The pitfalls of casual sex.

Stuart Schneiderman has a wonderful analysis of just how detrimental feminism has been to women.

Feminists destroyed courtship and dating. They told women that they were just like men and wanted sex as much as men do. And they also told women not to commit to a man when they were young– that would be under age 35– because it would destroy their career prospects.

Put it all together and you have a coterie of young women who give it away for free, who do not want a commitment because then they will risk love and marriage and children. And, will compromise their career prospects. Note, in passing, that Seriously Angry says nothing about her career prospects.And, you probably saw that Seriously Angry feels– correctly– that the feminist hookup plan is serious disempowering for women. And that it’s empowering for men.

The number of articles and thought pieces written by women complaining about the current pickup culture only increases by the day, and yet this pickup culture was orchestrated by women as Schneiderman notes.

Pickup culture is ultimately degrading for both men and women, but for women it is an immediate degrading experience while for men its degradation only reveals itself in the longer term, if at all. In the rush to be like men, women are discovering that acting like a man is not only disempowering for them, it is not in their best interests.

Ask yourself this, how many of the young women who want relationships act like they want relationships. I do not mean that they insist that they want a relationship– that’s the Polly approach– but act like congenial, cordial, companionable women. How many of them behave shrewishly? How many of them hector and harangue men about social justice and sexism?

One suspects that young women today lack the social skills that would allow them to signal their disinterest in casual sex… because they have been taught by people like Polly to be open, honest and shameless. Is it time that they rediscovered the feminine mystique? Or, at least, feminine charm.

The package is worth exactly how it is presented. Red pilled men declare that they want unblemished virgins, not because they are on some sort of power trip but because they have seen the damage that riding the cock carousel wreaks on young women. These poor girls have been brainwashed by feminists and their peers that they must be experienced in bed before men will even consider them. So they dutifully go out and sleep with as many men as possible and then boast to a young man on a first date at how good they are at giving head.

Trust me, girls; this is not the turn-on that you think it is for any man with even an iota of self respect.

Girls, you don’t need to practice sex to be good at sex. Do waves have to practice before they break on the shore? Will you be perfect at sex when you do it the first time? Will you be the best?

You’re asking the wrong question. The question you should be asking is whether or not you will value yourself as much after a sexual encounter.

We also understand that all-or-nothing thinking characterizes depression. It results from having been repeatedly traumatized by bad sexual experiences, sexual experiences that make women feel cheap. Once a woman is sufficiently traumatized by bad sex– even consensual bad sex– her judgment will be distorted. She will go into trauma avoidance mode and will select or deselect men on the basis of how much they do or do not resemble men who have traumatized her in the past.

It is not cool or liberating for a woman to give her sexual intimacy away for free. Even if her feminist overladies told her to do so.

Ladies, your most vital currency is only as valuable as you treat it. Your feminist allies have lied to you. They use you as pawns in their Marxist political games. The best and easiest way to know whether or not you are on the right track is if they get angry with you for your decisions. A better barometer than that I cannot offer.

And for the young men out there, the last thing that you need today is to plow through as many chicks as possible. Our great grandparents had it right; find a girl and settle down. Our side of the internet is overflowing with men, who have themselves slept with many women, desperately seeking the answer as to how they can achieve that. Feminists wrecked it for everybody, but we were only too willing to listen to their lies so the joke is on us.

7 thoughts on “The pitfalls of casual sex.

  1. Chuck Hortler

    >>because they have been taught by people like Polly to be open, honest and shameless.<<

    it's interesting that Nadia Bolz Weber, one of the leading feminist blowhards in the States (whose wolf in sheep's cover is as a "high church" pastor) released a book a couple of years ago called "Shameless". and of course, she has to exhibit her fetal male envy by subtitling the book "As Fuck"


  2. dan

    how or why does the degradation reveal itself primarily long term for men

    “for men its degradation only reveals itself in the longer term, if at all.”


    1. Apex Predator

      @Dan- Go read RooshV from about 2009 until today and you will see the 10 year trajectory of what degradation over time looks like. He understands now, in hindsight, how he wasted the only currency in this world that has ANY real value because no amount of fiat currency, gold, or anything else can buy you a single second more of it. Time.

      Regret can be a real bitch, so be very clear and sure about how you’d like to spend your only irreplaceable asset. This goes 10X more for women who peak at 18 and start the long slow slide to 40. It is a bit of a karmic / cosmic joke that men’s SMV curve is the exact opposite of that.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Daniel Ashman

        Roosh has changed and learned? Or he actually regrets his last 10 years? Because those are two different things.


      2. purge187

        Daniel – perhaps a little of each. He’s reaching that blessed “Ecclesiastes” moment and realizing that there’s more to life.


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  4. Rob

    I try to teach my daughters that it’s like a valuable diamond. But a large diamond can be broken into pieces by a strong hammer…breaking it into smaller and smaller pieces until eventually it’s been pounded into worthless sand…


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