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Podcast #105 – The what women want episode.

The one where I read a letter to an online sex advice columnist from a woman who wants no strings attached sex but can’t find it, and in the process we discover what it is that women actually want.


Friday hawt chicks & links – The ANZAC edition.


An ode to the 70s.


  1. Dave

    I’m no doubt going to get some blow-back concerning my view, but…….

    Adam, the importance of how good looking a man someone is in terms of dating versus the value of game is an area where I do disagree with the prevailing view somewhat….. whilst you may quote an outlier concerning some ugly guy you know, in general I firmly believe that ugly guys cannot be saved by the use of game. As Tom Leykis likes to say “outliers don’t invalidate a general rule”.

    I’ve been a reader of Chateau Heartiste myself for 11 years and whilst I gain knowledge that I use to shape my own life from his blog in areas of politics and self improvement, I disagree with his blanket view that game will overcome poor looks.

    With even average looking women being bombarded online with offers and praise from betas worldwide there is simply no-way the average ugly guy has much of a chance…. I view thinking otherwise being more of a coping mechanism for those unlucky in love & genetics.

    Good looks have never been more important than they are now since the value of beta provisioning has fallen to near zero.

    • Adam

      Ugly guys and even average looking guys will indeed get nowhere online. Game is their only hope and game has to be face to face in real life. Which was my point.

  2. Charlton Saxon

    Females are turned on the most by two things, physical strength and social dominance. At the most primitive level no girl gives a fuck about what your face looks like or how much money you make; they only care that you have a strong body, the respect of other men, ruthless willpower and that you can “crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women.” Any guy can work towards those things even if he was born with shitty genes.

    Females will throw themselves at a savage barbarian alpha Danny DeVito over a soy vegan beta Brad Pitt every time if they can size the two up in real life. This online stuff is a complete waste of time.

    We are all still cave men in the deepest sense and we are a tribal species. That’s my take on the matter.

    And yes, I get that successful long term relationships a more complicated and nuanced than just that.

  3. Problem with sound levels on this latest podcast. I was in my truck where I do most of my listening. I had the sound level on my phone at maximum and the volume of the truck radio at maximum, and could barely hear your voice. Did you change something? I don’t think it’s my setup as other podcasts sound the same as always.

    • TechieDude

      I’d second that.

      The Audio needs normalization and leveling.

      Or stop muttering away from the mic.

      • Adam

        They were fine for me but I’ll recheck them for the next episode.

  4. Your mum's Tinder date

    First one of your podcasts I’ve listened to, I’m here from Adam Clarey’s site. You’re absolutely excellent at this shit Adam, despite being a filthy Ocker.

    Your style is exactly like an old school preacher drawing a lesson out of a text, taking the listener in a big long loop, and then bringing it together and wrapping it all up at the end. You DEFINITELY have the gift of storytelling and teaching, no question.

    I have no fucking clue what your difficult personal circumstances are, but a) Best of luck b) Keep your chin up, and c) You’re a resourceful bloke, you’ll do fine.

    • Adam

      Cheers, mate. I actually just make it up as I go along. No planning whatsoever.

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