Deny access.

Yesterday I got a new phone, a real one; an android, because there is no way I will ever join the Apple Nazi brigade. I have an original Blackberry which I love but it is no longer supported by apps that I need for work and so I bit the bullet. I just bought a simple Samsung A6,  nothing fancy. I don’t get the phone thing and this is from someone who was on the computer bandwagon back in my teens in the mid eighties. Now that I have my first android phone I still don’t get what all the fuss is about. How people can spend four figures on these things is simply beyond me.

I like nice things but there has to be a reason to spend the extra cash. I have a nice car because I spend a lot of time in it and I want to be protected as well as possible if something or someone runs into me. I like nice clothes because they feel good on you, they look good on you, and they don’t fall apart after two washes. I like nice cigars and wine and whiskey because you need no reason to explain that one. I like a powerful computer because I don’t want to sit staring at a screen loading; my time is valuable.

But a phone? You talk on it and send messages. At least that’s what I do.

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As of this moment I am officially homeless. I am sitting in one of those gormless work hotels that George Clooney inhabited in the film Up in the Air. Apparently I have one of the best rooms in the hotel; it has all the soul of a discarded shoe. The reason for my homelessness is that while I was away in the USA for work my ex-wife took the opportunity to remove me from our house with an ultimatum that I had no desire or energy to fight. Before I go any further I wish to state that I will not hear an unkind word about her; she did what she had to do to survive. She is at the end of her emotional resources, as am I, and the two of us are in an impossible situation. One of us had to go and it is my turn, but this leaving is permanent.

I have a bag of clothes, my failing laptop, the car that I drove away in, and my favourite pillow which was a wise move as the pillows in my hotel room resemble a condom stuffed with walnuts. The rest of my worldly goods are still in the house. The two of us managed to come to an arrangement on that side of things for which I am thankful.

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The media will not be held accountable and nothing will change.

The Mueller investigation’s findings surprised exactly nobody under the age of 65 who don’t watch networks such as CNN or MSNBC. Now that the results are in there are many who believe that this is a watershed moment for bad and unethical journalism, (but I repeat myself). The lies that the MSM and cuckservatives pushed for over two years cannot be dodged. The evidence is there; the incriminating Twitter feeds and Youtube videos, the long winded articles in print and online, all cataloguing two years of purposeful lies, dissemination, and outright treason as the MSM conspired to unseat a lawfully elected president because they do not approve of him. Surely this time they will be held accountable for their actions, and surely this time nobody will believe anything that they say anymore.

Well, I’m here to tell you that nothing will happen and nothing will change.

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My trip to Louisiana.

Yesterday I flew back to The Netherlands after three weeks in Louisiana, my first ever visit to the United States. I was in Houma for all of the stay apart from the last night which we spent in New Orleans. I wrote a few articles while I was down there but I want to put together my general thoughts of the country and the people.

Quite a number of US natives were a little negative when they heard of my destination, referring it to deep Cajun country, the inference being that it was hicksville. It was most certainly an eye opener, of that there was no doubt. My first day there coincided with Mardi Gras and such a culture shock I have not encountered since my time in Africa. My first impressions were negative as it felt like an alien world to me. In many aspects it is an alien world, and I have never experienced anything quite like it.

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The time of reckoning.

Turkish president Erdogan is rather upset at the shooting that occurred in New Zealand last week.

“You heinously killed 50 of our siblings. You will pay for this. If New Zealand doesn’t make you, we know how to make you pay one way or another,” Erdogan told an election rally of thousands in northern Turkey. He did not elaborate.

He also wants the death penalty for the gunman and has threatened to send Australians and New Zealanders back “in coffins” while referring to the Gallipoli campaign in World War 1.

While politicians in Australia and New Zealand voice protests at his remarks, the mainstream media is being extremely careful not to present Erdogan’s comments with any sort of analysis. The reason for that is the brutal truth that Erdogan has deliberately revealed.

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