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The luxury of being humane.

Only the ignorant long for war. But only a fool thinks that war cannot occur in his own backyard. The West has been on a collision course for internal implosion for the past 30 years. Today in New Zealand we got a real taste of it. The sanctimonious on both sides will rush to condemn and point the finger at convenient enemies or scapegoats. Those that sowed the seeds for this conflict will be the loudest in their manufactured outrage. For myself I have only weariness. Because I know deep within myself that this is only the very beginning. And it will long, and it will be bloody, and those of us who survive will have had to do and witness terrible things.

I have not opened any mainstream media site to read about the attack as I cannot stomach the manipulations of their propaganda any longer. I feel no emotion for those gunned down. I hear that among the victims were women and children. And? They are not my people. They would not care for me in this situation so why should I care for them? You may ask where is my humanity, but humanity is a luxury that we enjoy in times of peace and plenty, moments in history that were gifted to us by our ancestors at the cost of their blood dripping into the soil.

That is the truly terrible price of war, the loss of humanity. The most tragic moment of The Great War for me was the impromptu football game between the German and British troops on Christmas Day 1914. It happened because both sides still had their humanity, and also because both sides were so alike in culture and shared history. There were no such moments for the rest of that long conflict. Humanity had to be discarded so the business of slaughter could be properly undertaken.

Thirty years later and the sons of those same British troops did not hesitate to incinerate the cities of those same Germans, women and children included. There were no cries for humanity then, and not too many after the fact either.

If we can do that to a nation who is as close to our own as any on the planet, what could we do to one that is as alien to our own as space creatures on Mars? Apart from the Iran-Iraq war the Islamic nations have not participated in an organised war of epic intensity since the time of the Ottoman Empire.

The mass importation of Muslims into our nations has been a crime, and the consequences of such a folly all too clear for any that chose to look. Those responsible for this betrayal are at fault here. If anything the gunmen in New Zealand chose the wrong targets. I have no doubt as to how this will unfold. The only unknown is the timeline. But for those of us who chose to see and who understand the events that are rushing towards us, we know no satisfaction. There is only a terrible certainty that the hand of the Reaper is close. It is time to gird your loins and prepare for the worst.




The war on protein.


  1. Daniel

    They failed to condem the atrocities of their own. Makes it very hard to rise above that brand of inhumanity.

  2. TechieDude

    Vox Day had a great point about this: “The media never even pretends to shed any tears when dozens of Christians are regularly murdered in their churches in Pakistan, Egypt, and elsewhere in the Middle East.”

    Yup. I don’t see any hand wringing as the mooslims clear out millennia old Christian communities.

    • ScotchedEarth

      Vox had another good line:
      Only two options now: Either nationalists send the immigrants home nicely, or the ultras come to power and don’t bother sending them home.

      • Detroit Pete

        Listening to a follow up report on radio yesterday. They noted that one of the victims would have had a promising future (as what I forget) and another was a distinguished (whatever, I forget this also). It was odd because media reports of other mass killings or terrorist attacks are always dry counts of the number killed and wounded. I suppose this was an effort to evoke compassion for the Muslims. It didn’t work on me. My give-a-damn’s still busted.

  3. Al Jahom

    I share your disinterest in finding ways to feel and display sympathy for those affected.

    History teaches us that periods of peace, stability and civility are not the norm, which makes it all the more appalling to see this one having been squandered over a generation in pursuit of… well… of what?

    Chimeric utopian nonsense that defies all logic and lessons of history but gives the goodfeelz to some useful idiots and accrues power to unaccountable shysters who do not share our common interests. To describe the betrayal as criminal does not even begin to do it justice.

    The MSM is going to be an order of magnitude more unbearable, as the Muslims are handed a massive PR coup, and I think it’ll be most interesting to compare the reactions to this event to those in London or Manchester where similar numbers of western innocents were slayed pursuant to the goals of religion of peace.

  4. Al Jahom

    Adam, I’d be interested to hear your views on Fraser Anning’s intervention in all this? (Front of XYZ) I’d never heard of the guy, but then I don’t really have time (or inclination) to follow Aussie politics.

