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Why aren't there people of color in Game of Thrones?

As an old D&D player and fantasy nut I tried to get into Game of Thrones, I really did. I read the first book and it was very good, much better than the usual derivative fantasy muck that I ceased reading in my late teens. But the second book labored so much under the weight of its own epicness that I only managed to make it halfway through.
Then there is the television series of the books. I purchased the first 3 series in a store deal a few years ago. I made it all the way to the end of the first series but it never really captured my attention. I watched the episodes gradually over time but I wasn’t drawn to them in any real way. I got a couple of episodes into the second series and then I abandoned it and the disks have been sitting untouched in their cases ever since. It just does not interest me.
Recently I reread The Lord of the Rings and loved it. I also watched the original Conan the Barbarian the other day and it is just a fantastic movie. I’ll have to dig around online and see if i can find the score. So it’s not the fantasy genre that is the problem that I have with GoT. It’s GoT itself.

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An ode to the 70s.

Back to the USA tomorrow, this time for two entire months. The trip will be a lot less stressful than the previous one, so I hope to catch up with a few people while I’m over there. If there is enough interest I may even host a little get together in Louisiana for readers of this old blog. Slip me an email if you might be interested.

Other than that it’s Sunday afternoon. Time to laze around and ponder the mysteries of the universe. Such as, why can’t we have the 70s again?

Podcast #105 – The what women want episode.

The one where I read a letter to an online sex advice columnist from a woman who wants no strings attached sex but can’t find it, and in the process we discover what it is that women actually want.

Friday hawt chicks & links – The ANZAC edition.

Yesterday was ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand. Lest we forget. It is the day that we honor our veterans, which officially began when the Australian New Zealand Army Corps went off to fight in 1915 at Gallipoli against the Ottoman Empire. Unofficially Australians also fought in the Boer wars in South Africa a few years before. The ANZACs have always punched far above their weight in battle. Notable examples would be numerous engagements throughout 1917 and 1918 on the Western Front, particularly the Black Day of the German army. The routing and destruction of the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East in 1918. The first siege of Tobruk in the Western Desert in 1941. The battle of Milne Bay when a few hundred Australians routed a Japanese attempt to land 10,000 soldiers in Papua New Guinea. The battles of the Kokoda trail. And the battle of Long Tan in 1966 in Vietnam. Yes, Australia was in Vietnam. We went the entire distance in that war shoulder to shoulder with the USA.
And there is a new movie coming out about that battle which I for one am going to see.

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Girls, your sexual market value is much lower than you think.

Cappy has a long post about the true amounts of effort that men put in attempting to woo women.

Like Roosh writing “Game,” The Red Man Group bends over backwards to investigate, understand, and accommodate for women and women’s psychology. Again, I ask, “where is the female equivalent of such accommodations to recognize and accommodate for men’s psychology?”

We could go on, but in nearly every case, blog, podcast, or vlog in the red pill community, men are spending inordinate amounts of time, labor, and resources trying to figure out what women want and delivering that to them.

In my twenties I put in an inordinate amount of time, effort, and money chasing women. Then I got a job as a rafting guide and suddenly getting women required hardly any effort at all. I would go to work on a rafting trip, there would be pretty girls, they might or might not be in my own raft; it didn’t matter, and at the end of the day I’d suggest to one that we got out for a drink, and she’d say yes, and that was about all it took.

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Anning is a moderate so go and vote for him.

I was expecting to get a great deal of push-back over my article on Fraser Anning and his evident inability to grasp biological reality. But between my site, XYZ Magazine where it was cross posted and in the Facebook comments, the reaction has been pretty much an even split. I got the usual, ‘don’t shoot right’ comments but all in all it was quite gratifying to see that people are waking up to what is going on around them. Anning is the great white hope for this Australian election and thus a sacred cow, and you don’t shoot sacred cows in your own backyard if you know what’s good for you. But I had a shot anyway.

However, let’s get one thing straight that I probably should have clarified in the original article – you must vote for Anning and for most of his team, (just not the chicks or the darkies). He is the only choice in this election for those of us on the real right side of politics in this country. He is the best that we have got at this point in time and we have to go with him. But everyone needs to understand the reality of the situation, and that is that Anning is a Boomer who believes in traditional conservatism. He is a man of the traditional right who wants the genie to be put back in its box or from wherever it came.

But the box has been opened and it broke everything in sight and we’re not going back to the way things once were.

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Fraser Anning is not the savior that we've been looking for.

With a federal election in Australia scheduled for 18th May, and with both major parties on the nose with voters, a number of newcomers are having a crack at the title, and the vast majority of them are attempting to run on what could be termed the nationalist right side of politics. Chief among them is Senator Fraser Anning’s Conservative National party. Anning has enjoyed much media attention due to his ability to accurately comment on current events with no regard for prevailing attitudes of political correctness. Couple this with an anti-fragile ability to profit from the attacks of his enemies and he has become the great white hope for what few Australians are left.
Anning has even captured the attention of the nationalist right overseas with his ability to speak truth to idiocy. Roissy is one example of those enamored by Anning with a series of pro-Anning posts that he wrote back in March which culminated in an appeal for Anning to save the USA; Fraser Anning for US president in 2020.
Roissy greatly enjoyed what Anning stands for:

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The pussy or the pistol.

Eric left a long comment yesterday which deserves its own thread as he brings up some important questions for our convoluted times.

In regards to the PUA stuff, I’m interested if your beliefs have changed about relationships and marriage since the recent personal events in your life. (By the way, I bought your first book. It was interesting and engaging).

Leave a review, ya mongrel.

My personal beliefs and opinions are in constant flux as I receive new information, gather experiences both good and bad, and generally mature. The biggest takeaway that I am able to presently offer on my own divorce is that you absolutely must hold steadfast in your frame at all times, no matter how difficult that may be in the short term. In addition to that you must not make your wife the center of your life. She has to be on the outer ring and she must know it, (which will make her happy, content, and secure). Your life is your mission.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The good edition.

It’s not just the Friday hawt chicks & links thread, it’s the Good Friday hawt chicks & links thread. Which means extra doses of goodness for all you readers to crave, enjoy, and digest over the long weekend. The weather forecast here in the Netherlands is glorious for this weekend so I shall be sitting inside with the curtains drawn playing old computer games. I kid, I’ll be outside wandering through the fields of joy. Okay, maybe not, but hopefully you all have some nice quality time to yourselves and your families and of course to the man Himself who gave his life so that we may be saved. Which was good of him, hence the name.
Anyway, on with it we shall proceed.

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This Easter Sunday we need to go back to church

Tomorrow is Good Friday, the day that Christ died to save us from our sins. Sunday is Easter Sunday, the day that He rose from the dead. It’s a four day weekend in Australia, often a five day weekend for some. People use the time to get away for what is often the last gasp of summer before winter sets in down under. There will be surf and sand, beers and bbqs; just the sort of lazy indulgences that hard working people need every once in a while.

But this week in Australia a man lost his job and had his contract torn up because of his religious views. His Christian faith has been deemed unacceptable and not in line with the more enlightened attitudes of today. Apparently we are wiser than the good men who wrote the Bible.

But that same religion is why most Australians are able to enjoy an extended stay at the beach this weekend. Perhaps many of them will discuss Isreal Folau’s apparent foolishness as they enjoy free time based on the dying vestiges of the religion that he faithfully follows. They will not go to church to celebrate but they will crack another cold one and declare that Australia is the best country in the world, mate.

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