Four floors of whores.

Sugar daddies and insta-whores, two groups that have symbiotically sprung up over the past few years so that now we have a preponderance of young women on sites like Instagram who specialise in traveling to far-flung locales and taking exotic photos of themselves at luxury resorts. The women are invariably hot or photograph well but they are being funded by older men, the sugar daddies in this equation.

Much of the behavior enabled by this emerging online market isn’t exactly prostitution — not a straightforward fee-for-service arrangement — but in general, social media is a mechanism by which good-looking young women may discover the cash value of their youth and beauty. This involves an international marketplace, with wealthy men all over the world bidding up the value of the desired commodity, and various “agents” acting as brokers for, uh, transactional companionship.

Actually it is prostitution, just a little lower down the sliding scale. If we go from bottom up on the hooker market you can start with your street walkers who spend most of their time servicing the local cops for free. A step up from there are your brothel workers, with various shades of grey. For instance, amongst maritime workers there is a rather well known whorehouse in Singapore which is known as ‘4 Floors of Whores’ or ‘4 Floors’ for short. The girls on the ground floor are of a much more dubious quality and lower price than the beauties working on the top floor, or so I have been led to believe.

From there we can gradually work our way up to the Instagram whores or the college girl whores who want a sugar daddy, (client), to pay for their way through college. Keep in mind that these girls are not mistresses. A mistress is an alternative to a wife, kept in comfort and security by her lover for the period that she is useful to him. A mistress is exclusive while a whore is open to all offers.

To understand exactly what is going on here it is beneficial to hear from one of the sugar daddies themselves; the men who are paying for these girls. Exactly what are they getting for their money? The other day I posted an article about the real sexual market value for modern women and a reader named Hall Hudson left the following extraordinary comment.

My perspective is unusual. I’m nearly 76. My experience with women was extensive from when I was 18 through 52, at which point I got into other pursuits and was celibate for over a decade. Then in the summer of 2016 I happened to see the principal online sugar baby site and started using it. Over almost three years I had sexual encounters with 36 females ranging in age from 18-42. The average age was 21 according to my records. Almost all were college students.

Last night after the first (and to be the only) session with one, I drove an hour round trip to to take her home. On my way back through intense college town traffic, I said, “That is it. I’m done with this.” I had some great sex and some worthless sex, but only met one woman (age 27) whom I thought would have been worth a relationship if I were younger. Most of the rest were pitiful psychological specimens compared to my wife and half a dozen girlfriends from the 60’s and 70’s.
Admittedly, the 2016-2019 sample was biased in that they were advertising themselves as for sale, yet I believe they represent much of the female mind today.
Now I will move forward with a couple of research projects that I want to finish before I can’t. Stumbling on the above post was just what I needed to go celibate again. The money I spent was well worth it because whenever I look at a hot woman on the street, I’ll think, “Been there, done that, was nothing special compared to my works.”

Whores, people – whores. Let there be no doubt on that issue. But why are we surprised? We raise our womenfolk to act like whores so there should be no surprise when they dutifully stick to the script. A 76 year old man sleeping with over 30 women with an average age of 21? Sounds like prostitution to me. Not only does our society encourage young women to go into hock for vastly overpriced and worthless degrees, it seems that it’s perfectly fine for these girls to become hookers into the bargain so as to feed their supposed education habit.

An Instagram whore is easy to avoid because the internet is forever. But a college girl sugar daddy whore? Well, she has a college degree, right? Just one more nail in the female coffin. There are a lot of busted women out there. They just don’t know it yet.

7 thoughts on “Four floors of whores.

    1. BuenaVista

      No it’s not, unless one let’s society set her objectives and values. Children are desperate for a beacon, a lighthouse, a GPS fix.


  1. Eric

    Man, if there were a post to make a younger man give up hope, this is it.

    I’m not saying I am. Not saying that. But…over 30N at 76? That’s…well, that’s 36 men who can’t get married. Shit.


  2. Al Jahom

    I suppose it’s a vain hope that they will one day wake up to the fact that it is the ‘sex positive’ sisterhood who has sold them into this sort of servitude. That awakening would probably be so psychologically damaging that all sorts of contortions will be made to avoid it.. And as if by Stockholm Syndrome, the very same sisterhood will show up to explain how it’s all about toxic masculinity, and how they’ve written a ‘must read’ new book about it.



  3. robertpinkerton

    Herewith the radical suggestion that a “sugar baby” arrangement include a “steel diaper,” i.e.: Yes, a chastity belt, to which the “sugar daddy” holds The Key. The “sugar daddy” has at least as legitimate an interest in her chastity as a husband has in the chastity of his wife, if not more so, if he is paying the fare for the lass’ time at university.

    It is not a matter of “not trusting her,” but rather not putting her ON trust in the first place.


  4. Rachael

    I do feel sorry for young girls today. I do not know how many are degrading themselves with this type of behaviour, but the trend is no doubt concerning.

    What has caused them to think this is the best option to choose? I cannot help but wonder if the manosphere holds at least a sliver of accountability. It tears girls down, and despite its stated teleological purpose, it seems to have the opposite effect.

    Even if a young woman wanted to marry today, she would be extremely hard pressed to find a man who wanted the same – encouraged themselves to have fun in their twenties and to not settle down until post 30 (if at all).

    It’s leading by example. Combine that with feminism gone so far it now seems self sabotaging, plus the inordinate influence of social media, and it’s clearly left a treacherous road out there for malleable young women.

    With seemingly limited alternative options, and the sacrality of sex all but evaporated, it appears these girls have been easily seduced by the society driven ‘ultimate lifestyle’ – and concluded that sex is a small price to pay.


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