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Australia – It's not our country anymore.

In The Australian newspaper today:

Scott Morrison is targeting ­migrant communities critical to his re-election in a bid to seize on Bill Shorten’s shift to fast-track refugee medical transfers to Australia, as the government ramps up pressure on Labor in a move drawing comparisons to John Howard’s Tampa moment.

As a new opinion poll last night showed the Opposition Leader has been badly punished after backing independent Kerryn Phelps’s medivac bill, the Prime Minister tapped into voters’ concerns, releasing an opinion piece published in three languages, Mandarin, ­Arabic and Korean, for community newspapers.

We import these people for no better reason than diversity! and then our prime minister has to go to them cap in hand in their own languages in a groveling attempt at re-election.
It’s not our country anymore.
Update: XYZ Magazine took the time to flesh out the same article. However, I have one disagreement with David’s analysis.

Last week Bill Shorten proved an XYZ prediction wrong and torpedoed his chances of winning the next federal election.

I think it’s going to be a wipe out for the Liberals.

Sunday lifting thread – Technique and only technique.

After my personal training session with an instructor I spent my days in the gym this week focusing on my technique. Going into the personal coaching my aim was to fix my bench press as I detailed last week. But the bench press turned out to be quite easy to tweak; I now have it exactly where I want it to be and the difference is noticeable. I had a second coaching session with my trainer yesterday and the two lifts which I need to work on the most are the squat and the deadlift.

I now have to really concentrate on the mental cues which I need to learn the physical cues so they become habitual. I have been lifting seriously for about 3 years now but I have been going to the gym in sporadic bursts for 30 years. In other words, I have a lot of bad form and technique to unlearn.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The single mother edition.

The hawt chicks & links thread is late this week as Friday was extremely busy for me and I am not a night person. By the time I got home last night I did not have the required energy necessary to dedicate to the stupendous links thread that so many of you crave in your empty and worthless lives. At least you’re one step ahead of me as I don’t even get the hawt chicks & links thread; I have to create it for you.
Moving right along. We’re straight into it this week.

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Be the best feminist male ally that you can be.

What’s the secret in the crazy world of modern dating to dealing with young women raised on a diet of feminism, ingratitude, and believing they are firmly on the pedestal? Is it to listen to their every word and supplicate at their feet, hoping for a few sexual scraps to be thrown your way? Or is it to be the alpha male chad, ploughing through the babes as you make hundreds of bed notches; you are the cock carousel.

Or perhaps there is a third way, a more enlightened way. Where you not only embrace your inner male feminist but you raise the ante and double down, taking it to places that it was never intended or ever imagined to go. After all, women might have invented feminism but we all know that if something needs doing properly then it will have to be a man that goes out and does it.

And so I give you the new hero for our times. Gentlemen, may I present to you the very best male feminist ally that there has ever been.

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Boomers flooding gyms in all out effort to avoid old age.

Wisdom in life is about accepting the stage of life in which you reside; childhood, youth, adult, middle age, old age. In the past when we had fully functioning family units this progression was natural as every age group had their role to play. When you’re 65 and you have 7 grand kids then by definition you’re a grandmother. You do grandmother type things. This means spending time with your grandchildren and even showing an interest in them like you actually mean it.

But if your entire existence has been about you, about finding yourself, about finding your passion, about discovering who you are, about getting in touch with yourself, about acknowledging your true inner self, about making constant critical breakthroughs that are all designed to further who you are as an individual to the exclusion of all others around you, well, you’re going to keep exhibiting this embarrassing behavior well into the final stage of life.

The Superfit Sixties.

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They were the most worthless of times.

I couldn’t imagine working a single month in the worthless public service, but for some people that is their entire life. Admittedly most public servants move around a bit; they don’t stay in the one office in the same department for more than a couple of years. I mean, you have to move up the public service ladder, get some promotions, tackle the bog jobs where you get to truly terrorise those plebs who work out in the dreaded ‘real world’.

Or if you have no ambition, no true skill sets, and a desire to be a completely worthless individual, you could just stay in the same Centerlink office for your entire working life.

Cambelltown Centerlink worker retires after 45 years.

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Podcast #102 – David Hiscox from XYZ magazine.

After the raging success of last week’s episode where I had Didact on as a guest I decided to repeat the experiment and get someone else on as well. To be honest it’s a lot easier than talking to yourself for an hour and trying to remain sane.

This week’s guest is David Hiscox from XYZ Magazine which is an Australian nationalist publication and very much to the right. We talked about the history of his site and his future plans, ethno-nationalism in Australia, biological reality, and the importance of having skin in the game.

Sunday lifting thread – Fixing the bench press.

Out of all the core barbell lifts I find that the bench press is the most difficult one to self regulate your technique. It’s hard to know if you’re doing the bench press incorrectly simply because you can always get the bar down to your chest and back up again as long as the weight that you’re lifting allows you to push through the mistakes that you’re making.

But if there is one lift that I have continuously failed to make significant gains then that lift is the bench press. Which means that I am doing it wrong. I have the Starting Strength book which has a great deal of information on this lift. I have watched numerous videos on this lift as well. For example:

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You went to college to find yourself, well now you have to pay up.

As the college debt bubble balloons to unsustainable proportions, and as more and more college graduates belatedly discover that a seemingly reasonable choice of degree is no longer a ticket to a good job or even a career, there are increasing calls for college debt to be “forgiven”. Of course, debt cannot disappear; someone always has to pay. Usually either the debtor pays or the creditor pays, but when you hear calls for debt to be forgiven, forgotten, and thrown on the scrapheap, what this inevitably means is that the taxpayer will have to pay.

Taxpayers coughing up the money for other people’s mistakes is now a feature not a bug of our modern crony capitalist world. Six months after completion of the Opal Tower apartment block in Sydney, large cracks appeared in the building forcing all residents to temporarily move out. This made headlines in Australia and in short order there were calls for the government to come to the rescue. And by government they mean the taxpayer.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The time warp edition.

It’s Friday which means links and hawtness, what more could you ask for as you roll your way into another weekend. This weekend has come faster than any dirty metaphor that you care to poke something naughty at. I mean, it’s positively flown right by me. This must mean that I’m getting old. Pretty soon I reckon that I’m going to understand what the speed of light means. Those old folks that toddle around really slow are merely attempting to brace themselves against the sheer awfulness of watching time accelerate to warp speed around them.
I remember when I was 8 how slow the winter session of school went. Waiting for that 2nd term to finish was literally the slowest experience of my life. The second slowest experience was waiting to get laid when I was a horny teenager. But now life moves fast, and if you don’t slow down it might pass you by, or something like that in some movie some time in some other place.
So I have some links for you, and some resident hawtness. I hope that they tickle your parts that cause you to laugh and squirm. But unless you’re female, hawt, and under 25, I don’t want to visualize any of that. I reckon that most of my readers won’t fall into that category. Probably none actually. Thank God for that.
On with it.

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