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Girls, your sexual market value is much lower than you think.

Cappy has a long post about the true amounts of effort that men put in attempting to woo women.

Like Roosh writing “Game,” The Red Man Group bends over backwards to investigate, understand, and accommodate for women and women’s psychology. Again, I ask, “where is the female equivalent of such accommodations to recognize and accommodate for men’s psychology?”

We could go on, but in nearly every case, blog, podcast, or vlog in the red pill community, men are spending inordinate amounts of time, labor, and resources trying to figure out what women want and delivering that to them.

In my twenties I put in an inordinate amount of time, effort, and money chasing women. Then I got a job as a rafting guide and suddenly getting women required hardly any effort at all. I would go to work on a rafting trip, there would be pretty girls, they might or might not be in my own raft; it didn’t matter, and at the end of the day I’d suggest to one that we got out for a drink, and she’d say yes, and that was about all it took.

Seriously boys, if you want to get laid on a regular basis just pick a profession that deals with chicks while they’re on holiday and they want a story to take back to the girls in the office. You’re the story. I didn’t take up rafting to get laid, I did it to see the world and because I’ve been a whitewater nut since I was twelve. But a side benefit of rafting was the fact that it gets you into shape and chicks dig it.

Of course I still needed to put in some effort to my appearance, but I do that anyway because I do it for me not for them. Honestly, I find the fact that men will run around and dedicate themselves to ridiculous levels of pursuit and in the process take up just about any fad available just in order to get laid to be not only embarrassing but the entire point as to why they’re mostly unsuccessful in the first place.

Girls want interesting men but if you’re only doing a certain activity just to get girls then your superficiality will shine through which completely undermines your supposed level of being interesting.

Now that I am older and divorced the idea of spending my extremely valuable time, not to mention money, chasing women is anathema to me. I simply cannot be bothered. I am tired at the end of the week and I am doing other stuff; trying to complete my next book for example. I am naturally able to both charm and fascinate women but I know when I meet a woman and she is both charmed and fascinated by me that I will still have to play the game and do the dance if I want to have sex with her, and after all these years I just don’t want the sex that badly.

In all honesty, it gives me more of a thrill to know that I could sleep with a hawt twenty year old that I just met down at the gym if I tried than actually having to do all of the work that actually leads to that process. I’ve slept with loads of hawt twenty year olds in my time and it was great but at a certain point it loses its luster, mainly because I have grown up.

What would I want out of a woman now? What do I need from a woman now?

Nothing. I simply can’t be bothered. And I’m in the prime of my life. Girls, it was already hard enough dealing with you, but you’ve all gone and made it so hard that it’s not worth the trouble. Add to that the fact that the vast majority of you are seriously damaged goods but you reckon that you’re goddamn princesses and we’re talking about a major imbalance between fantasy and reality. The goods that are on offer are not even close to the asking price. For the vast majority of you, your sexual market value for me is a big fat zero. Actually it’s in the negative; I wouldn’t take the time to get to know you if you paid me.

Kinda liberating really.


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  1. Al Jahom

    Imagine if this went to its logical conclusion and young men of distinction started en-masse valuing their own virginity (self mastery and unwillingness to cheapen themselves acquiescing to succubi) and that of potential partners.

    Blessed are the basement-dwelling virgins, undone are the deluded slutty foghorns.

  2. “the idea of spending my extremely valuable time, not to mention money, chasing women is anathema to me. I simply cannot be bothered.”

    “Kinda liberating really.”


  3. purge187

    Lifelong celibate, and it’s saved me from a whole host of problems.

  4. TechieDude

    Cappy had an asshole consulting video awhile back saying much the same things. He told the dude – do what you do. Build a career, pick up hobbies. The girls will be there. I reiterated that to my son when I watched it. I think I followed it with something along the lines of ‘ you’re only 24, you have plenty of time, trust me’. Just last week, over a beer, I told him they got this backwards. The girl isn’t the prize, you are. You’re the dude that will put a roof over her head, food on the table, and carry her while she takes time off for kids.

    But back to the title of the piece – Women really overvalue themselves. First, I know more than a couple dudes in Adam’s position (Although they’ve been divorced longer). They have the pick of the litter, if and when they want it. To a man, it’s entertainment. Their real life is work, working out, hunting, hanging with friends – Freedom. Quite frankly, I’m envious.

    That said, women have no idea. None. Look at Charlize Theron. I read that piece on her being available and cackled. My first thought was, she’d better get that George Clooney image out of her head and replace it with a Larry the Cable guy type.

    There are none as delusional as a baby mama. One kid? Meh, if she’s hot, I guess. Two kids, different fathers – Damn hard to find a dude that’ll stick. Black kids? Forget it. Doesn’t even matter they aren’t hers. Her SMV is effectively zero.

    I’ve told my daughters the same thing (though not couched in SMV terms). It also helps that they have real life examples in one or two of their friends. One of the best is the girl that got knocked up in high school. She’s actually pretty, but heading towards that wall at ramming speed with a trunk full of debt. Highly educated, underemployed, and toxic. Wonders where the guys are.

    The guys are in the stands. Beer in hand, watching the demolition derby.

