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Sunday lifting thread – Get aggressive.

I think that all serious powerlifters need a bit of inherent anger in them. A high ranking US military professional once told me that I am intelligently aggressive. This was after I had kicked his arse for the second time on a rafting trip on the White Nile. Apparently being intelligently aggressive is good, but apparently it’s not common, which is not surprising when you consider that most people are stupid and the remaining intelligent ones are usually nerds who sit on the internet all day.

But I digress.

This aggressiveness serves me well when I lift but I have to remember to really harness it. That’s the thing with being intelligently aggressive, it means that you can turn it on and off at will when the situation requires it. The trick is to remember to do it. Now when I was dropping into 20 foot holes on the Nile I didn’t have to be reminded about it; if I didn’t do it then bad things would happen in that situation.

But at the gym you can get complacent. I usually go at the end of a long day and there are other things on my mind. Thus the other things tend to take up all of your attention, even though you’re supposed to be lifting. And then you have a shit workout and you don’t really know why, but the reason was that you didn’t turn on the anger.

Today I went to the gym nice and early, which helped get me in the correct ‘strangle young kittens’ mindset. On top of that it’s been a really tough time for me; in fact I would say that the day before I did this gym session was the lowest point for me during this long misbegotten saga. In other words, I had hit bottom and now I was ready to climb my way out.

At one point on my final set of squats I was struggling, and then the thought hit me hard; you gotta get angry, you gotta get mean, you gotta get aggressive. So think of all the shit that you’ve had to put up with over the last couple of months.

Squats, knocked out of the park.

Rest of gym session, fucking slayed it. I even did extra stuff that I don’t usually do.

Always remember when you manage to haul your butt down to the gym; you’re there to lift and you need some aggression in you. Combine that with killer technique and you’ll be going great guns in no time.


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  1. Sage in training

    Amen brother. I like to use a pre workout formula because I go before sparrow fart in the morning and need to wake up quickly and get focused. Certainly helps with the aggression side of things too.

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