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Podcast #104 -The no self pity episode.

After a brief rundown on my thoughts on my USA visit, I cover the difficult circumstances in which I presently find myself and the steps that you need to take when you find yourself in dire straits. An important episode for anyone who will ever find themselves in hard times, which means you.

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  1. Post Alley Crackpot

    Have some mood music then for your dire straits and for your no-pity party …

    Puddles Pity Party: Folsom Prison Blues vs Pinball Wizard

    You need this clown. 🙂

  2. Al Jahom

    I found parts of this uncomfortable listening, but only in the sense of the self-reflection it provoked in me.

    I think it’s brave of you to put as much of yourself out there as you have done in this, and I do hope others benefit from it.

    From what you have written and said over the recent months, I can’t disagree with you about the strength you have shown in maintaining an even keel through this process. The satisfaction you feel in being able to do so is justified, I think, aa a return on your investment in yourself over the years.

    I went through divorce at 31, and how I got through it in one piece I don’t know given that looking back now, I don’t consider myself to have become a properly functioning adult until I was about 40. Admittedly I didn’t end up homeless, let alone unsupported in a foreign land, but my situation had its own challenges – she was a much more gregarious person than I, and a great deal of my social network was built on her back, which of course all evaporated overnight, leaving me with a very small core of lifelong buddies dispersed across the world.

    Fortunately, I did at least get the cat, and he’s still here with me right now, proof-reading. We have differing opinions on house-style. He’s a superb cat with a range of strongly held opinions on just about everything. Not sure where he learned that from.

    At the time I bounced straight into a relationship with a crazy/hot Irish girl, and for me I think that was the right thing at the time – it worked out okay anyway for the next 7 years or so, because at that age I wasn’t equipped to go it alone in my circumstances. If I were single again now, I think that like you I wouldn’t even entertain the idea of another relationship – or even a hook-up – for quite some time to come.

    I may at some point write in detail about my own experiences over the last 6 months or so – from diagnosis in October 2018 to the operating table in April where the risks of a sub-optimal outcome were significant. It has been tough, but likewise, I don’t think I indulged in self-pity. I kept the few long dark nights of the soul to myself, I never cried or asked ‘why my?’, and I never went onto the path of self-destruction, which is something I was quite prone to when I was younger. The saving grace of my situation has been that – like you – while not rolling in cash, I’m not having to worry about money on top of everything else, and that is thanks to getting my financial shit in order over the previous 5 or so years while the sun was shining.

    All the best,

  3. Chim Ritchalds

    The endless lipsmacking makes this almost unlistenable. Sorry dude. Get a better mic, a pop filter. and drink water before hitting record.

  4. Old Doofus

    WHY do you have to move out, since she is the one who left?

    Anyway ……. in my mid-forties I was divorced by a “career girl”. I was butt hurt pretty bad for about a year, then I started dating a wonderful young lady from the Philippines. (NOT a bar girl! NEVER try to start a relationship with a bar girl. But you’re a smart guy; you already know that.)

    We’ve been married over 10 years now, and have two cool kids.

    The second “chapter” of my life has turned out much better than the first. I’m sure the same can happen to you.

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