No need to think of the children.

Apparently radical feminists are calling on women to participate in what they call a birth strike.

Ms. Schwab is a 2015 Stanford graduate who writes for Fast Company, and produced a video endorsing the idea that because of “climate change,” people should stop having babies — the so-called “birth strike” movement, founded by a British feminist named Blythe Pepino.

The people who come up with plans such as this and who then mysteriously get lots of press coverage will inevitably come up with another wildly publicized study in a few months pointing to our alarming falling birth rate in order to push for even higher levels of immigration invasion from completely unsuitable nations.

The stupid people are not the ones behind this propagandizing. Rather, it is those who quote both types of ideas without even blinking. Mind you, if it all comes to pass at least there won’t be any need to think of the children. Although I’m not sure who they think will labor to pay for their pension plans.

11 thoughts on “No need to think of the children.

  1. The planet is doomed in 12 years! When I was in Junior High School over 20 years ago and they said the same thing. They’re like the crazy religious dude who keeps wrongly predicting the rapture and doubling down.

    I’m also doing my part to destroy the environment by having my first child.


  2. PB

    The media is where the real power lies here. Women have been pumping out the stupid since forever, and this is no different. What is a feature of our modern age is the attention and amplification of the stupid by the (((controlled))) media, especially anything that diminishes Whites.


  3. Dave

    >”people should stop having babies”

    It’s only the fools who will be willing choose to remove themselves from the gene pool.

    Such levels of self-debasement appear to only figure within mentally and physically weaker specimens of whites. Unlike other races, martyrdom has no special long term value to ‘modern’ whites and their fading memories of virtue signalling fame on Twitter or Facebook.


  4. Mark

    On of the best ways to redpill normies is to point out the “don’t have too many kids, it’s bad for the environment”/”you aren’t having enough children, now we have to import all these immigrants” problem. Works better than any other argument.


  5. Sjonnar

    Orwell called it “doublethink”: the ability to simultaneously hold two mutually contradictory beliefs and not realize what an imbecile you are. The left are masters of doublethink par excellence.


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