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Podcast #103 – The USA visit episode.

I’m off to the USA!
Louisiana, tobacco, pipe smoking, and advice to men on what to do when their marriage falls apart.


The future of Australian politics – no girls allowed.


Living the female entitlement dream.


  1. Lexet Blog

    try going to an upscale place, where there is a bathroom attendant. They hand you towels, and then you tip them. lol. I hate the concept of tipping, especially at restaurants. The tip should go to the cook, not a person who writes down your order, and then brings it to you

    • Tips are usually split between all of the service staff and they work for reduced wages, often below the standard minimum wage, with the expectation of tips bringing them up. Kitchen staff gets paid a normal wage/salary and isn’t exempt from minimum wage laws.

      As far as tipping wait staff over cooks, I’d prefer the wait staff get it. If all you think they do is write down an order and bring it to you, you’ve never worked and likely don’t know anyone that’s worked in a decent restaurant. They have significantly more control over your restaurant experience than the cooks. And if the cooks mess things up, it’s the wait staff that get the brunt of actually dealing with it as well.

      • Lexet Blog

        Wait staff get paid standard minimum wage if their tips + waiter wage doesn’t equal minimum wage.

        The whole notion that waiters only live off of tips is false (in every state I am aware of), and is an issue to be brought up with labor boards, not by screwing over the community by raising wages.

        15 years ago, the standard tip was about 5%. Now its 15-20%.

      • Lexet Blog

        I’ll also note that forming laws based on the super minority of the restaurant industry is unwise. For obvious reasons. High end restaurants are not common.

        Also, your presumption about my food industry experience is … wrong

  2. Post Alley Crackpot



    Welcome to the United States!

    This form must be completed by every nonimmigrant visitor not in possession of a visitor’s visa.

    Type or print legibly in pen in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

    USE … ENGLISH! 🙂

    Do any of the following apply to you?



  3. TechieDude

    Rule #2 was something I’ve heard from more than one dude. Stay away from women until the papers are done. Otherwise, it’ll be used against you.

    Far as laptops, Lenovo Thinkpad X1 carbon. My new one is jaw dropping. I record fine with it.

    Other than that look on ebay for a thinkpad with an i7 and plenty of ram. Any of them will work.

  4. Al Jahom

    Recording podcasts really doesn’t require much power.. it’s only doing video that requires the big computing potatoes.

    I’d be amazed if a 2011 laptop couldn’t handle it.

    TechieDude is right though… Thinkpads have been the gold standard of laptops for more than 20 years.. used to be IBM, then bought out by the Chinese. Still just as good if you avoid the cheaper end of their range.

    Unless you’re going for the higher end though, just don’t bother. You don’t need it to record or trim a podcast. If you’re thinking of spending less than about €700-€800 on a laptop, you’re getting crap that won’t last and will have lots of annoyances. Go in a shop and spend time with whatever you’re thinking of buying. There’s lots of choice of screens in terms technology, resolution & reflectivity – some a matter of preference, others bald superiority – and some of the keyboards on modern laptops make you want to kill, so spend some time to make sure you can live with it.

    I went with a Macbook Pro in 2015, after 20 years on Windows laptops, but only because I am a curious techie with an itch to scratch. I think it’s a fantastic package, but I would never recommend anyone who’s used Windows forever made the swap. I commented on Didact’s post as ‘Alt London’ because reasons (laziness).

  5. Steve

    Another proponent of ThinkPads here. I looked up the Didact post you referenced, and his comments were spot on. Beyond that, the ThinkPad ‘universe’ is so vast at this point that on the odd chance you do run into trouble, or would like to upgrade or customize components, you’d have plenty of support in the shape of forums and spare parts and the like.

    The T480 he posted would be beyond fine for what you need, but if you’re looking to keep costs down further, there is a pretty reliable market for used/refurbished older laptops. For example, I purchased a T430 (2012 model) as a second laptop about a year ago from this seller on Ebay -

    I was able to get it with specs that were comparable to newer laptops. Same sort of setup as you described wanting, a relatively small 128 SSD HD to run Windows, which I was then using with a much larger external drive to save my files. No frills, Windows 7, lightning fast because of the SSD HD (make sure you’ve got that). Beyond a slight nick on the back of the cover about the size of a fingernail,there were no cosmetic issues. Thing felt brand new. Great machine, and I only paid $180 for it. As I said because the ThinkPad market is so deep and established you can easily find lots of good, high quality examples without having to break the bank. Cheers

  6. On pipe smoking: I do. Love it. Got two different pipes, a curved stem and a churchwarden. The problem, as is true with any tobacco product these days, is finding a place to smoke. You can’t smoke virtually anywhere in public, you can’t smoke in most if not all restaurants and bars, if you smoke out in a park somewhere people will make rude comments to you. I don’t like to smoke in my house cause I don’t like the stale smell that you eventually get, even with a pipe. That leaves my backyard, which is pleasant enough for five months a year or so in our neck of the woods. Outside of May through September, however, I find myself not smoking because it isn’t worth the effort.

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