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The feminist mind virus strikes again.

A woman pulls into a service station with damage to her car from a minor fender bender. You’re a guy who knows how to fix things and so you help this damsel in distress. Two hours later and the car is good to go. She gives you a hug of thanks and drives away and you feel good about yourself for having done a good deed.

And then the nightmare begins which ends up costing you your family.

Good Samaritan vindicated after assault charges thrown out of court.

Gray told police Basic had allegedly propositioned her for sex in return for his help before he pursued her in the car and later indecently assaulted her at a different location.

At the time, police described Basic’s alleged behaviour as “predatory”.

7NEWS has been told Gray has since admitted, in a recent police interview, to making everything up.

Her motive, however, remains unclear.

It was the feminist voices in her head. As she drove away she would have been very happy with the outcome. But then the voices began nattering away in her feeble female brain. She had had to rely on a man to help her. How awful to contemplate. Men are supposed to be toxic but this man was the opposite of that. But her belief system constantly tells her that all men are vile pieces of work that must be punished. How confusing and infuriating at the same time.

When presented with two overwhelmingly contradictory pieces of information the brain can not accept both without rejecting one. She could not abandon the feminist tropes that support her psyche; after all, such an act would leave her with quite literally nothing. The only available course of action was to reject the notion that this had been a good man who had helped her. If he thus was not a good man he must then become a bad man. And what would a bad man do in this same situation?

Why he would sexually assault her, of course. That’s what the female imperative constantly declares that men always do.

Outside court, Basic’s lawyer Mona Elbaba says all charges against her client were subsequently dismissed and withdrawn.

Mother of God, the idiot got a female lawyer to defend him. Talk about prolonging the risk.

Elbaba says the truth came out after they pressed the police to investigate the matter further.

“I understand that there was some CCTV footage which contradicted her version, and the police obtained that footage by mere luck after we asked the police to investigate the matter further, and they did,” Elbaba told 7NEWS.

“It’s an extraordinary outcome for my client. Justice has been served and we are very happy with the outcome.”

Without that CCTV footage justice would not have been served at all. The justice system is broken because the police and courts are brainwashed and subjugated with the trope that we must believe all women. Just so you know, girls, when the backlash eventually occurs it will swing to believe no women. You know, like in those Arabic states that execute a woman if she happens to get raped for real. That’s one example of an extreme. Well, we’re suffering under the other extreme.

The Western system of law was a balanced system. It wasn’t perfect but we leave perfection to God. As far as this earthly paradise is concerned, however, it was as close to perfect as we were ever going to get. But no more.

He said the past few months for him have been “terrible” especially when he knew he was innocent.

7NEWS has also been told Basic, who spent two weeks in jail, will pursue costs and compensation and will be back in court in July.

Basic also admitted he probably won’t stop to help another woman again, and that the matter had “destroyed” his marriage.

Remember this case the next time some woman asks you for help. You will have to assume that the same thing will happen to you. Learn from this man’s nightmare. And ladies, please refrain from complaining that there are no more Prince Charmings to assist you when you get yourselves into trouble. You killed them all stone dead and they’re neither coming back to life nor riding in on their white steeds that have been sold to the knackers yards for dog food.

You can thank your feminist sisters for that.


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  1. The part about “destroyed his marriage” jumps out. How well did she know her husband if she seriously thought that he could do something like that? If my father was accused of that my mother would have flat our refused to believe it, because it would not have been in his character.

    • I’m guessing the wife was looking for an excuse to bolt and this incident gave it to her.

      • purge187

        This. Fuck her. I hope the dude gets lots of money and a fresh start.

      • Rpro

        Similar thing happened to me. College age girl rear ended my truck from following too close during rush hour. Making small talk, asking if she was okay, waiting for cops to arrive. See that the plastic bumper was hanging away from the car i offer and procede to bolt it back on so she won’t drive around looking stupid. She then wants me to replace the damaged fender panel too! The nerve of women. Get’s better. The cop procedes to give me the ticket. I yelled at the cop all the way back to his cruiser. I won’t play the hero to any woman who doesn’t belong to me. They won’t learn any other way.

