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Friday hawt chicks & links – The ANZAC edition.

Yesterday was ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand. Lest we forget. It is the day that we honor our veterans, which officially began when the Australian New Zealand Army Corps went off to fight in 1915 at Gallipoli against the Ottoman Empire. Unofficially Australians also fought in the Boer wars in South Africa a few years before. The ANZACs have always punched far above their weight in battle. Notable examples would be numerous engagements throughout 1917 and 1918 on the Western Front, particularly the Black Day of the German army. The routing and destruction of the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East in 1918. The first siege of Tobruk in the Western Desert in 1941. The battle of Milne Bay when a few hundred Australians routed a Japanese attempt to land 10,000 soldiers in Papua New Guinea. The battles of the Kokoda trail. And the battle of Long Tan in 1966 in Vietnam. Yes, Australia was in Vietnam. We went the entire distance in that war shoulder to shoulder with the USA.

And there is a new movie coming out about that battle which I for one am going to see.


Martin Creveld examines the argument for the case that modern women are simply inferior men.

One of the most important, yet seldom noted, aspects of modern feminism is that, in their efforts to prove themselves, women have almost never originated anything new to call their own. Instead of doing so they regularly followed in men’s footsteps, imitating them in whatever they did.

Consider the following examples.

General. Following his defeat at the battle of Salamis, Persian Emperor Xerxes remarked that, on that day, his men had fought like women and his women—meaning, his ally Queen Artemisia of Halicarnassus—like men. From then to Margaret Thatcher, the best thing one could say about a successful woman was that she was like a man; the worst thing one could say about a man, that he was like a woman. So it was, so it is, and so, presumably, it will remain.

Watch that clip for the Long Tan movie and honestly ask yourself if women could survive that sort of engagement, let alone operate effectively in it.


Aussie feminist coffee shop goes out of business.

Their über-woke commitment to radical ideology was confirmed last year when, on their one-year anniversary, they hosted “a delicious three course vegan dinner . . . along with a panel discussion and Q&A with some of Melbourne’s fiercest feminists,” including Clementine Ford. They promoted an anti-heterosexual agenda with a series of events called “Queer Conversations,” which last month focused on condemning marriage as a “way of treating women as property.”

These women exist due to the fact that Aussie men have sacrificed themselves in battle in the past. How gratifying that they should go out of business a few days after ANZAC Day.


Some Swedish teenage girl is in London to tell British politicians how to run their country. Even worse, the pollies are taking her seriously.

This Swedish brat demanding we pay her attention and organise our nation’s affairs in a way which meets her approval is one thing. That our politicians, media, and substantial numbers of adults at large in our society see fit to accommodate her is something else. Serious countries would not involve teenagers in the setting of public policy, especially foreign ones. Serious countries would never find themselves even being asked to.


I love forests because I am of northern European stock.

Environmentalism is complicated. As left wing vanguard politics, it’s the devil wearing a human skinsuit. But in listening to our healthy European voice deep inside, we recoil at the destruction of forests. The European soul loves the forest. Poor is the White man who knows not the joy of time alone deep among trees, the moss, the lawless cries of birds. The European subraces have their own customs with regards to the forest. Teutons, Celts, Slavs… we northeastern Slavs (I’m not that familiar our Balkan brothers, whose spiritual landscape is rocks and mountains, unlike our vast snowy plains) we forage for mushrooms. Every child is an expert on the prize-find vs something that can kill you.

I tell the Dutch how much I love the natural beauty of their country, particularly coming from the harsh and dry landscape of Australia. They think I am mad, but only because they do not understand what it is to luxuriate in a truly green landscape for the first time.


Are you upset at the church bombings in Sri Lanka? Well, that then means that you are far-right.

What the liberal media have done with Islam, really, is an updated version of what they did with Communism during the Cold War. According to liberals, the greatest danger facing America circa 1950 was not Stalin or Mao; no, the real danger was “McCarthyism.” Don’t worry about those totalitarians with nuclear weapons pointed at us, said the liberals, what should seriously concern Americans is that a high-school teacher in Brooklyn or a screenwriter in Hollywood might lose his job for joining the Communist Party: “What about their civil rights?” And after it was pointed out that there were no civil rights under Communism — no free speech, no free press, etc. — the liberals next switched to the game of shouting “Fascist!” at anyone who made such a point. Anyone who seriously opposed Communism was always compared to Hitler by liberal smear merchants, who accused every prominent anti-Communist — from Richard Nixon to William F. Buckley Jr. to Barry Goldwater to Ronald Reagan — of being “paranoid” or having an “authoritarian personality.”

