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The real cause of the Australian road toll.

This little gem caught my eye in The Australian:

* The number of Australians killed on the nation’s roads grew by 19 per cent in the three months to March, prompting a call from the Australian Automobile Association for decisive action from the federal government.

The thing is that the governments in Australia, both state and federal, have been doing the whole decisive action thing for decades now. But for some reason in the last few years the numbers just keep on going up. Victoria in particular is not doing well in this regard, and that’s even with their oh so impressive and emotionally compelling advertising campaign where they try to guilt-trip us all into not crashing into each other.

Calendar year to midnight 2 May 2019

2018 Lives lost 2019 Lives lost
67 108 (up 61.2%)

Of course the authorities have many possible explanations for these horrendous statistics. Drink driving, drug driving, not wearing seat belts, mobile phone use, the list goes on and the draconian attempts to compel us to drive more safely get more intrusive and ridiculous. Pretty soon in some parts of Melbourne at least, I’d put money on the speed limit having a negative sign in front of it.

But it’s what’s not being said that is instructive as to a rather large indicator of the cause of the carnage on our roads. For Victoria is the preferred settling place of choice for the hundreds of thousands of Indian immigrants that reach our shores every year. It seems that nobody has given any consideration to the effect on the road toll of importing huge numbers of third world immigrant invaders who are already in possession of a valid driving license from their countries of origin. In order to get a driving license in these countries one simply has to pay a bribe. And Australian state governments honor these licenses. In fact, there is not a single country in the world that issues a driving license that is not honored in Australia and subsequently converted into a valid Australian driving license on request.

To put this into perspective, the value of an Australian driving license in the EU is six months. After that, if you want to get yourself an EU equivalent then you will have to undergo the full driving test program. I know as I had to do it when I lived in Italy. And recently in the Netherlands I was told that my Australian motorcycle license is not valid and if I want to ride a bike then I’ll have to do a written test and three practical tests.

The reason for this state of affairs is the fact that Australia is a driving license laundering service for the third world. We have no standards that we impose on the people immigrating here as regards to their driving qualifications, and as a result we also have no requirements as to their actual driving abilities. After all, such a requirement would be racist and we can’t be accused of that modern mortal sin.

Hence the inherent stubbornness of the road toll not to follow bureaucratic instructions to decrease. Third world peasants have a tendency to drive like third world peasants. Unfortunately they do not follow the magic dirt theory of civic nationalism when they arrive and suddenly all become Mark Webber. It seems that those western values which are supposedly just a system that can be easily learned do not extend to magically inheriting civic nationalist driving skills.

This has knock on effects in other aspects as well, not just the road toll or the worthlessness of our driving qualifications. Consider truck driving, a career of choice for many young working class Australian men. The cost to get a full truck driving license in Australia runs into the thousands of dollars. It’s a significant barrier to entry for men who traditionally have that much money to invest in their own professional education. But dodgy truck driving licenses from countries such as India are honored in Australia. Which is why so many commercial trucks in Melbourne are now being driven by Indian immigrants. Of course, the prog left will fob this off as simply yet another example of a job that native Australians don’t want to do which is why we have to import all of the foreigners. But of course this is a giant lie; Australians do want to do these jobs but they’re simply being priced out of the market, not only in wages but in the qualifications required to get the jobs in the first place.

But the authorities cannot dare approach their obsession with the national road toll from this perspective; to do so would be career suicide. Just the thought alone that all these millions of third world immigrants, might, just might be having an effect on the driving population at large is complete anathema to them. Perhaps if they started releasing the road toll and criminal vehicle negligence figures by race we might gain a clearer understanding of the underlying problem.

Not going to happen though when your national religion is multiculturalism.


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  1. I’m surprised they haven’t blamed the increase in fatalities on climate change. Has “carbon tax” been crammed down the Aussies throats yet?

    We got our carbon tax a few years ago. Putting a price on carbon will reduce pollution, said the politician. Wholesale gasoline prices have recently spiked, and people are complaining about the high cost of living. So the politician is now suggesting we build more refineries to increase the supply.

    Climate change is a bullshit issue created to swindle the masses into paying more taxes.

    • PB

      I’d argue that CC is a grand Banking scam. My reasoning is that many of the big money Globalist orgs (banks, media) came fully on board with the promotion about ten-fifteen years back, and the reason is that they worked out that the sheer magnitude of change that could be forced at the National infrastructure level (all developed countries, private and public infrastructure) is such that massive loans would have to be sought on a scale never previously imagined. If you were a (((Global))) Banker it would be beyond manna from heaven. You need though to sell, and keep selling the idea, and you need the idea to be adjusted and re-imagined to keep on top of changes in weather. Of course if you already knew the expected trajectory of natural climate variation you could build your “human-caused” narrative within that with a fair amount of confidence and if you control all the major administrative arms of society (Academia, Banking, Media) then its fairly easy to build a consensus among the low information taxpaying societies that are too busy to look closer as you screw them over. Its genius really, you could say they worked out how to tax the air we breathe.

    • Dave

      That tax money is then used to fund 3rd world importation.

    • purge187

      “I’m surprised they haven’t blamed the increase in fatalities on climate change.”

      Or White people.

  2. PB

    This has been exactly my opinion for some years now as regards driving in Australian cities. Similarly, Australian Nurses are being pushed out of the Private Hospital sector to be replaced by Indians and Filipinos who sign lower wage contracts to get sponsorship for immigration. Most are incompetent and will not ask questions, which the Doctors quite like, especially the dodgy ones, many of whom are also licensed turd-worlders as well. The Visa system here is rorted by the big Private Health firms to do this by claiming that they have to import the “skills” which supposedly cannot be found here. This mind you is for the most basic level of medical/surgical nursing. As to Doctors? Over-servicing in the Private sector is rampant let’s just say. The best example I’ve seen would include the Doctor who bops into the ward at 6AM to greet his patient with a bright happy “good morning, how are you?” and then bills the fund for an out-of-hours consult. This was fairly common the last time I dipped a toe into the Private health sector.

