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You people are morons.

Didact has his Monday post up which is his version of the hawt chicks & links, (returning this week by the way). In it he discusses the abominable feminist Captain Marvel movie, you know the film that was supposed to be so absolutely terrible that it was going to drown in a sea of its own feminist tears.

According to Didact it has made a billion dollars.

Now, credit where it’s due: the movie did make over $1 BILLION at the box office worldwide, so it did, in fact, defy our predictions of flopping and outperformed expectations. So, well done to Marvel Studios and Disney there.

I mean seriously, what the hell? The makers of this film, the star of this film, are all on record as saying that straight white men are not the audience and they can stay the hell away. Which is in of itself an amazing piece of racist and misandrist discrimination but which gets a free pass due to the fact that we’re on the wrong side. So how on earth did a film based on a comic franchise whose main audience is white males manage to make so much money?

There have been lots of rumors of studio manipulation with this film. One story I read had an interview with a cinema manager in L.A. who couldn’t understand why sold out sessions always had 25 empty seats from people not turning up for tickets that they had paid for. The suggestion was that the film studio had paid for the seats across multiple cinemas so as to boost the film’s ratings. Of course, we will never know the truth.

What was certain was that the people behind the film hate people like us. People who are white, and male, and heterosexual, and given to enjoying stuff like comic books and games. Kind of the entire target audience. But they made no bones about the fact that they hate us and that they didn’t want us to see the film. So we all assumed that it would be a bust. But it wasn’t. So why not?

Because you all went to see the film anyway. You just couldn’t help yourselves. These people openly despise and hate you but you still give them your money. Unbelieveable.

Exhibit A on the ‘I’m a  loser who gives my money to people who not only want me dead but who are actively working to destroy the hobbies that I love so much’.

Money quote:

“Why did I decide to go and see the film after all? Well, a couple of my friends wanted to go and see it, and I figured, ah, what the hell, it’s not like my personal boycott was going to make any real difference to the gargantuan box office returns that this film has already received over the past few weeks.”

You stupid loser. You people have no brains, no spine, and no idea. You all talk big but you stand for nothing. You are the most useless cretins that have ever walked the earth. You want to know why we’re in the current social disaster that we find ourselves in? Because of four decades of worthless, spineless, fence sitting droolers like this. You’re all an utter disgrace. If you went to see this film after the lead actress actively taunted you for the color of your skin, for your gender, and for the things that you believe in; if you still went to see this film after that then you deserve everything damn thing that’s coming for you. I have no sympathy for your plight. You complain that can’t find a girl? You can’t even make the right decision about a Goddamn movie when the correct answer is handed to you on a plate. You people are the absolute pits. I am simply dumbfounded by the collective, one billion dollars and counting stupidity that I see before me. How dare you morons undermine everything that we’re fighting for. I seriously hope that if you saw this film that you die in a grease fire.



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Two messages in the mail.


  1. Nick Ruisi

    Right. Fscking. On.

  2. IvoryWingman

    Never underestimate the power that a blonde girl in a catsuit can wield over 20 million unwashed gamma males.

    • Post Alley Crackpot

      Never underestimate the desperation of a brand marketer who has a big budget and who can afford to buy millions upon millions of movie tickets at a bulk discount in order to gull everyone into believing that the marketer is responsible for a runaway hit …

      There are incredible numbers of reports of empty or nearly empty movie theatres that were mostly sold out — the “buyers” never showed up to watch the movie at all.

      That’s one way to appear to be a success: fake it until you fake it.

      As for me, I am not a chav but I buy my disposable razors at pound shops and dollar shops … because why should I pay for some marketing bollocks when the razors themselves are a manufactured commodity?

      Three blades, head pivots, doesn’t cut me on a whim or give me nasty infections, I’m sold.

      Also, shaving cream is for women, I use bar soap from the Turkish corner shop or from an Indian grocery, it kills all of the nasty crap that might grow on my face.

      Mentholated shaving cream? Why bother when you can have the bracing skin burn that only Dettol or Cinthol can provide? 🙂

  3. So frustrating. Same people still shave with Gillette. “Well I already own the fusion handle”

    • Dan

      Gillette can suck my dick

      Boycotting their shit is so easy. They dont have a monopoly on anything. Just a generic razor.

      I actually prefer my bic razors now

      • Peter

        I ditched the Mach 3 the day I saw the advertisement. For a while I used a generic razor but then I moved onto a safety razor & use a brush. Tote’s worth it.

        When I boycott something I boycott it. Never will I buy Gillette. Nor will I watch this POS movie (not that I’m into the genre but still)

      • TD

        Being hoovered by a woman-lo?

        Wouldn’t wish that on you.

