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Friday hawt chicks & links – The end of a blog edition.

No, no, not my blog. You can all stop panicking now. I’m still here, at least I think that I am. I don’t plan on hanging up my blogging hat any time soon. Although over the years I have known several bloggers who did just that only to come back again a few months later for a couple of posts, and then that would dribble away and you just knew that it was going to be that slow death, strung out over a long period of time like a bad relationship that neither party wants anymore but nobody can gather the energy to just end it already.

The Greedy Goblin, Gevlon himself, a blogger that I have followed for the entire 10 years of his existence, hung up his hat this week. Gevlon has been an important figure in my online life. His video gaming blog not only inspired me to begin my own, but I joined him on a couple of his notable gaming adventures. Gevlon was ruthless in his identification, persecution, and general mocking of what he referred to as ‘M&S’ which stood for morons and slackers. 10 years later and these same targets of his wrath would be better known as SJWs. In other words, Gevlon was ahead of the curve.

Gevlon was one of the bloggers at the forefront writing about the intrusion of SJWs into the world of video games, which of course was one of the last bastions to hold out and the first one to rise up against the SJW tide with #Gamergate. If Gevlon has one weak point over his 10 year blogging career for me it was his failure to really recognise how big this event really was at the time. Now of course the SJWs have intruded everywhere, even into the little world of online knitting, but then SJWs ruin everything.

But it doesn’t stop there. The comments section on Gevlon’s blog was fascinating to me. He ruled it with an iron fist but through links that other readers left I discovered a few other bloggers that some of you may have heard of; Aaron Clarey, Vox Day, and Chateau Heartiste. In other words, without Gevlon and his blog as an entry point I might never have discovered this side of the internet.

We take it for granted that we get to enjoy these blogs every day. Looking at my blog list there are some giant names there, names that I go to on a daily basis first thing in the morning. A few years ago the claim was often made that blogging was dead but that is simply not true. The quality of writing and entertainment on these blogs is outstanding, and in my opinion we are living in a golden age of blogging on this corner of the internet. When a giant such as Gevlon shuts down I feel a distinct sense of loss even if I understand his reasons for doing so.

So this week’s Friday hawt chicks & links is in honor of Gevlon. Which means that the hawt chicks have to originate from his native Hungary. A small gesture on my part but one made with honor and respect. Thanks for all the great M&S mocking, Gevlon. You will be missed.

John C Wright goes full atomic attack missle on stupid and foolish women who gleefully followed the lie of feminism for all the baubles it would bring them – Schadenfreude.

And now all they have done is recoiling on themselves, and who else do they blame, but the bad Orange Man, who has the same lax moral code they do, and is, in all but his patriotism and common sense, one of them, one of the Morlocks. Him they blame for their wrecked marriages and unhappy, unfulfilled, unfeminine lives.

You wanted to enter the man’s world, and wrastle, no holds barred, with men one or two weight classes over you, thinking you were fit enough to beat us at our own game — but you also wanted to keep the special privileges, courtesies and protections, strong and powerful gentlemen are wont to offer ladies worthy of their adoration, as a gesture of grateful goodwill.

If you see the wee small ghosts of dead and unborn babies hovering outside your window over empty cradles on a moonless October midnight, and their empty eyesockets turn toward you, who wear images of your sterile wombs on your heads, no exorcist can banish them. You cast these shadows.

If you drive away husband and paramour and friend, and find yourself alone, the solitude is of your own making. The Catholic grandmother with thirty or fifty or a hundred grandchildren, whom you mocked for not embracing the artificial sterility of The Pill, and not entering the ratrace for mere worldly lucre will not pity you, even if she does pray a rosary for you.




More on the Cardinal George Pell affair.

Has it occurred to anyone else debating the perverse verdict rendered against Cardinal George Pell, which convicted him of “historic sexual abuse,” that the cardinal did not have to return to his native Australia to face trial? As a member of the College of Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church and a Vatican official, Pell holds a Vatican diplomatic passport and citizenship of Vatican City State. Were he guilty, he could have stayed put in the extraterritorial safety of the Vatican enclave, untouchable by the Australian authorities. But because Cardinal Pell knows he is innocent, he was determined to go home to defend his honor—and, in a broader sense, to defend his decades of work rebuilding the Catholic Church in Australia, the living parts of which owe a great deal to his leadership and courage.

A lot of people have fallen for the media narrative on Pell, even stalwarts who usually see through the lies such as Vox Day. But none of us are perfect I suppose. And for those carrying on that he was convicted by a jury of his peers; so you’re telling me that although the left have infiltrated and perverted and twisted every single one of our institutions, somehow you think that the judiciary escaped untainted?

Yeah, keep holding on to that little fairy tale.


But there was some good news this week as the Methodist church has voted not to accept the homos.

The second-largest Protestant denomination in the country is facing the prospect of mass defections and acts of defiance after delegates at a conference in St. Louis voted Tuesday to strengthen the United Methodist Church’s bans on same-sex marriage and the ordination of LGBTQ clergy.

After three days of intense discussions at the General Conference Special Session, 56 percent of the 800 delegates in attendance voted in favor of a proposal by conservatives called Traditional Plan, which upholds the church’s stance prohibiting LGBTQ members from being ordained and does not permit same-sex couples to be married.

