounds official though. As Pell has the highest paid legal defense in Melbourne, you might want to contact them and ask them to add to the appeal the fact that the witness was a prerecorded video and not a live video feed. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story though and keep getting your “facts” from the internet no matter how ludicrous and made up they are.

  7. I’m glad you mentioned this story. At first glance it was just another pedophile but the Cardinal’s face didn’t read strong pedo. (Only the nose and possibly eyes.) Then I read this was a retrial, the first ending in a hung jury. That doesn’t happen often with criminal child sex abuse. And the charges are nearly 30 years old. When charges that old resurface, there’s usually a motivating incident (competing in an election or becoming a celebrity) but Pell was already a Cardinal. And then I read about his hostility to the sodomizing of the RCC.

    It lead me to wonder if he’s a repentant pedo who tried to clean up the Church instead of perpetuating its sickness and had a failure of self-control that his enemies blackmailed him with for half a lifetime. But I’ve more research to do, it seems.

    • PB

      I just find it an interesting observation that he was in place scrutinising the Church finances when all this swept in. Past scrutineers of Catholic Church finances have not fared well. ‘In Gods Name’ by David Yallop (about the conveniently forgotten John Paul the 1st) gives a very good insight into the recentish-history machinations surrounding control of Vatican finances, and the stakes involved. I suspect though that this affair will remain in the realm of classical conspiracy theory.

      As to this case, the ability for public scrutiny of the evidence and how it has been presented has been very limited up to now. The seen-to-be-done part of the equation has been missing in action.

    • Adam

      Yes, this was a wonderful example of ‘we have our man, now let’s find a crime’.

  8. didact117

    It is true that the future of Christianity in the most progressive Western nations, particularly those of the Anglosphere, looks quite grim.

    However, my brothers, take heart. Remember that our Christian forefathers were spat on, persecuted, tortured, beheaded, crucified, drowned, burned at the stake, and torn apart by wild beasts – all because they dared, as we do, to tell the truth.

    And yet, our faith in the Lord endures.

    All it took were twelve apostles. Twelve fearful, weak, trembling, deeply flawed men – who became as lions for the Lord, because they witnessed the death and the Resurrection, and went forth into the world, no longer afraid.

    Every single one of them died either violently or in exile. St. John of Patmos is the only one of those original 12 who died peacefully – and he died in exile, writing perhaps the most grandiose and most difficult book in the entire Bible.

    As for now-ex-Cardinal George Pell – normally you would not find me attempting to defend convicted paedophiles for any reason whatsoever. I have long publicly advocated that first-time male paedophiles should be castrated – without anaesthetic. And convicted repeat offenders should be impaled. Without grease.

    However, it is worth noting that there are several serious problems with Pell’s case. Not least is the fact that the eyewitness testimonies were held behind closed doors – which is a direct violation of precepts of English common law that go back even farther than that, to Roman times.

    Nor is it coincidental that, as detailed in Milo’s latest book, then-Cardinal Pell was one of the Pink Mafia’s strongest critics within the Church, and was in charge of trying to clean up the Vatican Bank – which has to be the Catholic equivalent of cleaning out the Augean Stables. He failed in that duty, but I don’t know of any mere man who could succeed.

    George Pell was <a href=""repeatedly accused of child molestation throughout his life. Not one of the charges could be made to stick until this year.

    Any paedophile priest or cleric who truly abuses children deserves to burn in Hell – preferably with his screaming soul being spit-roasted by Lucifer. But even potential paedophiles deserve a fair trial.

    And George Pell’s trial was anything but fair.

  9. anarchyst

    It would not surprise me if jewish interests were behind the “feeding frenzy”. The hatred that jews have for Christianity knows no bounds.

  10. A few comments:

    1) An interesting but never mentioned fact, that it never seems to be young girls being taken advantage of. I wonder why (well, I know why, the Catholic church has always been a haven for homosexual pedophiles. We can even assume that they enter the church with the best of intentions. The policy at the non-Catholic church where I grew up was that gays were welcome but they had to commit to abstaining from homosexual sex. AFAIK they also weren’t put into positions of leadership.)

