9 thoughts on “Actions have consequences.

  1. TechieDude

    First off, God bless the cop. I have no patience with this shit. “But..but…the wahmens!…”

    Somewhere her (and SJWs in general) morals are way off. You aren’t allowed to hurt people, break or take their stuff, ruin their lives over what you think is some cosmic common good.

    Justice is (or should be) blind to emotion. The same laws that protect the protester and his sign are the ones that protect her from being clubbed like a baby seal with a stolen sign.

    That’s gonna leave a mark, unless Daddy has the do-re-mi to pay to expunge it.

    Can you see that on a job application? “Where you ever convicted….”

    Sweet jesus…it’s these stupid cows that I wind up in a jury on jury duty.


    1. purge187

      Most SJWs are. But as Tech said, they’re getting more and more brazen as time goes on. And as we see with people like Occasionally Using Her Cortex, they’re getting their hands on the control switch. It’s frightening.


  2. Norman Franklin

    Brain addled pussy hatter: I can not believe this is happening. Is there something else that I can do?
    Officer friendly: I can’t un arrest you mahmmm.
    These people create their own enemies where none existed before. The stupid it burns.


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  4. Dave

    Chances are the cop might receive a talking to behind closed doors about who he can and can’t arrest from the university elites.


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