A Christian woman despairs at the scarcity of suitable husband material for herself and her cohorts – Where are the good Christian men? For men who are red-pilled, the clue to her problem is in the article title; she wants good men, obedient men, but not necessarily men who are good at being men.

Yet one important side-effect of all this that gets little attention is how tough this new environment has become for women, especially Christian women, to find good husbands. The situation is so dire there is now an emerging trend of women abandoning their faith and religious beliefs for the sake of romantic relationships.

Two things here. It is true that women in general really want to get married. But whether they desire to stay married is another question entirely, and the divorce rates coupled with the very high probability that the woman will torpedo the marriage has led men to come to the correct conclusion that it is a dud deal. Men aren’t abandoning marriage, they’ve just become a lot more careful in the selection process. We’re picky, sweethearts.

The apparent emerging trend of women abandoning their faith in order to shack up with anyone with a pulse merely underlines their general lack of loyalty. Women today are loyal in so far as it satisfies their short term desires. So a woman who will abandon her faith in order to get hitched is an extremely poor long term marriage prospect.

Yet for someone like me – a 32-year-old single Catholic – the situation looks bleak indeed.

I can talk to any young woman in my social circle and they will, one and all, say the same thing: there just aren’t any men. What we mean by this is there is a frightening scarcity of men aged 25-35 who are church-going, single and worldly-wise.

I knew without a shadow of a doubt her age before I began reading the piece. You’re too old; it’s over. Go join a nunnery where you will be shut up and you won’t do any more damage to younger women wanting to make correct choices. This woman wasted her prime fertile years spent chasing a journalism career of all things, as if that even exists in this day and age, and now at the age of 32 she expects to nail down a 25 year old Christian husband? The 25 year old guys are looking at the 18 year old women. But don’t bother with the 35 year old guys because they’re after the 18 year olds as well.

The article I linked to is actually by Rod Dreher and he has posted updates of feedback he has received about the woman’s original article.

If you’re a Christian, you want to marry a Christian. Problem is, more women than men practice, almost across the board (the Orthodox and the Mormons are the two general exceptions IIRC). So if you’re a college-educated Christian woman looking for the same…you’re in trouble.

They don’t just want a good Christian man; they want a good college-educated Christian man, because the laws of hypergamey state that women must marry up. But women have succeeded in driving young men away from college, whether by freezing them out in the first place via affirmative action policies or making the college environment itself extremely hostile to any young man who manages to get a foot in the door. Women outnumber men in college, so the laws of supply and demand are simple in regards to these same women all being able to find a suitable marriage prospect. But then, relying on women to successfully do math and translate it to real life is expecting a little bit much.

In sum, it’s impossible to imagine a Christian man writing what this young woman has. But I know at least a dozen very successful, attractive, devout Christian women who are in exactly her shoes.

Women write this all the time as if it’s a positive when lining up their credentials as a suitable marriage prospect. Try and get it into your thick skulls that men are not looking for successful women. We are looking for young and attractive women who want to have babies. Thus it has always been and thus it always will be. This is simple projection on women’s part because it is women who desire successful men, but you’ve driven them out of the workplace in numbers that have seriously undermined your own marriage prospects.

Let’s finish with a quote from the original article as linked to by Rod Dreher because it nicely encapsulates the general level of delusion that women have at the moment.

Like many other young women, I firmly believed I would be married by the time I turned 25. My anxiety and doubt have steadily increased through all the birthdays, while my finger has remained bare.

Being so thoroughly convinced all my life that marriage was my vocation, it has come as a painful, and frankly humiliating, shock to find myself 32 years old and alone. So I completely understand the desperation that is now driving women to enter or cling to relationships even if they’re toxic, harmful or illicit.

Oh bullshit. If marriage was your vocation then why did you spend all your time and energy writing hack stories for the local suburban rag? What a pathetic way to waste your prime fertile years. But as always, listen not to what women say but watch what they do. I have no sympathy for this woman, none. She believed the lie that women could have it all as so many of her peers have done, and they believed it because they selfishly wanted it to be true. Well, it’s not true. You can either marry a husband young when you are attractive and fertile and have lots of babies, or you can chase a job and then be lonely and have lots of cats while you write miserable articles complaining of your plight.

Choose wisely.

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