Fast-forward to the Trump era, and you’re a white supremacist if you’re OK with Kate Smith singing “God Bless America” at a hockey game.

I must be far far far-right then.


A map of human waste reportings in the street in San Francisco.


The background history of Crossfit.

Jenai — who reportedly sold her CrossFit shares for up to $20 million as part of her messy split from Glassman in 2013 — had told us how she fell for Tucker during their video chats.

“We hadn’t seen each other in 30 years . . . We started having feelings for each other . . . We’re going to get married,” she said.

STARTED having feelings?

She’s hoping the nuptials will be this summer [2019], in part so she can begin to medically advocate for Tucker, who she said suffers from two hernias.

She added she won’t have Tucker sign a prenup: “Our relationship is very open and we are a team. I trust him. I love him. My house is his house. A prenup feels a little inappropriate.”

However, there’s even more pressure for them to be together because Jenai’s been barred from video visitation with Tucker for a whopping 100 years, after an incident in February.

“I got a little risqué . . . I was touching my boobs,” she admitted.

Half of American men are incel/forever alone/generally unwanted by the female sex. But after her divorce, Jenai looked up the thug she lost her virginity to, who after thirty years still excited her so much that she masturbated to the sight of him while his jailers watched.

Yee gods.


Fashion at the hawt chicks & links. How to pick a polo shirt.

Questions about polo shirts typically revolve around:

1. Who makes and sells good polo shirts?

2. How do you select and wear polo shirts?

3. How do you take care of polo shirts?

4. What are opinions on specific polo shirt companies?

Follow the link to have all these questions answered.


The first redhead ever published at the Friday hawt chicks & links. Control yourself, Great One. When I post a redhead, I post a redhead.


Girls, your sexual market value is much lower than you think.


Podcast #105 – The what women want episode.


  1. didact117

    Watching that trailer for Danger Close reminded me of another great Vietnam War film – We Were Soldiers. The Broken Arrow clip still sticks in my mind as one of the best bits of war-movie cinematography that I’ve ever seen.
    Anzacs stood proudly and fought honourably with Americans and Brits in every major conflict since WWI, for God, King (or Queen) and country. They deserve every last ounce of praise that they get – and then some.
    On a lighter note – dude, that’s not a redhead! THIS, my Antipodean friend, is a redhead!!!
    Hope you’re doing well, mate. You’ve got my Skype handy if you ever just need to decompress or shoot the breeze.

    • Your girl is not a natural redhead. Point one.

      Point two is that she looks like she has the 10,000 cock stare. My girl is pure and sweet.

      So once again, I win the battle of the hawt chicks. But keep trying.

      • 1023/1024ths Idiot

        Slight strabismus, declasse fake lashes intended for brunette, beak length breaks golden mean by two-point-five microns: would not bang, would not allow to hornily fondle breasts to me, even in prison.

        Try again… (Please?)

    • TechieDude

      Gotta go with Adam here. The green eyes and lack of freckles is compelling.

      That said, I’ll be watching Danger Close. And We Were Young is one I never tire watching. Sam Elliot was awesome in that.

      “Anyone of you sumbiches calls me grandpa….I’ll kill ya'”

      “Sir…Custer was a pussy…”

  2. Sage in training

    A worthy redhead indeed.

    The CrossFit article is a rollicking read. The physiognomy profiling alone is gold.

  3. Two things:
    (a) I speak for the US Navy in that Australia (“that neck of the woods”) is a great, welcoming place that ships like to stop. Great people to work with.
    (b) I have said this to one of my liberal family members: Non competitive/non performing members of any sex will or can show the traits of the opposite sex. Many times on purpose. But I did warn plenty of people that it doesn’t mean that the other side throws their arms open for you. We compete for resources and sexual availability. It often means that you will find difficulty in any environment that you choose to operate in. Lousy men don’t make great women. Butch women don’t make strong men.
    I’ll show myself out now.

