The hawt chicks & links returns in a triumphant and cataclysmic torrent of worthy reading and open mouthed viewing that will satisfy even the most difficult to please of you, which will probably be a Dutchman as they usually manage to find fault with everything. It’s one of their endearing little traits. The links thread takes time to put together, mostly in the gathering of worthy links for you all to enjoy. I can’t just put up any old crap on here, you know. And during traveling and times of working ultra ultra hard I didn’t have time to do much reading around the interwebs. Which means a paucity of links, and thus a paucity of hawt chicks & links posts.
But now we’re back. Goodie gumdrops.

Tobacco and the soul. A celebration of smoking.

Most significantly, however, the relative rarity of pipe-smoking in America is a telling sign of its current intellectual crisis. If the pipe epitomizes the intellectual way of life, then is it any surprise that it cannot be found where schools substitute politically correct ideology for real philosophy, or where the intelligentsia, instead of engaging in serious thought, pander to the latest activist fads? Is it any surprise that America’s most famous pipe-smoker in the last thirty years has been Hugh Hefner, pajama prophet of the trite philosophy of hedonism? No, the age of the pipe-smoker is as far from us as the day when philosophers will be kings and kings will philosophize, a sad reality to which the thick blue haze of non-pipe smoke is only too ready to attest.


A most outstanding April Fools article. A radical change of plans.

But somewhere along the way when I was not paying attention, life went ahead and happened. You never know who you might meet. And one day, two months ago, I walked into a café and met someone who changed my life forever.
I will not give her name. In fact, now that I am to become a serious man, I regretfully announce that this blog itself will not last much longer, because being exposed would be extremely serious for myself and others, and also because I am fervently opposed to pretty much everything I have previously written. I will delete all the content in two weeks, but in the meantime I will add another post or two in order to share what I have learnt from this journey for those who want to learn.
She is black, thirty-four years old and a single mother. Sure, go ahead and mock me all you like. A man in heaven doesn’t care. I love her. And, for the record, I love her kids, too. Especially the youngest one. The eldest, a boy, is a bit of a ratbag but will come good with a father figure in his life.


Why my wife and I decided to abort our unborn gay son.

We are going to get an abortion, both for the child’s sake and for ours. It’s the best thing for all of us. I’m really glad we found out before it’s too late. I’ve never been more thankful for a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body.
My wife told one of her friends that we are going to have an abortion because we don’t feel equipped to deal with raising a gay child. Apparently it got around to some of our gay friends from college. I’ve been getting emails, texts, and IMs all day from them asking me why I’m a homophobe, and why I hate gay people.


This week’s long read comes from Roissy – Witnessing the death of a religion.

We wait to see how the shitlib religion of Equalism will die, but die it will, as must all Lies that can’t hide behind supernatural deniability. The shitlib religion is entirely earthly; it has no sustenance from divine provenance or guidance. When earthly reality collides with shitlib equalism belief, there’s nowhere for the shitlib to find succor. She has no heavenly God to affirm her beliefs. She has had ¡SCIENCE! to comfort her, but real science has not had her, not for a long while. If anything, science is now the Equalist’s serpent, offering poison fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Race and Sex that she bites at risk of banishment from Gentrificationland.
So she must find comfort in Ideology, and in the ululating embrace of her all-too-human Affirmation Allies. Her Father then, is her ego, her Son of Man her purified POC, and her Holy Signal her unassailable virtue.
But all three parts of that Trinity are conspicuously falsifiable. Destructible. Her virtue is belied by her superzip residence. Her purified POC is exposed as a charlatan upon close contact. Her ego…very strong, tough, but not impregnable….lacks any transcendence and is vulnerable to mockery and ostracism. Her ego is killable, which means she will do anything…ANYTHING…to guard her ego against the killing blow.

The best modern research and commentary on our culture and social systems is not happening in our supposed institutions of higher learning; it is happening online, and this essay is an outstanding example of that.


While I was in Louisiana the locals kept warning me about those cute little critters they have down there called “alligators”. How sweet of them. I had to gently remind them that I come from Australia. And down there we don’t have alligators; we have crocodiles.


There is a federal election going on in Australia, and the local socialist party wants lots and lots and lots of electric cars. They’re even going to take other people’s money so you buy a Porsche electric car! How nifty.

Fantasy-land: Labor wants half of all new cars sales to be EV’s by 2030. That’s a radical change in a big country that loves its cars and drives great distances. Last year only 0.2% of new car purchases were EV’s. Our grid is already struggling, and extra charging cars would push it over the edge and may add something like $20b a year in extra network and generation costs.
This makes no sense on so many levels: in Australia EV’s are 80% fossil fuel powered and over their lifetime they cause more pollution than internal combustion engines.

What’s hilarious is that at the same time as they want lots and lots and lots of electric cars, they’ve done their best ever job of destroying the national energy grid in the name of “renewable energy”. Now Australia has the most expensive electricity in the world and regular blackouts to boot as the grid can’t keep up with normal demand.
And into this mess they want more electric cars. Which run on electricity. Which we are already having massive problems with. There are 20 million cars in Australia. What would 10 million electric cars do to the already buggered energy grid?
Nothing good.

The danger really came home to me when I met up with an affluent, long-time Melbourne acquaintance who lives in a street where there are six Tesla cars.
When they all try to charge their batteries at the same time, the power goes out in the street because the grid fails. Sometimes it fails when only three or four of them try to charge at the same time.


Some blogs are hard to comment on. Very hard.

If I try to go my name, it then puts you through panel after panel of pictures until you get it right.

If I try to go Google a/c, it puts you through its guff for five minutes, then you go through the Blogger rubbish again after that.
Seriously – you’d go through that on a Sunday morning trying to visit and comment at twenty, thirty sites on your rounds?  Then you go to another Blogger blog and exactly the same, then the next one, then the next one …
I wonder if blogger bloggers realise the effect it has on commenting?

There are two blogs on my sidebar that I would like to comment on but I have given up after a few aborted attempts such as James has described here. Step forward Borepatch and Splendid Isolation. Sorry chaps, just too hard.


On bagging out that Marvel movie this week some commenters asked the question of what they should watch. Well, there’s plenty to watch. And great stuff as well. This week I revisited an old favorite. The 6 part BBC series of John Le Carre’s Smiley’s People. Television never got much better than this. Brilliant suspense and not a gun shot or a car chase the entire time.


One of our own just had a close shave with the Big C. In his brain. There seems to be a rash of these going around. You fight it good and hard, Al. Our prayers are with you.


Something to cheep up, Al.


Victor Davis Hanson does an excellent job of listing all the ways that the prog left tried to take down Trump.

No reporter seems to care that Hillary Clinton hired a foreign national to work with other foreign nationals to sabotage, first, her opponent’s campaign, then his transition and his presidency, along with the wink and nod help from key Obama officials at the Department of Justice, State Department, National Security Council, FBI and CIA.
The final irony? If the CIA, FBI, and DOJ have gone the banana republic way of Lois Lerner’s IRS and shredded the Constitution, they still failed to remove Donald Trump.
Trump still stands. In Nietzschean fashion what did not kill him apparently only made him stronger.

That’s because Trump is anti-fragile.


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