    • Dave


      Funny you should mention that, because I’ve noticed how Indians are replacing white nursing staff throughout Victoria’s aged care system – it’s getting to the point where their presence is becoming inescapable… I’d rather rope than wind up in a facility where I’d be relying on them knowing how much they hate white Australians.

      The only Indian doctor I ever saw (and this was through my failure to research first) used Google when I described my ailment to him…… suffice to say I never went back.

      Because Chinese, Indians, and Africans all look the same there has been a long running scam in Melbourne concerning driving tests where they hire someone who looks like them to take the test and get their license for them. The scam has been known for decades, but it’s hard to prove and persists to this day.

      Australia has become a first class joke.

      • PB

        African nurses are spreading through the system too. Most of them are just plain dangerous.

  3. Mark

    Very surprised that Australia is so laissez faire about licenses. In my Canadian province only certain licenses are recognized:

    Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey
    Except former territories in Antilles: Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Saba, St. Eustatius, and St. Maarten.
    New Zealand
    South Korea (not motorcycles)
    Taiwan (not motorcycles)
    If you’re from Taiwan you will be able to exchange your licence for a passenger vehicle licence only. You must provide the following documents:
    Taiwanese driver’s licence card,
    Verification certificate of driver’s licence with red seal stamp (available in Taiwan only), and a translation of your driver’s licence by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Vancouver. You can get an ICBC translation form at any driver licensing office.
    United Kingdom (includes England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland)
    United States (includes Washington DC and Puerto Rico)

    A pretty short list.

  4. pukeko60

    NZ is heading the same way

  5. MPH

    I had this exact thought the other day, what the representation of various ethnicities was in the car crash stats. Applies everywhere though – the smoking rate is trending up because of immigrants, makes you wonder about health care costs distribution vs population percentage, makes you wonder if that’s why average educational attainment is declining…

  6. I would caution against drawing any conclusions whatsoever from a single three month data sample. Victoria stats are hard to find before about five years ago, but if you look at Australia as a whole, road fatalities were about twice as high in the 70s as they are now. My suspicion is that 1) people don’t understand statistics and/or 2) some group who may or may not understand the math is attempting to get some law passed and trolls through the stats looking for justification.

    Interesting and tangentially related example on immigration statistics, some leftist here in the US was debating a conservative on immigration. He pointed out that in 1911 we had a the same percentage of foreign born residents than we do today, and used that as an argument that the problem wasn’t a problem. He cherry picked his starting year, though. The year that he picked was a peak of about 15% which subsequently declined to less than 5% in 1970. It has since risen back to that peak.

    Any time someone tells me that there is some huge increase of some other time period, I’m immediately skeptical.

    • Adam

      Yeah, the 70s were the high point for vehicle fatalities all over the world, but since then the improvements in safety coupled with tough checking for drink driving has brought it down considerably. However, now the numbers are either not declining or going back up which I contribute to immigration on the whole, both for the increase in population and the mass importation of people with abysmal driving standards.

      • PB

        I recall the Melbourne Sun (now Herald-Sun_ had a campaign called Declare War on 1034 sometime in the very early 70s. That’s how far the toll has come down since, and its mostly due to seat belts, tighter control on drink-driving and steady improvements in car design and road construction. Licensing processes are barely any different and drink-driving has now been joined by drug-driving (licit and illicit).

        Its in the interests of Government and their media lackeys to continue pimping an out of control death toll (always referenced as “carnage”) because it allows them to call for ever increasing enforcement of (and lowering of) arbitrary speed limits. A hidden camera in an urban dual-lane 50 zone will not prevent a pile-up on a wet freeway in the country, but the money’s always good to have (see my comment elsewhere about teachers and endless funding increases for the Diversity).

    • PB

      The Kirner Government in Victoria in the 90s, managing one of Labor’s traditional bankruptcies, notoriously waited for a high toll wet weekend to roll out the speed camera program the following Monday, declaring they had NO choice because we’d all been so bad. Misrepresenting stats to take political advantage when implementing an already-decided agenda is another Labor tradition. I agree completely with you on the education situation. The amount of the Diversity at any school would have an inverse relationship to educational achievement, but why look at harsh facts when the information can be manipulated to demand ever more funding.

  7. Al Jahom

    UK experience shows that it’s cultural, rather than being directly related to getting a license off the back of a popadum packet.

    2nd & 3rd gen here who learned and passed in the UK are as bad.

    The Sikhs are better than the Hindus, who are better than the Muslims. The Africans make Mohammed Sidiq look like Michael Schumacher.

    Obvs the Jews all have chauffeurs so we don’t know about them.

    • PB

      Our biggest problem drivers are probably Chinese, but you’ll never die in a crash with them because they go so slow while blundering about.

  8. Paul

    This is true in parts of San Diego, CA where the Filipino population in large.
    Even the kids of the immigrants say their parents drive for shit. It’s because in the Philippines it’s basicallt Mad Max Thunderdome. There are no real rules. If there is a bus going slowly in the road you drive through the swamp or on the hillside to pass.
    Then they get old and senile and they drive slower than molasses in Siberia.
    What is it with Asians being bad drivers? The stereotype is completely true but there is a reason for it and I wonder what it is?

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