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Israel Folau is the most courageous man in Australia.

Israel Folau is an Australian rugby union player; he is also the best player in the country. He was expected to be the star player and crucial to Australia’s success in this year’s rugby world cup to be held in Japan. But it appears that he stands a good chance of never playing for his country again. Rugby Australian seem certain to bow to pressure, the majority of the pressure coming from their major sponsor Qantas, who are furious at a post that the star player made a few days ago on his own personal Instagram account.

You see, Israel Folau is a devout Christian, and because of his belief he felt the need to remind his followers that actions have consequences and that the bible is very clear on what awaits unrepentant sinners.

Here is Folau’s tweet in its entirety:

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How many nations unto God?

This week I received an email from a reader which I responded to and to which she then replied. The emails were respectful and thoughtful, and I appreciated them. In her second email she wrote the following:

To clarify why I said you might not be on the side you think you’re on, in most of your articles I see the divide you paint as male, white, enlightened, smart, nationalist on one side, and female, black or brown, dull-thinking, stupid, immigrant on the other side. But there are men on the right side and men on the wrong side, women on the right side and women on the wrong side, white nationalists on the right side and on the wrong side, minorities on the right side and the wrong side. This isn’t completely consistent – there are hints that you think women *could* be on the right side, hints that immigrants could be welcome if they assimilate into the host culture – but the overall tone and assumptions that I see in your writing seem to paint the divide as I have stated.

I can see why a reader who only began following my blog late last year might be confused as to my standing on these matters. The world of course is not so simple as to be merely black and white, and to assume so is simple ignorance. But in all discourses there exists both a macro and a micro level, something to which I have had to refer on numerous occasions when commenters misunderstand or deliberately seek to distort my intentions.

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Podcast #104 -The no self pity episode.

After a brief rundown on my thoughts on my USA visit, I cover the difficult circumstances in which I presently find myself and the steps that you need to take when you find yourself in dire straits. An important episode for anyone who will ever find themselves in hard times, which means you.

Sponsored by Captain Capitalism.

Friday hawt chicks & links – We're back, baby!

The hawt chicks & links returns in a triumphant and cataclysmic torrent of worthy reading and open mouthed viewing that will satisfy even the most difficult to please of you, which will probably be a Dutchman as they usually manage to find fault with everything. It’s one of their endearing little traits. The links thread takes time to put together, mostly in the gathering of worthy links for you all to enjoy. I can’t just put up any old crap on here, you know. And during traveling and times of working ultra ultra hard I didn’t have time to do much reading around the interwebs. Which means a paucity of links, and thus a paucity of hawt chicks & links posts.
But now we’re back. Goodie gumdrops.

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No need to think of the children.

Apparently radical feminists are calling on women to participate in what they call a birth strike.

Ms. Schwab is a 2015 Stanford graduate who writes for Fast Company, and produced a video endorsing the idea that because of “climate change,” people should stop having babies — the so-called “birth strike” movement, founded by a British feminist named Blythe Pepino.

The people who come up with plans such as this and who then mysteriously get lots of press coverage will inevitably come up with another wildly publicized study in a few months pointing to our alarming falling birth rate in order to push for even higher levels of immigration invasion from completely unsuitable nations.

The stupid people are not the ones behind this propagandizing. Rather, it is those who quote both types of ideas without even blinking. Mind you, if it all comes to pass at least there won’t be any need to think of the children. Although I’m not sure who they think will labor to pay for their pension plans.

Two messages in the mail.

I received an email from a reader named Ken who recently purchased my first book. He also sent a photo of the way he likes to travel.

There is much to approve of in this photo. I particularly like the well thumbed corner of the book, indicating that the couldn’t wait to get to the next page as he read it.

I also received an email from my leftie stalker, Dan.

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You people are morons.

Didact has his Monday post up which is his version of the hawt chicks & links, (returning this week by the way). In it he discusses the abominable feminist Captain Marvel movie, you know the film that was supposed to be so absolutely terrible that it was going to drown in a sea of its own feminist tears.

According to Didact it has made a billion dollars.

Now, credit where it’s due: the movie did make over $1 BILLION at the box office worldwide, so it did, in fact, defy our predictions of flopping and outperformed expectations. So, well done to Marvel Studios and Disney there.

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Sunday lifting thread – Get aggressive.

I think that all serious powerlifters need a bit of inherent anger in them. A high ranking US military professional once told me that I am intelligently aggressive. This was after I had kicked his arse for the second time on a rafting trip on the White Nile. Apparently being intelligently aggressive is good, but apparently it’s not common, which is not surprising when you consider that most people are stupid and the remaining intelligent ones are usually nerds who sit on the internet all day.

But I digress.

This aggressiveness serves me well when I lift but I have to remember to really harness it. That’s the thing with being intelligently aggressive, it means that you can turn it on and off at will when the situation requires it. The trick is to remember to do it. Now when I was dropping into 20 foot holes on the Nile I didn’t have to be reminded about it; if I didn’t do it then bad things would happen in that situation.

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Who will you choose to marry?

Apparently Gillette is now pandering to the fat feminist market.

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The ten commandments and the modern world.

The Other McCain has a piece up about the cult of self esteem, a topic which in the past I have also addressed although I referred to it as the cult of happiness. But I found this snippet from McCain’s article particularly interesting:

Many years ago, I spoke at a national Christian home-schooling conference and my speech was more political than religious, addressing the issues of liberty involved in educational freedom. During the Q-and-A afterwards, I was asked: “How does your faith affect your political views?” Having not anticipated such a question, I was silent for a moment before answering: “I think it’s about that ‘Thou shalt not steal’ thing.”

From there, I went on to explain how the fiscal action of the Welfare State amounts to theft on a grand scale, taking money from the people who earned it and giving it to other people who didn’t. This is immoral, and our participation in this immoral system corrupts us.

One of the aspects of my consistent behaviour that I am proud of, (and it is good to sometimes acknowledge where you have done well), has been my total rejection of welfare for myself in my adult life. There have been times when I could have availed myself of the public purse but it was never an option for me, and precisely for the reasons that McCain stated in the quoted section. I consider it to be stealing, and God said, Thou shall not steal.

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