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Podcast #107 – The sex strike episode.

Alyssa Milano has called for a sex strike against men. What repercussions might this have on hot blooded males? Surely this is serious business! I mean, men can’t even find friends these days, let alone hawt chicks. Tune in to find out.


Shapiro hits the canvas.


A real mother on Mother's Day.


  1. Klaus

    “You’re the Speech Therapist…YOU tell me where I’m from!”
    Good one, Adam.
    The crack about her debt was a good one too.

  2. purge187

    So that means we’ll have to abstain from sex with women like her? Hardly the biggest challenge I’ve faced.

  3. TechieDude

    About American chocolate – read the wrapper. There’s something missing in the ingredients. Instead of Butterfat, you’ll see in Hershey’s it’s been replaced by vegetable oil. What’s funny is from a rather unfortunate bout of throat cancer, I can’t really taste sweet, or salty foods. But I can taste chocolate. What I taste with Hershey’s is cocoa powder and veg oil. It’s gross on my palate.

    Mexican beer in Louisiana? What the hell! You are near the mother-ship Abita. You need to grab some Abita Amber.

    The problem with whatsernuts “Body Autonomy”, is that at some point, it’s not their body in question any longer. You can argue when that is, I suppose, but at some point, it’s a completely different body.

    • Adam

      Thanks for the beer suggestion, I’ll try it out.

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