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Turkish president Erdogan is rather upset at the shooting that occurred in New Zealand last week.

“You heinously killed 50 of our siblings. You will pay for this. If New Zealand doesn’t make you, we know how to make you pay one way or another,” Erdogan told an election rally of thousands in northern Turkey. He did not elaborate.

He also wants the death penalty for the gunman and has threatened to send Australians and New Zealanders back “in coffins” while referring to the Gallipoli campaign in World War 1.

While politicians in Australia and New Zealand voice protests at his remarks, the mainstream media is being extremely careful not to present Erdogan’s comments with any sort of analysis. The reason for that is the brutal truth that Erdogan has deliberately revealed.

Erdogan does not consider the Muslims gunned down to be New Zealand citizens. If he did then he would have been offering condolences to the New Zealand government. Instead he views them as they are; citizens of the nation of Islam. Once again the old truth that people vote along religious and racial lines comes into play. Erdogan knows that every Muslim living in a Western nation is not a citizen of those countries. The piece of paper that states citizenship is a useful tool but as we have seen it is immediately discarded when an event like this occurs.

People cannot have dual loyalties when it comes to race and religion. Erdogan knows that but he is not unique; every single Muslim in the world knows that as well. When Erdogan threatens retribution to New Zealanders he has white Anglo Saxons firmly in mind. That is because a nation is a people, bound together by race and religion and with a shared ancestry.

At the same time that Erdogan is stirring up the masses in Turkey, New Zealand politicians are engaged in embarrassing acts of submission to the Muslim fifth columnists that reside in their country. They believe that if they bow down low enough to the invented gods of multiculturalism and diversity then all will be well in their hopelessly fractured nation. True New Zealand citizens are also busily engaged in similar virtue signalling as they proudly disarm themselves and boast about it on social media. The folly is breathtaking.

Once again, they may not be interested in race or religion but race and religion are very interested in them. And the diversity gods can never be sated. Sooner or later there comes a time when artificial imbalances must revert to their natural equilibrium. Erdogan not only understands this, he feels suitably confident to openly declare it. Consider the implications; if Erdogan is obeyed then every Muslim living in a Western country would become untouchable. After all, an attack on them is an attack on Turkey, and by default every other Muslim nation on earth.

Once you’re done considering that, have a think about the enormous number of Chinese and Indian citizens now living in Australia. They may hold Australian citizenship but that’s just a convenient piece of paper. When push comes to shove their allegiances will reside with their respective native nations. Perhaps the global elite thought that by implementing multiculturalism on a massive scale they could avoid future war due to the fact that so many nationalities are bound up together in the same countries.

The global elite in 1913 thought the same thing but the supposedly unbreakable ties were trade and economics. After that conflict and the one that followed it they formed an international body whose aim was to gradually dissolve the boundaries of individual nations, ironically enough called the United Nations. They did this because of the lessons they learned from those wars. But they learned the wrong lessons, and as a result we are doomed to repeat the conflicts all over again, but this time they will also be internal.

The ironic thing is that only the Western nations fell for this ploy. The Muslim and Asian nations avoided the trap while enthusiastically helping their Western enemies to destroy themselves through mass immigration. Erdogan feels that the time is right to begin capitalizing on their long game. The New Zealand response reveals that he is entirely correct. He is only the beginning.



They are not my people.


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  1. David F.

    This is why I live in Utah. I’m not Mormon, but I am Christian and their version is close enough in Crisis time that the details won’t matter. Lots of guns and ammo. Very little virtue signaling outside of SLC. And the number one criticism of Utah by most people other than the Mormons live there……It’s too white.

    Now all we need is a wall to keep California out.

    • Apex Predator

      Very curious about this as I’m really trying to head ‘your way’ at least to the Pacific NW. I’m curious about Mormonism though. The religion was founded under oppression from the state and were no stranger to guns & violence. This is the Xtianity of old that appeals to me. But from what I hear the entire religion much like Protestants have cucked out pretty hard lately.

