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Friday hawt chicks & links – The good edition.

It’s not just the Friday hawt chicks & links thread, it’s the Good Friday hawt chicks & links thread. Which means extra doses of goodness for all you readers to crave, enjoy, and digest over the long weekend. The weather forecast here in the Netherlands is glorious for this weekend so I shall be sitting inside with the curtains drawn playing old computer games. I kid, I’ll be outside wandering through the fields of joy. Okay, maybe not, but hopefully you all have some nice quality time to yourselves and your families and of course to the man Himself who gave his life so that we may be saved. Which was good of him, hence the name.

Anyway, on with it we shall proceed.

Let’s start off with an interesting one. A university professor in Australia suffered the ignominy of being fired from his job because he dared question the prevailing ‘science’ on climate change, I mean global warming, I means globals wermings. Well, he raised a bunch of money, took his former employer to court, and won his case quite spectacularly. One for the good guys.

Catallaxy Files has a nice breakdown of the judgement and I found it particularly interesting as to that old bugbear, the code of conduct. As well all know, nefarious employers have been relying on codes of conduct for some time so as to control wayward employees who might commit the sin of thinking for themselves. These codes of conduct have mushroomed into creeping documents of doom for all concerned. So it was encouraging to see that the judge on the case tore the university’s code of conduct into little pieces. And he did it with great scorn.


  • Whilst cl.14.1 speaks of the commitment of JCU to act in accordance with the Code of Conduct, it does not, in that clause, bind anyone other than the university itself with the Code of Conduct.
  • The clause puts its own limitations on intellectual freedom. The clause speaks of a “responsibility to respect the rights of others”. As referred to earlier in these reasons, there is no right to harass, vilify, bully or intimidate those who disagree with the views espoused.
  • The clause links the rights to intellectual freedom to the responsibilities of staff to support the University as a place of independent learning and thought where ideas may be put forward an opinion expressed freely. The clause speaks of what staff should do and what they must do.
  • When the clause already has sufficient limitations on the right to intellectual freedom, it seems incongruous to then impose other limitations that have not been expressly identified.
  • If the clause is truly meant to be subject to compliance with the Code of Conduct, such a limitation would have been spelt out in the clause itself.
  • As noted earlier, the Code of Conduct is not part of the EA. Clause 13 of the EA simply notes the existence of a Code of Conduct. It also notes that the Code of Conduct can be changed after “consultation” with the joint consultative committee.
  • It seems incongruous that a document that can be changed by JCU, admittedly after consultation (whatever that means), can override a clause in an EA which can only be changed by the Fair Work Commission.

That last one is simply brilliant and a hole in the heart for all codes of conduct everywhere that are dreamed up by inept management and goaded by evil HR departments.


Via Maggie’s Farm a cool video of a guy who traveled from Europe to America on a container ship. Looks much nicer than modern air travel.


IQ, countries, and coping skills.

I’ve been reminded anew of this issue during the investigation into the recent crashes of two Boeing 737 Max airliners, one in Indonesia, the other in Ethiopia.  It’s clear that Boeing needs to at least do some redesign work on their systems, to make them more transparent to pilots and easier to operate.  Nevertheless, I can’t help noting the very clear signs that in both cases, maintenance and basic flight skills were lacking.  I won’t go into detail here, because that would take far too long;  but it’s already clear that the Indonesian aircraft was not properly maintained, and in both cases, the flight crews made several mistakes that may have been major factors in causing the crashes.  Of course, it’s politically incorrect to say that, which is why neither investigation has yet come out and stated it in so many words:  but if you talk to US pilots of the same aircraft, their opinions are pretty much unanimous.  They can point to specific problems and incidents and actions, and criticize them on the basis of expert knowledge.

You may remember that I said exactly this when the crashes happened. Just saying. Keep her moving.


Hardcore. Really hardcore.

Related: Gay teacher steals $100,000 from church, murders boyfriend, dies in crash.


The village experiment that transformed China.

By the way, the Chinese system of collective farms was an example of hardcore socialism – i.e., government ownership and control.

So it’s hardly a surprise that it produced awful results. Including mass starvation.

But desperate times were the motivation for desperate measures.

…a farmer named Yan Hongchang summoned the heads of the village’s desperate families to a clandestine meeting. On paper torn from a child’s school workbook, the farmers wrote a 79-word pledge to divide the commune’s land into family plots, submit the required quota of corn to the state, and keep the rest for themselves.

And what happened?

Incentives and property rights worked. Spectacularly.

…farmers…reported a grain yield of 66 metric tons. This single harvest equaled the village’s total output between 1955 and 1970—but for once the figure was not exaggerated. In fact, villagers underreported their actual yield by a third, fearing officials would not believe their record haul.


Last week there were some heavy frosts in Europe. Here is a nice photo of French workers on a winery setting out frost protection.


The trust factor.

When a woman has Heart Trust in a man, the Manosphere labels this as “affirmation mode”. Having the ability to continually operate with a woman in affirmation mode is an Alpha quality.