    The idea of a British politician having the balls to state this sort of bald truth is beyond imagining – after a Muslim attack on Brits, let alone after a counterattack.

    • Adam

      Anning is the boss. Also because my articles get cross-posted on XYZ I know that he reads me.

  5. bob sykes

    There is no place for Islam or Muslims in the West. They need to be expelled.

  6. Timothy S

    According to Lt. Col. David Grossman, there have been hundreds of massacres in schools by Muslims. Only one or two have have received more than passing attention by the mass Media.

    • TD

      Russian-Chechian conflict yielded some really nasty ones.Palestinian-Arab, too.

    • -

      Would that be David Grossman the Israeli author, or ex-US Army Lt Col Dave Grossman, author of the very interesting On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society (1995)? (I cannot recommend the latter book enough, btw: counter-intuitively argues that man is hard-wired not to kill fellow members of our species and that the history of warfare is actually the history of finding enabling mechanisms to provide conscious/subconscious psychological distance to overcome that disinclination. You can get an introduction to his arguments on his website here

  7. exlib

    No other way to fight for our survival, apparently.

  8. Dave

    Fraser Anning’s official response is perfect, even Chateau Heartiste notes how good it is.

    As other posters and yourself here have noted, when we whites get butchered no one gives a….

    Australia & New Zealand will never be multicultural enough for the MSM and political class until the last white man is dead.

  9. I found the manifesto and it doesn’t read like a false flag. He claims to be an environmental fascist, former communist/atheist and not a Christian. That’s a lot of baggage on the wrong side of the political fence. What he does sound like is a left-wing terrorist group recruited him as a traveling wetworker, gave him paramilitary training, then he had a white nationalist epiphany and turned around. That can explain his not working alone and how he got his weapons.

    This is a Leftist attacking the Leftist immivasion project in the name of the Leftist climate change project. They always eat their own.

    I’ve always expected the Communists and Muslims to fall out of favor with each other but didn’t think it would happen before we Christians, their common enemy, were persecuted underground. It does explain this situation, however, so maybe it’s a foreshadowing.

    • purge187

      I recall reading somewhere that he accused President Trump of being a White supremacist. Hardly sounds like a far-Right Breivik clone.

      • Quote from manifesto:

        Were/Are You A Supporter Of Donald Trump?

        As a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose? Sure. As a policy maker and leader? Dear god no.

    • TD

      Could have been led down the path by an operative. Canadian Heritage Front member Grant Bristow and Munich neo-Nazi member Athans were found to be gov’t plants ( Recall that the organizers of the Units the Right was an Occupy occupant. If it were the FBI leading someone down the path, it would have been called entrapment.

      The net effect was to neutralize nationalists and resistance to the invasions.

  10. MarkT

    This event occurred 2km from where I live. There is no real problem with Muslims in this city or country, and they make up a tiny proportion of the population. There is no real problem with immigration either, except that new limits recently imposed by the Labour (socialist) government make it harder for businesses to find the labour they need, for jobs that those born here generally don’t want to do. The problem is not immigration – but identity politics – the idea that we’re not individuals responsible for our own actions, but representatives of some collective, racial or otherwise. What else could justify a madman mowing down a 3 year old without compunction because Muslims on the other side of the world have killed whites. The same madman who incidentally described himself as an “eco-fascist”, and in the past apparently identied as a communist. The Left has been pushing identity politics for decades, and those on the Right who accept their toxic principles whilst thinking they oppose them are their ‘useful idiots’. Just like 1930’s Europe, they’re encouraging a future where freedom is not an option, and the only choice is socialism with either a nationalist or internationalist flavour.

  11. Dave

    The NZ PM immediately finds a camera to film her wearing a headscarf to prove the shooters point. Then proceeds to speed up the disarmament of New Zealanders.

    Meanwhile, our PM finds himself a mosque, and vows to stand shoulder to shoulder against evil white terrorists.

    No mention of mental illness. No hint of this being the act of a lone wolf. No I’ll ride with you campaign for Aussies or kiwis.

    Its not just that they are not on our side. They openly boast that they are not to the entire planet.

    I feel the same frustrations Adam. I’m so furious that this had to happen. What follows over the decades to come never had to nor should have happened had responsible, good men like Enoch Powell been in charge rather than the turncoats we ended up with.

