Friday hawt chicks & links – It’s great to be a white guy edition.

Theresa May has quit as prime minister of the UK. That’s the good news. The bad news is that she’s not leaving until June 5th which is plenty of time for this incompetent narcissistic old bag to fuck up even further, hard as it is to believe that there is anything left to screw up. She had a good cry on the steps on 10 Downing street. Of course she was not crying for her country or the mess that she has made of it. She was not crying about all of the broken promises that she had made to the electorate. She was not crying because she has left the country weaker than when she took the job. Nor was she crying over her utter failure to deliver Brexit in a timely and reasonable manner to the British people.

No, she was crying for herself. It is all about her. The tears flow because she didn’t get what she wanted which was to remain in the top job at any expense. She was crying because she felt sorry for herself. There exists in the world of Theresa May only the entity that is Theresa May. Nothing else matters, hence the waterworks. What a stupid selfish woman, but I repeat myself. This is why you don’t have women in politics, let alone in the top job. If the Tories elect another female for this position then they deserve everything that’s coming to them and more.

I picked her uselessness the day that she became PM, but that really isn’t a prediction to be proud of seeing as it was such low hanging fruit. You want a strong white heterosexual Christian male in the top job, but I repeat myself.

Enough of the blather, on with the show.

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Based Indians; livestream with the Uncuckables.

Yesterday I was a guest on the Uncuckables Livestream which was a lot of fun even though I had to get up very early to do it. Unfortunately I forgot that it was a livestream which meant that I didn’t pass on the message in advance to my delirious followers. My bad, next time.

We spoke about the Aussie election but then it segued into a nice debate over immigration where I think that I came out on top.

Hawt chicks & links will come up later on today.

Uganda orders arrest of American citizen living in New York for the crime of homosexuality.

Last week the US government organised for the arrest of a Chinese national while she was transiting through Vancouver international airport. The Canadians dutifully complied because what else would they do when they’re told what to do by their betters? The individual arrested just happens to be the CFO of Huawei, Meng Wanzhou. She was arrested for something to do with US sanctions.

Although now released on $10 million bail, she still faces extradition to a New York City courtroom, where she could receive up to thirty years in federal prison for allegedly having conspired in 2010 to violate America’s unilateral economic trade sanctions against Iran.

Ms Wanzhou is a Chinese national of some importance. She was not on a trip to the US at the time. But she has been arrested for breaking US law. The question that I have is this – since when did US law become international law applicable to any citizen of any country at any time that the US chooses is convenient?

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The supply and demand of wage growth.

A comment on last week’s hawt chicks & links from a reader with an unpronounceable name:

In a world where we continue to experience labor shortages I might agree with Carlson, but the future we face indicates millions of jobs erased by automation.

Worker salaries around the West have in general seen much stagnation over the past few decades. But this has not been caused by automation. Rather, it is down to a combination of bad trading policy that has destroyed manufacturing as a base as well as wholesale immigration. The laws of supply and demand are real bitches when it comes to this sort of thing.

An example that I find illustrative is what occurred in the Netherlands after the Second World War. With large parts of the country devastated and the economy moribund, hundreds of thousands of Dutch emigrated to countries like Australia in search of work. Then the economic boom of the 60s occurred and suddenly there were not enough workers to go around. Because of this, wages increased. Businesses didn’t like having to pay all these wages to the suddenly uppity lower classes so they lobbied the government to bring in thousands of immigrants from countries like Turkey.

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The cult of nice.

Recently on my way to work my car radio had a spastic attack and instead of fine New Orleans jazz it began pumping out some NPR-style shtick, to whit an interview with two fags who were among the very first to get married in the USA under the marriage equality Act laws brought in under Obama. Apparently their story has been interred in The Smithsonian museum. How nice for them.

The female interviewer was so enthusiastic about their story that her words dripped honey through the airwaves. The two men spoke about their wonderful day getting married in a church, with their proud and happy children by their sides, as the female pastor joyfully pronounced them husband and err … husband. It was at this point that carefully orchestrated music began underpinning the scene, and one could feel the warmth and happiness oozing from the speakers as the segment came to its finale in a manner which would have given even the good folks at lake Wobegun pause for extra introspection.

It is, of course, nothing but demented propaganda.

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