  5. Apex Predator

    The bitterest part of this pill is that it hasn’t always been this way. And, in fact, wasn’t this way to this level of toxicity / shitshow until somewhat recently. Anyone over the age of 35 remembers a time when the investment was worth the effort. Any poor sod under 35 has grown up in a p00sy desert with thirsty dudes doing outrageous things to get attention from bottom feeders and hyper-inflated ego’d hamplanets.

    The sexual dynamic is so out of balance it is insane, hence, Clown World. The fact that most of the West is a Gynarcho-Tyranny where its ‘beleive all wahmen’ 24×7 now has only poured accelerant on this out of control fire.

  6. Peter

    If my wife were to leave me I don’t think I CBF chasing women again. When I think back to how much time, effort and money I put into chasing pussy…. sheesh, what a waste.

  7. Hall Hudson

    My perspective is unusual. I’m nearly 76. My experience with women was extensive from when I was 18 through 52, at which point I got into other pursuits and was celibate for over a decade. Then in the summer of 2016 I happened to see the principal online sugar baby site and started using it. Over almost three years I had sexual encounters with 36 females ranging in age from 18-42. The average age was 21 according to my records. Almost all were college students.
    Last night after the first (and to be the only) session with one, I drove an hour round trip to to take her home. On my way back through intense college town traffic, I said, “That is it. I’m done with this.” I had some great sex and some worthless sex, but only met one woman (age 27) whom I thought would have been worth a relationship if I were younger. Most of the rest were pitiful psychological specimens compared to my wife and half a dozen girlfriends from the 60’s and 70’s.
    Admittedly, the 2016-2019 sample was biased in that they were advertising themselves as for sale, yet I believe they represent much of the female mind today.
    Now I will move forward with a couple of research projects that I want to finish before I can’t. Stumbling on the above post was just what I needed to go celibate again. The money I spent was well worth it because whenever I look at a hot woman on the street, I’ll think, “Been there, done that, was nothing special compared to my works.”

  8. Bennix

    Dearest Adam,
    Don’t talk of women, your regret is for the attainment of a family, your family, your son and your daughter.

    The qualities you need in a wife to achieve this aim are:
    – feminity and elegance
    – mothering and love of children as a first priority
    – courage and mental stability
    – focus on the health of the family
    – no older than 25

    This list does not include social norms of beauty, sexual skills, worldly wise knowledge or professional skill or “compatibility”.

    If you can’t trust yourself to get stuck in bad habits just go strictly by this checklist and immediately marry the next woman that walks into your frame with these qualities.

    Free tip: Make a point to never, ever to argue with her. Just don’t do it.

    Hope to hear of your successful union soon.

  9. Bree

    Good luck staying single, Adam. That attitude is absolutely intoxicating! đŸ™‚ Hahah.

    I’ve actually been thinking about the differences between the sexes when it comes to rationalizing faults. Both men and women do this to different extents…how many times have you read about a dude complaining that it is the fault of modern women that he can’t find a stable, single gal? And likewise…the clarion call of ‘man up and marry us’ from the carousel riders?

    My husband has a single, never married friend with Tourettes who has struck out on the marriage/dating department. He could probably clean up well if he worked on himself a bit more, ex. built a better body, moved out of his mother’s house, developed his tech job into a powerhouse. But instead he would rather complain. And it IS sad, because this man is genuinely nice…attractive, even. But no one wants to date the male equivalent of a Debbie Downer.

    On the other shoe, a recent argument with my husband has led me to re-evaluate my own predisposition to hamster my way out of accountability. It’s hard – I think as people (not just women) we like to think the best of ourselves. We tend to give ourselves the benefit of the doubt. And as a woman who ‘chose right’ in red pill terms (married young, had kids as a SAHM, stayed in shape, cooks, cleans, etc) it’s easy to read these blogs and feel a smug sense of superiority to those women who ‘chose poorly.’ (Yes I am writing that in the voice of the knight in Indiana Jones!)

    But I am fallible. It’s humbling to realize that in certain aspects of life, in this case financially, I still make mistakes and rationalize them away as ‘my husband will never know’, or ‘all my money comes from him, what does it matter that I opened up a new credit card for the benefits?’ It wasn’t the decision so much as him finding out and the subsequent lack of trust. For keeping our finances clear and open is something we have talked about at length.

    And I feel that break of trust acutely now. Trust, whether it is about sex or money, is damned difficult to rebuild.

    It is much easier to rationalize away one’s bad decisions, and much harder to own up to them and work to self-improve. That much is true for both men and women.

    • a bee ee?

      I didn’t get married until late in life, but while I was single I never blamed anyone for my circumstances. I knew I wasn’t doing what I had to do, and should have been more aggressive if that was what I really wanted. My wife and I are coming up on 22 years married now, but I’ve never forgotten what life was like before we met.

      I am not bitter that it took me so long and that I was the object of a lot of snickering in my work world–even AFTER, as in “who would be so desperate as to marry HIM?” I am bitter that toxic feminism extended my several periods of unemployment, and that it is now a matter of public policy to put barriers up to keep men and women from establishing relationships and forming families. When your livelihood or school enrollment is on the line, you think twice about even talking to that hot (or even not so hot) chick you had your eye on. When sex is reserved only for a handful of alpha males as a matter of law, don’t be surprised when the rest lash out.

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