      Is this not the case? I’m in DC which is literally Sodom on the Potomac as everyone knows and desperately want to get the fuck outta here. Gimme a little insight if you would.

      • I have family across the Pacific NW and by them, contact with Mormons. They’re as cucked as anybody. Enough clannishness to thrive under identity politics. Notice Dave’s comment “Very little virtue signaling outside of SLC.”? That’s true everywhere. Get outside the cities and people are much less brainwashed, even in California. But the cities hold the political power.

        If you’re set to move anyway then try Coeur d’Alene. Big enough town to find a job in, small enough it hasn’t yet been noticed and Spokane isn’t far away, albeit on the wrong side of the state line. You like the cold, yes? Boise is okay but not the place it used to be. It’s getting noticed.

        If you don’t like cold then maybe Bend, Oregon, the only place in OR I’d recommend. There’s some hippiness, not to mention distant Portland ruling over you, but it’s a much nicer climate and still affordable.

        If you decide you’re okay with Mormons then I would recommend Twin Falls, ID over Utah. It also has a strong Mormon influence but the land and state gov’t are nicer; you’ll get the best of both worlds. Visit the Snake River Canyon for a vacation to see if it’s right for you.

      • Mormonism was not founded under oppression. Joseph Smith was a con artist whose illegal acts got him into trouble wherever he went. His own people killed him in Illinois when some of his tricks caught up with him.

      • purge187

        Quartermaster is spot-on. Mormonism is one of the most heretical denominations of the faith.

    • Charlton Saxon

      The entire Southwest is being invaded by illegal aliens and white shitlibs from California. If the states were able to control their boarders it would not be an issue. The whites from California are doing everything they can to subvert and destroy the local communities. I think that in their minds they see themselves as helping civilize and liberalize the west, similar to the patronizing attitude that missionaries had during the 19th Century. Utah is probably the safest state in the Southwest though because of the Mormons.

  2. Xword

    One month to go before the ConTiki busloads descend on Gallipoli for the dawn service. Brave, defiant youngsters who realise Erdogan’s rhetoric doesn’t wash with 99.9 per cent of Turkey’s 82 million population. Good luck, kiddos.

  3. Dave

    >”The ironic thing is that only the Western nations fell for this ploy.”

    Not whole nations Adam, after all, remember that the 1965 betrayal here in Australia and across the West was done without ever asking the respective populations if they wanted open borders.

    • Walt

      “…remember that the 1965 betrayal here in Australia and across the West was done without ever asking the respective populations…”
      Das rite Dave. While many refer to ‘multiculturalism’ and the importation of the third world into the West as committing suicide, it’s not. It’s being murdered.

      • Dave

        It’s politically more palatable to claim the public wouldn’t have objected when they were never asked in the first place – after all, most won’t notice till they are a minority and then its too late anyway.

  4. Easy to forget in all the furor about racism that the Japanese who were interned during WWII in the USA were interned because there was a significant number of Japanese fifth columnists in the USA including Japanese schools which taught loyalty to the Emperor. It is unpopular to point out those facts now.

    • ScotchedEarth

      There was the ‘Niihau incident’, where a Japanese pilot crash-landed his aircraft, damaged during the Pearl Harbor attack, on Niihau, a Hawaiian island. Hawaiians extracted the dazed pilot from his crashed Zero and sought help in communicating with him from a 2nd-generation Japanese-American couple, Yoshio and Irene Harada, who started their collaboration by not translating honestly to their Hawaiian neighbours and later helped him escape. A Japanese-born resident of Hawaii ‘for 41 years’ also provided some unenthusiastic but minor help.
      Details of this episode can be found here:
      Hallstead, William. “The Niihau Incident.”, 12 Nov 2000,
      Malkin, Michelle. “The Turncoats on Niihau Island.”, 11 Aug 2004, Excerpted from Malkin, Michelle. In Defense of Internment: The Case for “Racial Profiling” in World War II and the War on Terror. Regnery Publishing, 2004.
      Murphey, Dwight D. “The Relocation of the Japanese-Americans during World War II.” Collected Writings of Dwight D. Murphey, 1995, Excerpted from Murphey, Dwight D. The Dispossession of the American Indian—And Other Key Issues in American History. Scott-Townsend Publishers, 1995.
      “What Really Happened?” American Renaissance, Jan 2003, (Mainly a condensed version of Dwight Murphey’s above essay.)