  4. You know what we ought to be doing? *Looking away.* These media scumbags feed on our attention – and they don’t care if it’s negative or positive, both forms of attention give them what they want, and both forms of attention destroy us.

    The people who obsessively hate on Star Wars and Marvel are the same ones going to see it. TURN THE TV OFF. Stop getting angry over Occasional Cortex. Put down the toys of childhood and become a man!

  5. Al Jahom

    There’s a happy medium. Download a pirated copy from Bittorrent and watch that.

    I think that serves a greater good: eavesdropping on enemy intel, and scrutinising enemy propaganda are simple due diligence and it would be insane to assert that you should pay not just the movie ticket price, but the gas, the parking, the drinks and snacks, the time and energy in order to become informed of enemy strategy.

    If you watch it on your big TV at home, get all your buds around to do the same over whiskey and cigars – purely for intelligence gathering and dissemination purposes… well.. happy days.

    After all, we’re not interested in the CGI that might not come out well on a cinema camcorder rip of the film… we’re interested in what is said, what themes, arcs, attitudes and interpretations are made. They all come out fine most of the time on a hooky copy.

    Everyone who you want to lose out, loses out. But they’ve not been able to withhold anything from you.

    And remember this: Whether it’s Gillette’s adverts or some empty-vessel of an actress fronting up a film that has billions riding on it, or Colin Carpetsnake for Nike: some marketing gimps have persuaded ad agencies and corporate strategists to try new market segmentation approaches – divide the piles in to black and white, male and female etc… because… money.

    Just suppose we had a mass of data that showed black guys and white girls spend the most on candy and drinks when at the cinema, and are also most likely to buy other merchandise and trinkets relating to the film than cynical white guys are – even when the film is aimed squarely at that latter audience. And suppose that we knew we could attract 25% more black men and white girls to the movie theatre with the tiger per-cap mean spend, even if we decreased the jaded white guys to the same extent, simply by invoking confected animus. And as if by magic, Spike Lee and Amy Schumer pull ‘Sleepless in Wakanda’ out of their asses.

    If we had points of profit margin on the table that the data told us was there for the taking, we’d get Brie Larson to say just whatever the hell crazy nonsense would push those marketing buttons, whether there’s anyone who believes any of it or not..

    It’s all about identifying where the nexus of money and power is and focusing on suffocating it.

    And so we get to where the real power, money and influence comes in, and it’s the whole supply chain that’s implicated starting with marketing and advertising people, moving onto lobbyists and tax breaks, into flattering politicians with large but discrete donations etc etc. .

    And Brie Larson, Colin Pumpernickel and idiots on Gilette adverts have next to nothing to do with any of that, other than being paid foghorns whose vocation is inferior to wiping of old people’s asses..

    Which brings be to my last point. A superhero movie? Really? Are you 8 years old? Grow up you fucking spastic.

  6. John Calabro

    The problem with people like Computing Forever is that they are in the Middle the Alt Light and so are not on the right. The Alt light will never win because all they do is complain about the issues and not try to work on solutions. Vox Day is an example of what can be achieved if you want to have an alternative. What he has done for the comics, books and now the video media is great.

    I remember the ending to Mass Effect 3, the reaction of the creators and the media when customers complain. I said that I would never buy another Bioware game until they fix Mass Effect 3. I have never brought another game from them since. It is easy. Movies, I never seen Black Pather or Miss Mavel.

    Why would you both waste time and money. If people say something (which I guess was what happen to Computing forever) just say the truth, I don’t want to support it. People will give you shit but that is up to them. Conflict is necessary if you want to win. You will either upset people or you will be upset, feel hatred for both yourself and the person and guilty about not being to stand for something.

  7. Oswald

    Back in the old days before streaming I used to rate movies according to when I’d catch them on DVD. The DVD store had new releases for $6 overnight and recent releases for $3 over three nights but they’d shift to that shelf about 6 months after a cinema release. Most new movies at the cinema I’d figure not worth wasting the time or money on until they were a Recent Release. This one wouldn’t be worth wasting the time on until it is on Netflix or whatever for ‘free’, if that.

  8. Independent_George

    Fuckin ay.

  9. Dan

    What men would watch a movie done by people who despise them? Men w no self respect

    How many men have no self respect? Hm. Only about 90% of americans. Maybe 95% if we include all westerners

    • Post Alley Crackpot

      See, this is why I like John Wick, and so do a lot of other guys …

      It’s really a Russian gangster movie made with Hollywood actors.