  4. M. B. Lamar

    Max Hastings spends quite a bit of time on the Australians in Vietnam in his latest book, “Vietnam: An Epic Tragedy”. Refreshing to see a Vietnam book step outside of the American experience. Thanks for bringing this movie to my attention.

  5. Well done on the red head.

    I’m controlling myself best I can.

  6. > According to liberals, the greatest danger facing America circa 1950 was not Stalin or Mao; no, the real danger was “McCarthyism.”
    I don’t recall where I read it, but the idea was this:
    1. Communism might be bad,
    2. but anti-Communism is worse,
    3. so being anti-anti-Communism is good.
    Thus, being anti-McCarthy as the highest moral action; so went the narrative of the useful idiots.

  7. Walt

    Yesterday was ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand. Lest we forget.

    Ah yes, ‘Lest we forget’.
    Problem is, our ‘memory’ is faulty. (((they’ve))) seen to that.
    What we should be properly remembering is in complete juxtaposition to the reality of, well, reality.
    A pox on (((them))) and their ‘narrative’.
    We used to remember – we used to gossip on the common but (((they))) ‘paved paradise and put up a parking lot’. Now if it doesn’t align with the (suspiciously and primarily ‘online’) PC agenda, it’s crimethink, reality be damned.
    Grandpa, who got busted on Crete and was sent home from the German Oflag where he was held – while the war (the second world war iteration) was still raging – had nothing but nice things to say about his captors. 10, 20, 30 40 years after.
    Lest we forget why WW1 needed to destroy so much (Christian, White) life and property (Hahaha – does anyone really know?), Remember the Maine, lest we forget. Lest we forget the Lusitania. Lest we forget who started WW2. ( (((They))) declared war in 1933). Lest we forget about dropping atomic weapons on defeated civilians. Lest we forget Eisenhower’s death camps. Lest we forget the USS Liberty. Lest we forget Waco and the Murrah building. Lest we forget WTC 7. Lest we forget ‘weapons of mass destruction’. Lest we forget the babies thrown out of the incubators. Lest we forget Hillery was a 92% odds on favorite. Lest we forget Seth Rich. Lest we forget if voting changed anything it’d be illegal.
    But above all else, lest we forget our ancestors died for us so we would have an easier go of it – at least we wouldn’t have to re-invent the wheel. So they thought.. Some thanks they get.
    Oh, and lest we forget, War is a Racket.
    Lest we forget, Diversity Is Our Strength.
    I await my sentence, lest I forget.

  8. Who’d have thought that letting homosexuals serve in the Boy Scouts would result in so many problems?

  9. Yay! Linkage!

  10. ScotchedEarth

    For films about Australians in Vietnam, 1979’s The Odd Angry Shot (starring Graham Kennedy, John Hargreaves) is worth a look.
    And for Aussies in the Boer War, Bruce Beresford’s 1980 Breaker Morant (starring our Edward Woodward and Australia’s Jack Thompson and, again, Bryan Brown) is excellent.

  11. Independent_George

    Cool post Ads. Yeah the old boy was in D/5 on patrol a couple of k’s from Phuoc tuy while the battle was taking place. He shared this with me after a bottle of ouzo and a dozen beers on the anniversary one year. He said they were listening in to the coms while the battle was taking place and they thought their mates were all getting wiped out. He said they were freaking out and chomping at the bit to go and help them. Orders were for them to continue their patrol.

    When they got to Phuoc tuy the next morning, after sweeping the area for any more enemy, they had to collect any weapons – and body parts. Dad was trying to explain it but was choking up. He said there were heaps more enemy dead than what they what was being said. Bodyparts everywhere. Tops of trees, boots and hands in the mud everywhere. 2 footy fields of carnage.

    There’s a great book on the battle by Lex Macauley. One cool story in there was told by a digger in an APC: Again – they were frothing to get amongst it and save their mates. Before they’d even stopped and defying orders, they leaped out and were immediately amongst rows and rows of enemy. The bloke on the m60 tuck and rolled and opened up. It was like a hollywood movie the digger reckons. All they could see when the lightning illuminated the area were hundreds of enemy in rows. Perfectly flanked them. Movie should be amazing.

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