    2) Adam, I think banning someone like Dan from commenting is counterproductive. No one takes his claim of you being a pedophile apologist seriously. Let him spout. His ideas can then be refuted by your reasonable readers.

    • didact117

      1) An interesting but never mentioned fact, that it never seems to be young girls being taken advantage of. I wonder why (well, I know why, the Catholic church has always been a haven for homosexual pedophiles.

      That is exactly what it has been, ever since the Second Vatican Conclave (Vatican II). The idea was to make the Church more “modern”, to move it along with the times, and to make it more open to the world. This was predictably a total disaster; time and again in the Gospels and the Epistles it is made very clear that we Christians are in this world but not of it, and that we are to stand firm in defence of Truth, regardless of what the world thinks of us.

      The natural and inevitable result was that the Church quietly accepted large numbers of gay men into the clergy, because those men had nowhere else to go. And the Church’s famous stance on vows of celibacy made things even worse. The result is that there are lots of chocolatiers in the clergy with deeply unnatural urges that they are forced to repress – and it has been well known for quite some time now that homosexual men are extremely promiscuous relative to normal men.

      Now add to this the prevalence of young boys and men in Catholic churches via choirs and Sunday schools, the extreme shame and stigma attached to those men from being sexually abused by men, and the extremely insidious manner in which predatory sodomites “groom” boys and young men, and you have a truly horrible situation.

      It’s at the point now where the Spanish Inquisition needs to make a full return – complete with pulling nails and breaking wheels. It’s THAT bad – and the Inquisition itself was very much against Scripture to begin with.

      2) Adam, I think banning someone like Dan from commenting is counterproductive.

      Banning was about the kindest thing that Adam could have done. I thought he was well within his rights to track down Dan’s IP address and sue him for actual libel. Adam is unequivocal on the subject of paedos. I don’t know if he’s quite as… enthusiastic as I am about the idea of making extremely brutal, bloody, and public examples out of them, but calling a man who has spent his life trying to serve as an example of how to grow up and be good at being a man, a paedophile apologist, is simply beyond the pale.

    • 2048/1th Idiot

      “Let him spout. His ideas can then be refuted by your reasonable readers.”

      This is why we lose.

  11. 2048: We lose because we refute people’s lies in a public way? Clarification please. I would say that suppressing stupid comment(er)s merely drives them underground where they can’t be refuted.

    For those posting above who seem to think that this trial was completely above board and right on target, here’s one link to more information. More are easily found on any search engine.

    • PB

      It would be nice to think of rule-of-law as being absolute, a line in the sand and all that, but sadly this is no longer the case, if indeed it ever was, as the arrival of the term “lawfare” indicates.

  12. Rollory

    Regrettably the main reason the case against Pell will sound reasonable to most casual observers is that the Catholic Church has so visibly become totally captured by the homosexual pedophiles. Finding another at this point doesn’t surprise anybody.

    (Side note: refer to “the Catholic Church’s homosexual pedophiles” in the general vicinity of some leftists. Reaction: “HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE ME OF BEING A PEDOPHILE!” Uh … nobody did, but that’s an interesting reflex on your part, thank you.)

  13. richard mullins

    Keith says “The only video footage used in the trial by the prosecution was an interview between George Pell and police”.

    It is well know that the interview of the so-called witness went for days, was recorded, and used at the second trial. THe so-called witness in the sacristy did not give evidence in person at the second trial, only the recording was used.

    If Keith is correct, it must be because the recording was only an audio recording. I am uncertain abut this point.

    If The recording of the sacristy witness from the first trial was a video recording, then Keith is mistaken in his claim that ithe only video evidence used in the trial was the police interview. or is Keith a disinformation agent, and to what agenda is he working?

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