  12. What did that muzloid Mayor of London Sadiq Kahn say? Something to the effect that “Terrorism is part and parcel of living in a big city now…” Or words to that effect.

    Guess what assholes? What goes around comes around.

    Don’t dig gettin’ a taste of what you’ve been dishing out since the 6th fucking century?

    Then Kiss my Lilly White Ass

    You all can beat a path to the nearest transport back to the shithole you came from.

    Fuck’em all. Every single last one of those goat-humping cocksuckers.

    (Oh, Adam, about Gary Orsum, totally forgot to tell you: he despises the FemiNazis with a passion. The majority of his Vblog posts are dedicated to exposing and ripping them a new one in the Land Down Under. He also doesn’t dig muzloids very much either and has his head screwed on right re: Abos.)

  13. Detroit Pete

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if the Iman was preaching the responsibility to wage jihad at the moment the gunman burst in?

  14. Post Alley Crackpot

    “… because both sides were so alike in culture and shared history …”

    All the more reason for that historical internecine violence, actually.

    The Distant Other earns respect for being distant, the Close Other earns contempt for being close. The Distant Other makes its mark by absence, the Close Other makes its mark by presence. These opposites play out across a range from mundane to great.

    When Muslims became the Close Other instead of the Distant Other, tolerance for them began to wane not because of any inherent “racism” among the Neighbours and the Familiars, but instead as the result of natural forces.

    Jihad was no problem for the West when it mostly affected Russians during the Russian Pathan War. Now curiously in some circles the Russians are being seen more as a Distant Familiar or perhaps even as a Close Familiar because of the perception of shared problems, even if they’re not a very well-trusted one …

    Does the “sudden” re-emergence of A Certain Kind of Question really surprise anyone, given that it happens when the Distant Other becomes the Close Other without making a serious attempt to become a more tolerated Distant Familiar or Close Familiar?

    Does it really surprise anyone that certain people might be attracted to the idea of Self-Help Violence in a Clausewitzian continuation of politics through direct action, believing that politics through representation as an idea and as a system has collapsed, regardless of whether that’s true or not?

    Adde parvum parvo, magnus acervus erit.

    But in this case, does it really surprise anyone that this particular attack may be viewed as a False Flag Event not only because of the political incontinence of the purported “manifesto” from the attackers but also because it’s really damned convenient in terms of timing for a continuation of violence against individuals by the state?

  15. Bootstrapper

    “The mass importation of Muslims into our nations has been a crime, and the consequences of such a folly all too clear for any that chose to look. Those responsible for this betrayal are at fault here. If anything the gunmen in New Zealand chose the wrong targets.” You’re quite right Adam. Islam is the symptom, not the disease. I used to wonder why revolutionaries routinely liquidated academics. Now, I understand; They’re the principal vectors of the disese that’s destroying our society and culture.

  16. antiserf

    In the wise words Of JB Campbell American veteran of the Rhodesian bush wars ” whitey is the meanest animal” once they push us too far we flip the switch…and there ain’t no flipin it off this time. The Jew, the SJW and mud will pay more or less in that order. They will rue the day that they ever tried to fuck with us. We built the world…we can tear it down any time we put 10% of our collective heads together.

  17. Bree

    If you want peace, prepare for war.

    I own two handguns, one a concealed carry. I went through a class and a background check to carry a gun. Not that I’m a big gun nut- the men in my family routinely humble me and it’s a perishable skill, marksmanship- but I think it is important enough to go through the inconvenience of checking my gun, putting it in its bra holster, cleaning it and practicing with it regularly.

    I hate to say this, but feminism used to back the equalizing power of the gun. Nowadays I feel as though we’ve encountered an infantilization of women – they’re not ‘responsible’, they are ‘victims’, even when the situations they seem to encounter on a regular basis could easily have been avoided had they practiced a bit of awareness and basic safety.

    Like, say, not getting sopping drunk in public and going home with strangers. Or going to Weinstein’s personal hotel room/office/bedroom for a ‘casting call.’

    Choice/Accountability. Pacifism is all well and good when the sheep are at play, but sooner or later the wolves will come to stay.

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