Based Indians; livestream with the Uncuckables.

Yesterday I was a guest on the Uncuckables Livestream which was a lot of fun even though I had to get up very early to do it. Unfortunately I forgot that it was a livestream which meant that I didn’t pass on the message in advance to my delirious followers. My bad, next time.

We spoke about the Aussie election but then it segued into a nice debate over immigration where I think that I came out on top.

Hawt chicks & links will come up later on today.

5 thoughts on “Based Indians; livestream with the Uncuckables.

  1. Dave

    Both David and yourself said it like it is Adam, but Tim Wilms came across as somewhat brainwashed in his belief that every thing is cool as far as Australia’s direction is concerned.

    He comes across (to me) as a typical lefty.

    The old TV show “Kingswood Country” is available on Youtube….. Tim should watch a few episodes to see what Australian culture was like back in the 1970s before the great erasure began.


  2. Dave

    Go on youtube and search the ‘National Film and Sound Archive of Australia’ (NFSA). Then weep for what we have lost.

    Archival footage and documentaries of all of our major towns and cities. There was even one segment on driving a taxi Perth and what a solid career path it was. Anglo Saxon cab drivers. Not an Indian as far as the eye can see. The fellow in the documentary was engaged to a great sort from memory too.

    Those videos will necessarily have to be banned. All the lies they spin about the nation of immigrants and how we have always been that way…. Ah…. no. An nation entirely of British stock living in what looks like paradise. God’s country indeed.

    Nobody will a sane mind can look through those archives and not seen the hollow shell of a nation and people that we are in comparison.


  3. Dave

    Yep I know, this post is a few days old, but the following just adds more fuel to the fire concerning immigrants in Melbourne and Tim Wilms living in a bubble.

    The old Africans went on a crime spree last night across Melbourne…

    And Melbourne residents now hiring armed (gun carrying) guards to protect their homes from the Africans….


  4. Al Jahom

    I hope you won’t be affronted if I say you remind me of Sam Neill.

    I’ll never be able to watch Event Horizon in the same way again. And EVERYONE should watch Event Horizon.


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