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Falling into the groupthink trap.

Victor Davis Hanson’s new book, The Case for Trump, has been released. I have not yet read it, (I will very soon), but some people already have and are very impressed with it. Smitty has been tweeting some quotes from the book and this one in particular caught my eye.

We should be careful not to fall into the same trap with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


The disease at the heart of the empire.


Sunday lifting thread – working out while traveling.


  1. Dave

    I’m under the impression with the last several months of gaffs, reversals, and general stupidity… or is it direct betrayal of his supporter base? Trump has proven to be nothing more than a wet dream for the heritage Americans that voted for him.

    Ramzpual has an interesting argument that Trump suffers from what’s known as the Madona / Whore complex:

    It would certainly explain a lot…… the 2020 election will be irrelevant for white Americans, their fate remains sealed if they think talking and negotiations are still the best way forward. White blue-pilled Australians on the other hand will ignorantly continue to vote themselves into oblivion in May through their own cucked-stupidity.

    • Someone

      Trump did accomplish some good things, but I always disliked Ivanka and her kike husband having that much input in his administration. It’s true also that Team R and the communist party up there have also worked diligently against him. Oh well, it’s fun to see him crap on libtards and GOPe. I was not sure what to expect since I voted more against GOPe and the Democraps.

    • Lexet Blog

      High turnover in the WH

      Bump stock ban
      Appointment of an anti gun AG

      Filling WH with liberals

      A cabinet official who was more than lenient with Pedos

      Still fighting overseas.

      WH policies controlled by his liberal family

      Reinstated catch and release program for illegals

      The wall seems to be a graft project. It’s way too expensive

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