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One aspect of the rise in feminism and the corresponding power that women now enjoy is their ability to accuse a domestic partner of the crime of domestic violence with near impunity. If the police are called to a domestic dispute then the vast majority of the time the man in the situation will be arrested, even if he himself was the victim of domestic violence. And women sure are able to dish out a lot of violence, particularly when they know that their word is better than a man’s.

One of the negative consequences of this is the fact that men are now finding themselves with a criminal record of domestic assault or at the very least their name in a database that can be used against them in the future. This can have far reaching and long lasting implications.

No visas for domestic violence convictions.

Visitors to Australia can be refused entry or kicked out if they have been convicted of domestic violence, under a new federal government directive.

Immigration Minister David Coleman’s decision came into force on Thursday, the Herald-Sun reports, barring anyone who has committed violence against women or children from the country.

“If you’ve been convicted of a violent crime against women or children, you are not welcome,” Mr Coleman said.

“Wherever the offence occurred, whatever the sentence, Australia will have no tolerance for domestic violence perpetrators.”

The double standards would of course be astounding if not for the fact that we live in a society where women are collectively and individually absolved of the responsibility of their actions on a regular basis. Women have enormous financial and social incentives to falsely accuse a man in their life of some sort of abuse. They’ll get a financial reward in the court settlement, they will enjoy the virtuous label of being a victim and a “survivor”; if they’re really smart they’ll throw in a diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder, and now they get the additional benefit of seeing the man kicked out of the country if he is a visitor or refused entry in the first place.

Take special note of the final sentence. It doesn’t matter where in the world the accusation and sentencing took place. As far as the Australian government is concerned, any conviction is good enough, even if it took place in a nation that might have dubious legal practices.

The final nail in the coffin of so-called equality is that women are not held to the same standards. According to the conservative Australian government, domestic violence can only be perpetrated by men against women or children. Notwithstanding the statistics of women to commit the same abuse, both against their husband and children, for some reason women get a free pass on this matter.

But no matter how many advantages modern women have against the male sexual underclass, women are constantly told that they are the ones that are hard done by. They are the ones that have to fight just to have their voices heard. The absurdity of the situation would be obvious to everyone except for the fact that women want to believe it and weak men see their own embracing of the chimera of the inequality of women to advance their own pathetic value in the sexual marketplace.

Dream crazier? It can’t get much more crazy than it is right now.


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  1. Apex Predator

    There is a very simple solution to this and as men are backed farther and farther into a corner and stripped of more and more rights (white men in particular) you will see it start to manifest.

    Women who are dead cannot call the police anymore. You know why this shit doesn’t happen in Islamic countries? Because they were not foolish enough to let their females run wild and turn feral which is the default state of nature for wahmen. You try this in an Islamic society under Sharia Law and you will be put in the ground in short order.

    Pain & Fear. These are the strongest educational tools know to mankind and have been since the first paleolithic cave dweller clubbed another man to death. With no fear of retribution the basest part of human nature emerges and many women are just as evil as men in this regard.

    So go ahead, call the police on me and destroy my life on a whim. In fact, here is the phone I’ll dial them for you. You won’t be alive by the time they arrive. Watch how fast this shit dries up if men find their balls again. She is putting you, potentially, in a life threatening situation and certainly a life -altering- situation at the minimum as you may be doing hard time in jail and will have your career ended immediately with a DV charge. You need to impress upon her that if you are willing to destroy me, I will return the favor.

    • Peter

      What Apex Predator describes goes doubly for the Leftists. If Right Wing guys are going to gaol for defending themselves they may as well defend themselves with lethal force.

  2. bkhuna

    Brilliant idea. Now, muzzies won’t be allowed in.

    Oh, wait, never mind…..

  3. “If you’ve been convicted of a violent crime against women or children, you are not welcome,” Mr Coleman said.

    Mr Coleman is an Islamophobe who judges their unique and equal culture.

    • Aaaaannnnd….. The pussy pass strikes once again.

      There’s a saying we have in the States: Employ the Three “S’s”. Shoot. Shovel. Shut Up.

  4. BTW Adam, been meaning to ask:

    What do ya think of Gary Orsum? Been subscribed to his utube posts for some time now.

    • Adam

      Never heard of him.

      • He’s a fellow Aussie. Has a great Vblog. You should check him out. Especially his “Fariy Tales” posts. Funny as hell

  5. purge187

    Adam: “Dream crazier? It can’t get much more crazy than it is right now.”

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: “Hold my beer.”

  6. Know-It-All-American-Guy

    The sexual underclass is (deliberately and artificially) socially constructed, unlike gender differences.

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