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Feel better now? That’s what the hawt chicks & links exists for as we move into the weekend. Which is why Friday can be the only rational day for the hawt chicks & links. It’s all worked out, you see. Comforting, isn’t it?

German study shows that electric vehicles emit more CO2 than diesel ones.

When CO2 emissions linked to the production of batteries and the German energy mix – in which coal still plays an important role – are taken into consideration, electric vehicles emit 11% to 28% more than their diesel counterparts, according to the study, presented on Wednesday at the Ifo Institute in Munich.

Mining and processing the lithium, cobalt and manganese used for batteries consume a great deal of energy. A Tesla Model 3 battery, for example, represents between 11 and 15 tonnes of CO2. Given a lifetime of 10 years and an annual travel distance of 15,000 kilometres, this translates into 73 to 98 grams of CO2 per kilometre, scientists Christoph Buchal, Hans-Dieter Karl and Hans-Werner Sinn noted in their study.

The CO2 given off to produce the electricity that powers such vehicles also needs to be factored in, they say.

No shit, Sherlock. The hawt chicks & links has been saying this for years which is why we refer to electric vehicles as coal cars.

Also, it’s a study so it must be true!


New York’s green new deal to phase out meat by 50%.

The $14 billion “Green New Deal” will phase out purchases of processed meats in city-run schools, hospitals and correctional facilities by 2040, amid an overall cut in purchases of 50 percent. New York would be the first city in the world to adopt such a policy, and was announced after New York Schools adopted “Meatless Monday” in an effort to encourage the consumption of less meat.

Apparently they want to ban hot dogs as well. We’ve been warning you guys about the impending war on meat as well. Isn’t it curious how when societies become so wealthy they must revert back to the point from where they came? We’re on a merry-go-round lab rat treadmill of doom. And there is no getting off.


Jordan Peterson interviews Jordan Peterson.


Be a rooftop Korean sniper.

See, most of these Koreans had done their mandatory service in the Republic of Korea’s Army. Those ROK soldiers are the real deal – the Norks are not a theoretical threat and the South Korean army does not spend a lot of time talking about feelings. They were some solid dudes. So, when the local dirtbags showed up for some casual looting, they noticed the rooftops were lined with hardcore guys packing some serious heat, including the kind of scary rifles that the Democrats want to ban.

The Rooftop Koreans.

It did not take long for the bad guys to realize that the Rooftop Koreans were not playing games – they were playing for keeps. The mob went away in search of softer targets.

There’s a lesson there.

Read the lesson well.


High school textbook describes Trump as mentally ill and supporters as racist.

A Pearson spokesperson defended the textbook pointing out the book underwent “rigorous peer review to ensure academic integrity.”
“This work is designed to convey college-level information to high school students and meet specific Advanced Placement standards. It aims to promote debate and critical thinking by presenting multiple sides of historical issues and offering a broad survey of arguments from the 2016 presidential election and other recent topics. We have reviewed the passages in question independently and in the context of the rest of the book. This review has confirmed that the text offers a broad view of critical arguments from both sides of the 2016 presidential election,” the statement read.

Trump has been president for coming up to 3 years and all of the bad stuff that the mindless left were convinced was going to happen hasn’t happened at all. Not even a little bit. Not even a smidgen.

But it sure would have happened big time if Hillary had won.


The once lucky country.

“Middle Australia is grumpy, and no wonder,” notes columnist David Uren. It’s sobering to watch the transformation of the socially democratic “lucky country” into yet another nation advancing toward feudalism and social division. But the process may not be inexorable, since it reflects policy decisions, not economic or social fundamentals. The key issue will be whether Australia’s middle class fights back; with grassroots communities in Sydney and suburbanites in Brisbane, the country’s third-largest city, battling against mandated densification, that awakening might be underway.

Today, many Australians face an uncharacteristically bleak future. Urged to settle where the planners and pundits prefer, they’re stuck in places both unaffordable and inhospitable, as part of a needless governmental drive to make life there more like that of the more congested, socially riven metropoles of Britain, the U.S., or China. What’s at stake are many of the long-established pleasures of life Down Under.

The Friday hawt chicks & links is hopeful that the new emerging minor conservative parties in Australia will punch above their weight in the coming election and form the balance of power in the next Australian government. Likelihood of this happening we put at around 30% based on no studies at all, nor peer reviews, nor poll results or tracking, nor talking to experts in their field, but simply going on the back of our correct calling of Trump, Brexit, the Italian election, and a bunch of other stuff.


The Andy Kaufman incident on the Fridays television show with a young Michael Richards of Seinfeld fame. The writing of this sketch reminds me of a lot of writing that is known around the traps as being absolutely appalling in a very bad way. No wonder he got sick of the whole thing. My favorite bit is the producer in the leather jacket who looks like he wandered off the set of Boogie Nights having a swing at him.


Quote of the week comes from Ol’ Remus over at The Woodpile Report.

What a crock. They’re not “unaware that consequences await”. They’re aware that no consequences await. Exactly who in the worthless flea circus calling itself the Justice Department is willing and capable of doing what needs doing? The FBI? Hello—they’re on the list of suspects. Are we to believe they’ll arrest themselves?

Sorry pal, dog piles are dog piles, end to end and all the way through. “Consequences await”. Pfft. At best some Assistant Vice Deputy will be lightly penalized. If the heat is turned up, someone on the farthest fringe of the upper level may be temporarily inconvenienced. The upper level itself will not be troubled, assuming it notices.


The Other McCain is off to cover the 21 Convention in Orlando.

Billed as “The World’s Ultimate Event for Fathers,” the 21 Convention in Orlando begins Friday, and I’m leaving this morning to drive there in a rental car — 1,071 miles one-way, 2,142 round-trip. So far as I know, I’m one of only two journalists — along with Mike Cernovich — invited to cover this “red pill” manosphere gathering.

My wife and I recently celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary, and if readers would like to make a $30 hit to the tip jar, that would go a long way to ease Mrs. McCain’s concerns about the family budget.

If there is any “red pill” secret to a successful marriage, it can be summarized rather simply: Get yourself a good wife.

The Other McCain is a big supporter of the hawt chicks & links and we do our best to return the favor. However, he is of a generation that does not exist any more for men in any way shape or form, so we look forward to how his own personal opinions will play out when rubbed up against what the speakers at this red pill convention have to say.


The mirage of the ‘good ones’.

The “good ones” can only exist in a state of peace. For example, when your country is exclusively yours and you visit India and meet your social peer there, with whom you find that you have many interests in common.

But the world is now at war. The “good ones” over here are better at mimicry, the better to rape your land. Sure, one can be polite and cordial in a work environment for example, but they never forget that they are part of a conquering nation and you’re the conquered.

In a reverse-conquest setting a century ago, E.M. Forester’s “A Passage to India” asks whether an Englishman and an Indian can be friends. The answer comes via the Indian doctor’s reply to the liberal Englishman: they cannot be friends until the English leave India.


And now for some real good ones.

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