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Friday hawt chicks & links – The haiku edition.

It’s the end of another week and once again the hawt chicks & links rolls into town on the bed of a triple road train, here for your enjoyment, for your viewing pleasure, and for the warm fuzzies that opening this package gives you each and every time. It’s never as good as the last and it’s never better than the first. Or something like that. Hang on, that might mean that the new issue is shit. Damn you, English language! I might have to put this out next week as a haiku.

Hawt chicks,

nestling in the bosum,


your hawtness.

It’s got a certain ring to it, eh what? I might even have a talent. I could go places! I could be somebody! I could –
Enough. On with it.

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The folly of Hemingway.

It appears that the guys over at Art of Manliness have a series case of infatuation with Ernest Hemingway. I myself was a Hemingway devotee for many years. I read all of his work, articles included. I read every book written about the man, even a book about his boat of all things. When I lived in Italy I retraced his steps in Venice and I drank at the same bars and ate at the restaurants where he had once enjoyed a plate of pasta.

Yeah, I had a serious case of the man crushes. But that was because I was in the process of making myself as a man and I needed examples, and God only knows these days that good examples are thin on the ground. So I get it; I understand the Hemingway infatuation. And there are many positives to take from his life but it is important to keep in mind a few things about the man.

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Foreign agitators in the UK elections.

The remainers in the UK are presently hard at it attempting to convince everyone that the recent EU election result is actually in their favor. The delusion simply knows no bounds but this is unsurprising. What did people on our side think they would do? Roll over and admit they were wrong and be welcomed into the fold? Perhaps retire gracefully into that good night?

They’re like the Black Knight in that Monty Python film who tries to call it a draw after he’s had all four limbs hacked off.

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Don’t be fooled just because Trump makes it look easy.

The reason that Trump won the 2016 election and has hung on to power in the face of continuous treason from the minions of the deep state is because Trump is a very smart operator. Trump has both street smarts and real smarts, a combination which is very rare indeed. The key to having both is knowing when to utilize the one or the other. Mix the two up at the wrong moment and you can find yourself in very hot water.

Intermixed with this is a great deal of personal charm that transmits on both a personal level and to a wide audience. Finish it off with a very healthy dose of extreme high energy and what you have is a unique individual. I mean, if you want to get all nerdy, if you rolled up Trump as a D&D character he would be mostly 18s.

The problem with what Trump is doing is that he makes it look easy. He makes it look effortless. Why, all you need to do in order to be like Trump is to say whatever you want, never apologize, and never back down.

Unfortunately it’s not that simple. For an abject example of how badly an individual can do trying to be just like Trump, look no further than the man known online as Sargon of Akkad.

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Podcast #109 – The honor episode.

I discuss the concept of personal honor and why it is so important, particularly in the world in which we live today.

Links referenced in the episode:

30 rules for a godly wife.

It should be illegal to be a stay at home mum.

Margaret Thatcher – NAWALT.

On Friday’s hawt chicks & links thread I said the following about the wymen politicians:

This is why you don’t have women in politics, let alone in the top job. If the Tories elect another female for this position then they deserve everything that’s coming to them and more.

A commenter left the following on the subject:

No wimmin in politics? Nope, Margaret Thatcher. The first vote I ever cast was for her. More testosterone than the entire “conservative” movement that stabbed her in the back.

Margaret fucking Thatcher. She is the ultimate political example of what is known in the manosphere as, “Not all women are like that” or NAWALT.

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Sunday lifting thread – Just lift, morons.

I received an email from a reader who I shall keep anonymous that included this snippet:

Reading your blog got me started on the manosphere – to the point where I am able to spread the message and help other good men in need. Even though I was instinctively doing some things right, I was still doing a shitload wrong and it was costing me in major ways. Even though I brushed it aside at first, you also got me thinking about the importance of strength (I previously side-stepped this bit in my younger days by becoming a black belt martial artist that can let (average) people choose which elbow they’d like me to pop). The confidence that comes with basic strength is something I had not even given the slightest thought to – and I say this still being a piss-weak novice that only just managed to bench his body weight (yeah – it feels pretty damn good and I can’t wait to get to 100kg… and beyond).

And, yes, I also squat, deadlift, lunge with weight, feel everyone’s eyes on me as I abuse the punching bag and throw in a bit of cardio and swimming for good measure. All it took was your needling and a ruptured Achilles for things to crystallise. Everyone reckons an Achilles is the worst injury you can get and the end of one’s sporting days (if you’re 38 like me). I disagree. Like a recession, this injury was one of the best things that could have happened to me. It stopped me dead in my ill-directed tracks and got me back where I needed to be. When all is said and done, I’m going to be in the best shape of my life (I may already be) – and I never would have been otherwise.

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Naomi Wolf gets caught out by old white male.

Climate change has been so damaging to the world not just due to the fraudulent financial cost but because of the associated damage to the scientific method. Or perhaps the scientific method was always suspect and the climate scam has simply revealed the problem. The issue is how results are obtained. True science involves the scientist formulating a hypothesis and then repeatedly testing the hypothesis in order to disprove it. It matters not how many supporting tests you come up with, if it is disproved once then it has been proven to be false.

Fake science works in a couple of ways. A common scam is to reverse the method by finding a lot of evidence and then constructing a hypothesis around this. Another way is by cherry picking collaborative evidence. Taken further and we have falsification of evidence, not to mention the highly suspect routine of substantiating science by what is known as peer review, or in other words, science by popularity.

Science in the past was more robust simply because the system itself was geared towards practicable results, but when science made the leap from a search for knowledge to merely a means to propagate a career then it became inevitably tainted. That science has any remaining credibility is due to its past record, not its present form. What has happened to science is simply a degeneration to the mean as most other fields are in thrall to the same weaknesses with the glaring exception of engineering.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – It’s great to be a white guy edition.

Theresa May has quit as prime minister of the UK. That’s the good news. The bad news is that she’s not leaving until June 5th which is plenty of time for this incompetent narcissistic old bag to fuck up even further, hard as it is to believe that there is anything left to screw up. She had a good cry on the steps on 10 Downing street. Of course she was not crying for her country or the mess that she has made of it. She was not crying about all of the broken promises that she had made to the electorate. She was not crying because she has left the country weaker than when she took the job. Nor was she crying over her utter failure to deliver Brexit in a timely and reasonable manner to the British people.

No, she was crying for herself. It is all about her. The tears flow because she didn’t get what she wanted which was to remain in the top job at any expense. She was crying because she felt sorry for herself. There exists in the world of Theresa May only the entity that is Theresa May. Nothing else matters, hence the waterworks. What a stupid selfish woman, but I repeat myself. This is why you don’t have women in politics, let alone in the top job. If the Tories elect another female for this position then they deserve everything that’s coming to them and more.

I picked her uselessness the day that she became PM, but that really isn’t a prediction to be proud of seeing as it was such low hanging fruit. You want a strong white heterosexual Christian male in the top job, but I repeat myself.

Enough of the blather, on with the show.

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Based Indians; livestream with the Uncuckables.

Yesterday I was a guest on the Uncuckables Livestream which was a lot of fun even though I had to get up very early to do it. Unfortunately I forgot that it was a livestream which meant that I didn’t pass on the message in advance to my delirious followers. My bad, next time.

We spoke about the Aussie election but then it segued into a nice debate over immigration where I think that I came out on top.

Hawt chicks & links will come up later on today.

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