  5. Dave

    You are right Adam, its the Chinese who are far and away our biggest problem.

    Lets look at a best case scenario. 15 years into the future, and you are appointed Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of Australia. The deportations begin in earnest.

    Every major minority group will have a degree of resistance, but ultimately, if all Sudanese are deported, what can Africa do? What can any Muslim nation do to us?

    Vietnamese? Nothing. Malaysians? Ditto. Etc etc.

    The chosen people can likely arrange for NATO to attack us, but NATO and the USA will have plenty on their plate already by that time.

    China however, is a different story. They will have the naval projection to directly intervene. They are also very aware of British 19th century foreign policy. That is, if any Briton or his property is interfered with, expect a prompt visit from the British fleet in relation. Oh and those Royal Marines will help themselves to whatever we fancy as compensation. Heck, they might even set up shop in a nice island off the coast just as a friendly reminder for the next century and a half.

    China cannot wait for an excuse to redress the Opium Wars. I doubt anyone in our Parliament would even know what they were.

    The fact is, absent the US Navy, we are utterly defenceless against a capable nation with a blue water fleet. I cannot ever see India having the competence to achieve that, but China will.

    Even if the USA avoids societal collapse in 15 years, I very much doubt the ability of their (no doubt) female and Hispanic ship captains to navigate to Australia, let alone win any battles. This is assuming enough actual Americans still exist to build and maintain the nuclear reactors on their warships.

    There is only one way to defend ourselves and that is nuclear weapons. We would have to start that process right now though. In a sane world, we would be jointly funding Britain’s Trident replacement program. 4 nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines. Two constantly at sea. One in the Indian Ocean, and one in the Pacific 24/7. (Unfortunately, May, Merkel and Macron already have those earmarked for the EU navy, so we will be fresh out of luck on that front).

    The Chinese financial assets in Australia are substantial. We would have to pay those back (serves us right for being so stupid). Deporting their paperwork citizens however would surely be met with repercussions. It would have to be done with a large degree of financial compensation to appease China, but ultimately, if we had the nuclear deterrent, they would have no option but to accept our apologies and money, while we keep our territory.

    Seeing as though we wont have nuclear weapons in 15 years (barring some unforeseen miracle), I have no idea how we can possibly maintain/reclaim our sovereignty and independence in the coming decades, even with the right leadership.

    • Dave

      If we hadn’t changed course in 1965 we would have our own space program by now and most likely superior missiles to the Chinese.

      Once we swapped the Woomera missle program for a third world immigration program and stopped our technological development that was well underway we threw away our future, our freedom, and the level of superiority we held.

      The fact that there is a 1945 V2 mobile missile launcher in the air museum in Canberra is hilarious…… something we don’t even have a modern equivalent for in this country… we couldn’t defend ourselves if we had to.

  6. Dave

    Very true Dave.

    On the low tech side, now that Australia and NZ have both been disarmed by our own governments, even a guerrilla style resistance is not possible any longer.

    On my mothers side, my Grandfather was a teenager during WW2. For school cadets, they would catch the train to shooting practice. 14-16 year old boys. All carrying rifles. Old ladies would praise them.

    We have become an utterly infantile, low trust, stupid society.

    • Charlton Saxon

      American post war hegemony has got to be the worst thing that ever happened to the West. It turned America into a corrupt and bloated military industrial complex and the rest of western civilization into a bunch of cucks who can’t even defend their own countries without US backing. Also, I still can not make any sense of why the west opened relations with China, especially regarding trade.

      • Dave

        >”I still can not make any sense of why the west opened relations with China, especially regarding trade.”

        Try one word….. “Globalists”

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