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There is no such thing as a hate crime.

I was rereading my piece from the other day titled, Be careful what you wish for, about the Jessie Smollett case and fake hate crimes when a sudden realisation came over me; an incredibly depressing realisation at that.

That’s a pretty impressive list, all the more so because it is undoubtedly incomplete. And the truth is that fake hate crimes and real hate crimes cannot coexist with one another for the simple fact that if there are real hate crimes present then there would be no need to invent the fake ones.

Jessie Smollett attempted to frame and thus imprison two white guys, any two white guys would have done just fine. That means you and me. Grab a couple of crackers to go down for it, hopefully they’ll get it nice and hard in the can.

A fake hate crime is a real hate crime; it’s simply the inverse of what it was purporting to be.

I’ve been hoodwinked, sucker punched, bluffed, sucked in, swindled, gypped, scammed. They pulled a fast one over me, your honor. Then they took me to the cleaners as well. But the worst thing about it is that they fooled me. They Goddamn fooled me. It hurts to say it. It pains me to say it, but I have to put it out there.

Because they fooled all of you who read that piece as well. Not one of you identified the giant con that the progressives perpetrated against us with Smollett. If you had have identified the con then you would have said so in the comments. We all got taken in, dear friends. Every single last damn one of us.

Because there is no such thing as a hate crime. There is only crime, full stop. The term hate crime is so dangerous because it opens us up to prosecution based on our personal opinions and the manner in which we choose to live our lives. It means we are vulnerable based on what we believe not necessarily what we actually do.

They got us with their twisting of our language, their perversion of our words, and words are all that we have at this point in time. In a short space of time they have got us using terminology that makes no logical sense at all but whose every use furthers their agenda.

I only realised this while I was reading this piece over at Roissy’s this morning. It is a long and detailed extrapolation in the utter bullshit behind the statistics of so-called hate crimes. It debunks all of the prog left’s talking points on this matter, but the more that I read it the uneasier I became, until it dawned on me that a hate crime is an invention that does us no favors at all, even if we are the victims.

And at the end of his piece Roissy came to the same realisation:

PS There’s no such thing as “hate speech”. There is only free speech. And there is no such thing as “hate crime”. There is crime. We shouldn’t prosecute thoughts. We should prosecute actions. End the “hate crime” farce now.

Smollett is undoubtedly a grade A idiot, but he is their grade A idiot and a useful one at that. Because of him the term hate crime is cemented in our lexicon. It is now a part of our language even though its existence debases so much of what we take for granted in our Western cannon of law. It fuels the prog left’s march through our culture and societies. And I see no way to reverse this duplicity. It is a depressing realisation.


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  1. Know-It-All-American-Guy

    Sad but true, all of it. But at least we can laugh a little a bout it:

  2. Interestingly the police apparently reported that they contacted Smollett, told him they had two men in custody, and asked him if he would come down and identify them. He agreed, knowing damn well that those two men could not possibly have attacked him since the attack never happened. He was willing to send two completely innocent men to jail over his need for enhanced victim status. Or maybe, just maybe, he would have said “no, that wasn’t them”. Best case scenario this case would never have been solved, worse case scenario he would have ruined the lives of two innocent white men.

    • PB

      Even the best case scenario doesn’t stack up well because of the distinct possibility of retaliatory random attacks on White people by increasingly disgruntled and agitated Blacks that could easily have emerged from this.

      More likely now than at any other recent point in history.

  3. TechieDude

    It’s sad and disturbing how much of Orwell’s classic ‘1984’ has come to pass.

    Facecrime, wrongthink, newspeak, thoughtcrime. The whole ethos of the left is straight from the novel, as if it were used as a guide.

    • TechieDude

      It’s also interesting how many ‘hate crimes’ turn out to be frauds, or just a garden variety crime. Like the patron saint of hate crimes, the martyr Matthew Shepard. Turns out, his meth buddies killed him. The real story isn’t remarkable whatsoever.

      Yet, any given day Team Black pummels innocent Asians and whites. None are called hate crimes. Wilding is not a pastime of team whitey.

      Odd how the fifth amendment is ignored here.

    • Neville

      Don’t reckon there’s much of the “as if it were ..” about it, TD.
      I’d say it’s their primary Training Manual.

  4. Dave

    I view the terms “Hate Crime” along with “Hate Speech” as “liquid law” – they are there in the lefty tool box, like play-dough really, ready to be pulled out and shaped according to a particular situation in order to maintain advantage and control over a given white population.

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