When a woman places Heart Trust in a man, the Tingles percolate. She’s always short of breath and walks around with her headlights on. Heart Trust is an aphrodisiac. This is because Heart Trust opens up the heart. It brings a person to life. It encourages faith and confidence. It breaks down psychological walls. It overrules egotistical Pride. It defuses defense mechanisms. It inspires respect. It affirms hope. It opens the eyes of the Soul.

This is partly because his purposes in life are independent of the outcome of his relationship with her, and partly because the man can handle all her S#!t with a fair degree of finesse. As a result, she knows there is no limit to that Heart Trust.

Interestingly, the boundaries presented by the man’s Frame serve to remove the boundaries that trap the woman in her own self-constructed solipsistic ℏǝll. These boundaries will determine her sense of security in the relationship. How tight or loose that boundary needs to be, is dependent on the individuals involved.


The Mueller Report will be released today.

Washington, D.C., is going insane in anticipation of today’s release of the Mueller report, but honestly, I find it difficult to care. More than a year ago, I came to the conclusion that Robert Mueller’s “investigation” was actually a cover-up, intended to conceal or distract attention from the real scandal, i.e., that the Obama administration had authorized intelligence agencies to spy on Donald Trump’s campaign.




This Easter Sunday we need to go back to church


The pussy or the pistol.


  1. Rpro

    you sad. Be sad no more. Find me a girl who giggles when a bull mounts a mare and I’ll give you the fullness of the earth. Never found this girl but I’ll keep looking.

  2. Al Jahom

    There’s something about women carrying their handbag like that in the crux of their arm that I find deeply unappealing…. makes me think of arthritic curtain-twitching spinsters with headscarves and curlers.

  3. corsair red

    By George! She is carrying a handbag.

  4. Eric

    In regards to the PUA stuff, I’m interested if your beliefs have changed about relationships and marriage since the recent personal events in your life. (By the way, I bought your first book. It was interesting and engaging).

    I remember, perhaps incorrectly, that you were on the Vox Day sorta side of things – get married and have kids, whatever the risks, single men are losers, etc. Do you still hold that?

    For me, I’ve been convinced since I saw the PUA terms/worldview that, although it might be useful and correct, the idea that you can make a spouse stay in a neo-liberal order is simply false. Holding frame, passing shit tests, being alpha – these may all avoid pushing a women away, but they don’t mean she’ll stay. There’s always someone more alpha, and I’ve noticed some women like to cheat/leave/destroy alphas just because they feel that doing so gives them the worth of the alpha. If they can destroy him, then they own him and are better than him.

    Watching the manosphere, and especially PUA leaders themselves – not to mention regular guys like you, I’ve also noticed that my view is, anecdotally, far more observed.

    The west, and whites, in my opinion, have made some sort of multi-party death pact that we probably can’t escape from. We’ve destroyed ourselves not with one vice, but with a plethora reinforced by mutilated remnants of virtues. The churches have embraced feminism and abandoned judgment and righteousness, not to mention even the faith. The family is kaput, and vulnerable to dissolution and exploitation at every moment, and the idea that the man can be the head of the house is explicitly legislated against. Kids are now blank slates for the chemical and sexual experimentation of insane deviants. Our leaders tell us not to have kids and penalize us for doing so while importing millions of people who want to kill us and destroy our past, but only if our own young adults don’t manage it first.

    One always has to fight, but I personally can’t see putting oneself in the position in the first place any more. I certainly believe that sex outside of marriage is wrong, but even castrating oneself as Origen, not that I recommend it, might still be better than submitting oneself permanently to a woman in a marriage or relationship today, especially when the church is there to back her up and drive you further into error – that’s how bad it is getting:

    Much less the “save the west with your dick” I get from some dissident righters.

  5. Phil B

    Re third world operation of aircraft and the consequences arising from that combination.

    I recall Cassius Clay/Muhammed Ali going to and from Zaire to fight George Foreman in 1974 repeatedly asking “The pilot IS white, isn’t he?”

    Even he had no faith in “local” hired help, despite being hard core anti white.

    Nothing seems to have changed for the better, eh?

    • Eric

      Phil B:

      I find that most seem to have two categories in their minds: “practical” information, and “actual” information.

      This may seem strange. Here is how it works:

      You are a black activist traveling:
      Practical: “The pilot had better be white, or I’m probably dead”.
      Actual: “If the pilot is white, that’s racism and colonialism (unless it’s my flight, in which case being white prevents the death of a black man, thus, not racist and necessary).

      You are an Asian activist who is stolen from:
      Practical: “I just lost my purse to purse-snatcher. What a pain.”
      Actual: “Sure, the thief was also asian, but I can get what I lost back if I blame whites.

      You are a leftist Jew:
      Practical: “I look just like these guys, but I hate them. How do I kill them and take their stuff?”
      Actual: “We must embrace diversity, fellow whites!”

      You are a welfare recipient:
      Practical: Give me shit or I won’t vote for you.
      Actual: “Young niggas we bringin’ back gangsta rap…I put that dope right up where your bitch anal at…My brothers keep a girlfriend in my cal-de-sac…When the white people see me have a heart attack, cause of that…”

  6. Handbags … you guys are weird.

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