Not only did they say no to the gays but it seems that all of the cucked churchians will be thrown out for good measure. Nice one, guys.


Woman beats her husband to death with a hammer hitting him 20 times, serves 8 years in prison but then has conviction overturned because muh feelings!

Firstly, if she hit him 20 times over the head with a hammer, can that even be manslaughter? It’s not like she was putting up Christmas decorations and accidentally dropped the hammer on his head twenty times. Whether it was pre-meditated or heat-of-the-moment, how can it not be murder? So far as I’m aware, It was the finding of guilt that was thrown out, not the sentence handed down.

Secondly, the appeal succeeded on grounds of a defence that wasn’t the law when she did what she did – a retrospective application. A law that was plainly meant to work in favour of women. The very idea that this was the epitome of a bad law was dismissed out of hand when it was going through parliament.

But wait, there’s more:

As if this isn’t already baked into our system of law, as a legacy of chivalry (a.k.a. ‘the patriarchy’). Is it unreasonable to suspect that when a judge presides over a case where the accused man has killed a woman, the judge wishes to condemn that man in the strongest possible terms, but presiding over a case where a woman has killed a man, the judge is wont to take account of the flimsiest of mitigations? One might even suspect that the Oxford-educated female judge in this case had additional political axes that she saw an opportunity to grind.

But that George Pell conviction is legit, bro!


Roissy goes old school this week and digs down into some classic game – The 3 tiers of arseholery.

There are tiers of assholery that are more or less suited to the type of girl with you. Younger women will need a bigger and stronger dose of Asshole Game than would older women. Extraverted girls respond better than introverted girls to assholes. Sluts and exhibitionists can handle extreme asshole game; chaste girls not so much. Ugly girls need niceguy game, hotties are a mixed bag, and the “almost there” 6s and 7s crave assholes.

Furthermore, the right dose of assholery depends on how you come across to a girl. Relative SMVs matter. An ugly or socially awkward man hitting on an ugly woman would need to ramp up his asshole game compared to a normal man hitting on that same woman.

All girls melt under the seductive power of assholery, but care should be taken to tailor your assholery to the girl. Pile driving a girl’s ego could backfire if she’s already got low self-esteem; softening your assholery could backfire if she’s an Instagram whore.


Hawt tunes this week is a song from my favorite Jethro Tull album.



There is no such thing as a hate crime.


The future of Australian politics – no girls allowed.


  1. TheRoyalFamily

    Sad to see someone like Gevlon go. Especially for the reasons he states. Even more sad, this is the first I’ve heard of him. His schtick really appeals to me, even though we didn’t play the same games.

  2. purge187

    I lost my Mom to pancreatic cancer a few weeks ago, and I’m at the point where I’m about ready to throw the towel like Gevlon. The West is doomed, my Christian walk is a failure and I’m just tired of everything.

    • Sorry to hear of your loss. But it is the tough times that define us.

  3. PB

    I can’t help thinking that many people wanted the conviction of Pell really badly because if your examples in life can be seen to fail you can excuse your own frailty.

  4. Rollory

    I came across Gevlon during his (and my) Eve Online days (which in its heyday was the best experimental laboratory outside of a genuine RL combat zone for learning key elements of squad and operational command, as well as intelligence and counterintelligence operations). Unfortunately it became very clear very quickly that for all his number crunching and theorizing and big ideas the total effect of his strategies on the overall game, and specifically on his targets, was somewhere between zip and none.

    Everything he did there fell into the rounding errors of everyday activity for the overall playerbase. Which was too bad, his ideas sounded really good, and his numbers seemed persuasive. Until you went into the game and saw that, no, the very people he was crowing about hurting the most had really not even noticed, and had not been prevented from doing a single thing they decided they wanted to do.

    You’d think we’d have learned that lesson with Robert McNamara, but apparently not.

  5. There is a misunderstanding here. The M&S is NOT the SJW. The M&S is the “marginalized” who the SJW rises up for. The SJW is the guild leader who gives the loot to the worst player because “he needs gear” and not the worst player himself.

    The SJW is the “social” who believes that failure is because of oppression instead of laziness and stupidity.
    – Why women can’t lift so much weight as man?
    – Because the weightlifting community is misogynist!

    Granted, this has little practical consequence. If you attack any failure, the SJWs will appear to defend it. This is what happened in the gaming industry, which is centered in California and filled with SJWs. They noticed that many players can’t complete the game and concluded that games are at fault and not the players who can’t hit the target or wear stupid gear or use wrong spells or wrong units or whatnot.

    • What you’re saying is true but I think that there is a great deal of crossover between the two groups, or at least a lot of grey area. And M&S will eagerly adopt SJW talking points as it suits there own purposes, obviously. So at what point does a M&S become an SJW? Or do they stay M&S only because SJW doctrines that once seemed completely ridiculous become normal social attitudes?

      • The M&S is incompetent, impotent and irrelevant by itself.
        The SJW is competent in doing harm. They are capable of organizing and lifting their asses off the bed and go to riot. They are capable of writing pages full of nonsense, but with readable sentences. They are evil, but not weak.

        • I prefer industrious and stupid, the most dangerous combination. M&S are stupid and lazy.

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