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Apparently Gillette is now pandering to the fat feminist market.

On the surface this sort of thing is ridiculous, tragic, and very mockable. But it goes deeper than that, very much deeper. Have large corporations like Gillette suddenly discovered some sort of inner altruistic desire to propagandize the morbidly obese or is something else going on? After all, the morbidly obese are not a large part of the market, (pun very much intended), so it makes no sense for Gillette to do this if they stand to alienate the majority of their female clientele.

That is unless they are simply running for team female in a very broad sense.

In his article Sexual selection and existential fear, Rollo Tomassi examines the power struggle that is the feminist desire to maximize female sexual selection opportunities whilst limiting male selection strategies as much as possible.

In 2019 men’s control over their sexual selectivity is something women don’t want to hear about. Part of ensuring that Hypergamy is the defining social dynamic today includes exercising as much control over men’s sexual selection process as possible. As fluid as men’s selection naturally is, it’s still out of women’s total control. The method to that control is social pressure. Women’s need to insure against their own Existential Fear of pairing with an unacceptable guy is so obsessive they will resort to social engineering.

The shaming of men via the global village platform of the internet is what is really going on with this Gillette tweet. Men either have to remain silent or bow to social pressure and enthusiastically agree with the lie that this woman is attractive. To do otherwise is to court attention and disaster from the global online mob. In the Soviet Union it was not enough to tacitly agree with the lie; you had to enthusiastically agree.

But the social shaming is not merely random; it exists for a reason, and that reason is the aforementioned maximizing of the female sexual selection criteria. Obese and unhealthy women being promoted in this way and openly celebrated by men feeds into this premise. On the one hand over 80% of men are ignored on dating apps as they do not fit the female selection criteria, a criteria that has not changed for millennia. You need to be tall, broad shouldered and barrel chested, with a strong square jaw and a full head of hair. Anything other than this and a man will be rejected by all women; all women including the freak that Gillette is promoting.

Of course the remaining acceptable 20% of men cannot realistically service all of the women, although I am sure they could give it a good college try. Our overweight siren here will of course be ignored, but that will be put down to the inherent misogyny that men carry with them in their DNA, and not her ludicrous demands and lack of any redeeming features. Women are able to have extraordinary lists of attributes that potential male suitors must possess, but men are not allowed to have any whatsoever. Men cannot have similar selection criteria because that is deemed offensive to women.

We’ve pandered to the security needs of women for so long they feel entitled to their being met. We’ve developed a social order that’s prime directive is to insure against women’s Existential Fear of ever having to worry about a bad Hypergamous decision. We ensure that they can voluntarily reproduce at will via sperm banks and frozen eggs. We demand that men find them arousing no matter what their physical condition and in spite of 100,000 years of evolved arousal cues.

That is what that Gillette tweet really represents. The collective shaming of men to accept any female selection strategy at the expense of their own. Laugh at that tweet if you want, but understand the truth behind it because to do otherwise is to utterly underestimate what is really going on here. It is not men who are already firmly set in their masculinity that are being targeted. Rather, it is those generations who are the most susceptible to social pressure.

Pat also linked me to a story where a popular, heterosexual, high school quarterback accepted the Homecoming Dance proposal of another homosexual young man. As expected, the story was written as a heartwarming victory for modern progressivism and a young man “secure in his masculinity” praised as a hero for essentially accepting a social control over his sexual selection process. Naturally, the predictable hate to overcome would be from ‘less evolved’ guys alleging the quarterback was really gay.

This is the pre-written script we expect will follow (the clichéd triumph over homophobia), but the real story here is that a young man’s sexual selection process has been removed from his direct control. If the quarterback had refused the proposal the best he could hope for would be that no story would be written about it – but the more likely story would be him having to defend himself against his homophobia. In essence, the threat of a global online mob ruining his future makes accepting the proposal a necessity.

Now look at that Gillette tweet once again. Are you still laughing at its absurdity or are you looking at it in a different manner? Perhaps in our future Brave New World our grandsons will have no say in regards to with whom they are allowed to pair bond.  Always keep in mind that the left hates discrimination, but another word for discrimination is choice.


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  1. MPH

    Paging Captain Ahab, Captain Ahab to the harpoon deck please…

    As depressing as this s*** is, every bit the normies regress adds to the red pill man’s competitive advantage. Women may superficially run things but substantially the world will be run by men who understand the true nature of men and women.

    • Charlton Saxon

      “To the last I grapple with thee; from Hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee.”

    • Dave

      >”Women may superficially run things”

      Well, that seems to have been enough to destroy the West.

  2. Allen

    I see the problem from a completely different angle, the need to justify oneself to others. Men need to stop explaining their choices and decisions. The high school boy’s response, if he so chose, should have been ” no thank you, I already have plans.” End it there.

    No one is owed a damned thing to the choices you make. Sure, if you screw up you’ll pay the price to others that your decision affects, but you knew that going in.

    • It’s been a very long time since either of us were in school. I shudder to think what social pressures young men are now subject to. This was the high school quarterback for God’s sake. He would have been untouchable back in the day, but it’s not back in the day any more.

      • Allen

        That’s true, the funny thing is the other kids applying the pressure see themselves as acting with good motives when in reality they are just a different form of bully. My boys had to deal with some of this crap, I told them to make the school and others live by their own rules. Enforced consent is not true consent, and does the school really not condone bullying or is it just a certain kind? It knocked out 90% of the nonsense they had to put up with. I’m telling ya a man’s work is never done.

  3. Paul

    …And the homo who thinks the trans-mania of today is a load of bollocks has to defend himself (usually just himself) against the accusation of transphobia. We are deep in an across-the-board culture war where our cultural marxist (((Masters))) are madly redefining who and what everyone is, and should believe, using their controlled media weapon to enforce the new definitions, and declaring a very public assault against those who don’t comply. Its a new kind of battle-line, but its a battle-line just the same. Control and ownership of language is a central weapon in this war.

  4. Charlton Saxon

    Dude, I was in the middle of eating when I opened this post.

  5. IvoryWingman

    I was done with Gillette after they decided they need to lecture all men about their “Not cool, bro” toxicity.

    This underlines the wisdom of that decision.

  6. TechieDude

    Is that tub of shit some sort of model?
    No way. Not even with your dick.

    She looks like the cow yentas I have to maneuver around at the food store. A heifer like that wouldn’t merit one second of consideration in any dude I know. And I can’t imagine on what planet you’d stiff your girlfriend (the quarterback always had one) to go to the prom with a fag. Maybe if he had a girl she was a beard.

    People these days are out of their heads.

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