      This needed to happen a long time ago because most Hollywood product is made for complete and utter человек пизды …

  10. G. Mantooso

    I wish I could see a demographic breakdown of those who’ve gone to see it so far. I don’t see many blacks or Hispanics showing up for a white blonde girl movie, so I figure that that one billion dollars is probably at least 75% white people money, and roughly half of that male.
    Hmmm, I wonder if whites could figure out anything better to do with hundreds of millions of dollars besides enriching their mortal enemies.
    I have family members who I see about once a year—all of them consider themselves “conservative” (whatever that means)—who nevertheless eagerly give money to people who hate them, all because their need to be entertained by trash is a priority. Some of them even wanted to go see Hamilton, and I tried to explain to them that they’d be supporting system that seeks the destruction of everything they hold dear. I didn’t make a dent. As a result I just become ever more distant from them.
    When even the smallest, most trivial sacrifices are too much to endure…

    • Post Alley Crackpot

      American movies are all superhero movies anyway.

      Before anyone croaks out of his gullet the words, “but that’s not true”, think about it

      Even a total nerd story like “Ready Player One” is essentially a superhero story that’s hiding inside a techno-nostalgic Everyman Nerd tale.

      If I have to sit through a superhero movie, I only want to sit through the ones where the bad guys have a reasonable chance of winning, and do so from time to time.

      Also, I prefer movies where there are no good guys, and hence there are no superheroes.

      Seriously Americans, what the fuck is wrong with you always wanting superheroes in everything?

  11. Haven’t seen it, won’t see it. For the record, I thoroughly enjoy the Marvel Universe. I’ve seen all the rest except Black Panther because it just didn’t look interesting. Not sure what I’ll do when the next installment comes out since it will probably still have Brie Larson. I’m leaning towards not seeing that either. I don’t understand why people would go see a movie when the star made such hateful racist comments. Other than all the explanations above.

  12. TechieDude

    It did a billion “worldwide”. Not in the US, where it’s opening was anemic compared to other Marvel offerings. The Marvel series jumped the shark for me long ago as did going to a theater. They lost my interest entirely by changing Captain Marvel to a woman. I’m not going through the inconvenience and trouble for a spin-kick-hero chick movie.

    I didn’t read it anywhere, but did it have the obligatory sex scene? Hard to reconcile “hero” with getting porked by some dude. Just sayin’. Can’t imagine they did, since she’s about the most un-sexy thing I think I’ve seen in awhile, other than the fat chick frolicking in the other post.

    That said, where you spend your dough is the one vote you get that means anything. I honestly don’t care they made a billion dollars. None of them were mine.

    To this day I won’t by a GM vehicle, a Gillette product, or darken the doors of a Target or Starbucks. When they cross a line, for me, I’m done. Forever.

    Gotta be a rule for the modern man there, Something about integrity. I’m to lazy to look.

  13. purge187

    “You just couldn’t help yourselves. These people openly despise and hate you but you still give them your money. Unbelieveable.”

    Most reports indicate that the radical Feminist Gillette ad didn’t hurt sales for them either.

    I believe that the strong biological urges that we were endowed with by God – the real one, not Allah – will always get in the way of any sort of union against these kinds of things.

    • TechieDude

      Actually, I think they are going after the women. When this all busted I strolled down the razor section of the local grocery, and if I recall Schick had more women’s offerings.

      There’s a lot of competition in the men’s market. We aren’t as fussy about razors, many of us barely shave (I’ve had a beard since high school). There’s competition from electric, harrys, and old school straight razor and safety razors.

      I got sick of paying top dollar to shave my neck and got a quality safety razor. The shave is far superior, but it takes technique.

    • Liz

      Most reports indicate that the radical Feminist Gillette ad didn’t hurt sales for them either.

      I noticed that too. I learned years ago not to rely on “mainstream” financial news for my investment decisions. Corporations use that medium for their own benefit, and the information they release is often suspect (the CEO of EDS Dick Brown, for example, outsourced and ran the company into the ground…this was apparent to everyone and he benefitted from such articles by touting a “new market” that they’d only been able to capture at a deep loss that hadn’t made the books yet…one example, there are so many others: Nortel, Global Crossing, Safeskin, et al).
      Gillette ad comes out in early January and two weeks later “sources” are saying sales haven’t been impacted at all. Nosiree…
      I’m not real smart on razor sales, but seems to me it might take more than a couple of weeks for supplies to dwindle to the point they’d know. And it’s not really in the company’s interest to say, “Oh, that commercial? Yeah, that was a big mistake…huge! We sure lost there…”
      Give it time.

  14. jb

    Never mind the politics, there’s something wrong with any male over the age of 12 who watches action movies that have chicks as the heroine. This needs to become a theme.

  15. didact117

    [H]is version of the hawt chicks & links

    Yes, but turned ALL THE WAY UP TO 11 and with two full barrels worth of metal.

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