    • He crumbled under the stress of an unfamiliar situation and lost his Frame. The guy is most likely a Delta anyway…wife is probably with him for the kids, roof over her head, etc. If he were more of an Alpha, the accuser probably wouldn’t have done anything, except complain to her friends that he DIDN’T proposition her.

      • Debo

        Are you serious? I didn’t know anyone was even talking this trash since the Obama era, lol. Yeah, if he had only stood the right way, the universe would’ve magically bent in his direction. He must’ve not had his shoulders fully back or something.

  2. Allen

    This is exactly why I do no favors for any woman unless my wife knows her and asks me to help directly. In someone else’s presence I might add. This is also why they went batshit over the Pence Rule. They didn’t like it publicly stated what many of us have known privately for years.

    Sure, I believe women, as long as there are unrelated corroborating witnesses.

    • Debo

      I’m afraid you’re right Allen. I tend to help out people with regularity, just about anyone who needs it. I guess I better tighten up.

  3. If it’s true that without the CCTV cameras charges would not have been dropped, this sets the very ugly precedent instilled into our hind mind that we men should welcome such cameras everywhere. It’s a lose-lose…and lose again proposition. One little example of feminism in practice leads to the serious damaging of male-female relations, creates a predatory, hostile world in which you no longer even talk to people you don’t already know, AND empowers the state simultaneously. Horrible world being created!

    • “this sets the very ugly precedent instilled into our hind mind that we men should welcome such cameras everywhere.”

      We should, so long as they’re under our control. Leftoids used to demand police body cameras until studies demonstrated that not only did police not change their behavior while being recorded, arrests of Leftoids went up.

      “So far, there’s little evidence to suggest that department-owned, officer-operated cameras will lead to any meaningful improvements. To the contrary, a tool that’s viewed by some as one that can protect black lives is actually one that mainly helps those in blue.”

  4. Rachael

    It is in (most) men’s nature to offer assistance when they see someone struggling and they know they have the ability to help, especially a woman in need. They will continue to do so because it is instinctive.

    Isolated incidences like this are very unfortunate.

    • Dave

      “Isolated incidences like this are very unfortunate” – I crack-up when I read such statements, such treatment is mainstream today my dear, not ‘isolated’…… its 2019 and you girls still push the envelope concerning women being “sugar and spice and all things nice”….

      I have no sympathy for this white knight or any other pedestal polisher out there, they bring this on themselves.

      PS: In terms of a desire to help, it’s altruistic and mostly a white thing and ultimately has become something of a disadvantage towards our own survival, since it allows for ease of exploitation and betrayal.

    • SC Osprey

      Forget that! Women like this have created a “hostile help environment”. Rapist going at it whilst I past by? If it’s not family or a close relative, “it’s not my job”! “Have fun, see you later!” LOL

  5. Rachael

    The gentleman in question did absolutely nothing to bring this on. That’s absurd.

    • Dave

      He willingly took a syringe of #METOO and jabbed it right in that left cheek.

  6. Rb

    No. He has an East-European last name and my guess is he was just being old-school chivalrous as there is still a residual culture of chivalry in Slavic culture.

    It’s a sad indictment on the modern world that being nice to a woman is now seen as cucked and not just well-mannered. Frank’s Sinatra, Marlon Brando, Dean Martin – were they beta pussies?

    Unfortunately there will be more of this behaviour from females in the future and whatever goodwill men have toward women will vanish.

  7. Liz

    She should be exiled to a shithole country where trust is anathema. Actions like this undermine trust in the community, and make the world a crappy place.
    I do not agree that the man brought this on himself. Communities where people help each other are better. There is mutual interdependence and trust….a direct and easily observable example would be small communities, towns, villages, military bases. I’ve lived in places where you help your neighbor, and I’ve lived in places where you’re afraid to open your front door, The former is a much better environment and that’s not some random accident.

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