On Friday’s hawt chicks & links thread I said the following about the wymen politicians:

This is why you don’t have women in politics, let alone in the top job. If the Tories elect another female for this position then they deserve everything that’s coming to them and more.

A commenter left the following on the subject:

No wimmin in politics? Nope, Margaret Thatcher. The first vote I ever cast was for her. More testosterone than the entire “conservative” movement that stabbed her in the back.

Margaret fucking Thatcher. She is the ultimate political example of what is known in the manosphere as, “Not all women are like that” or NAWALT.

How it traditionally works is this: you say something which generalizes women’s behavior; then some white knight rides to the rescue loudly proclaiming NAWALT as he goes into some detail of this one female example that supposedly completely disproves your generalization observation.

It makes no sense, of course. Taken to an extreme you could say that everyone should be able to survive cancer because you know this one guy who cured it with badger tails soaked in urine and frequently applied to the mouth.

Margaret Thatcher is the ultimate NAWALT. She wins the NAWALT trophy for all time and for any topic of discussion. Whenever the subject comes up of women being absolutely hopeless in politics and absolutely disastrous as political leaders, some idiot will ride to the rescue with Margaret fucking Thatcher which apparently means that the subject has now been closed as this one individual disproves all of the other available evidence.

To see how ubiquitous the Margaret fucking Thatcher rule is, just consider today’s headline over at Breitbart from the normally not an idiot James Delingpole –  Bojo has lost his mojo; Britain needs a new Margaret Thatcher.

Why can’t Delingpole’s headline be, Britain needs a new Winston Churchill? We know Churchill’s opinion on everything and right now he would be an absolute wonder to behold. But no, once again it’s the old bag herself.

You’re hoping that Delingpole is speaking figuratively about Thatcher, right? That what he means is a Thatcher-type of leader, not another woman in severe suits.

I’m keeping a completely open mind on the Tory leadership contest. So long as it’s either Priti Patel or Steve Baker, I really don’t mind who wins…

Priti Patel? Delingpole wants a woman of Indian descent to head Her Majesty’s government? I mean, what the actual fucking fuck?

Remove Thatcher from the equation and there has not been a single female politician in history, let alone a female leader, who was good at the job and who left her country better off after her time in politics. If you think that there has been one, please name this mysterious woman for us all. I have written about this before in a piece where I went through every female political leader in Australia’s history and they were all, every single on of them, a gigantic cluterfuck of uselessness.

Because Julia Gillard, Carman Lawrence, Joan Kirner, Clare Martin, Anna Bligh, Lara Giddings, Kristina Keneally, and Anna Palaszczuk were all such glorious successes at the top jobs, right?

Actually they were all, and in the case of Palaszuzuk still are miserable failures. It seems that the approach to female politicians in Australia is rather similar to the implementation of socialism; all those other times that it failed was down to it being implemented incorrectly. This time we’ll get it right for sure.

And what do you think the second comment on that article mentions? Which female individual was immediately brought up to somehow disprove the truth of what I am pointing out? Why, it’s none other than the queen of NAWALT, Margaret fucking Thatcher.

I’ve had enough of Thatcher. I don’t want to hear her name anymore. I don’t care how good she was as a leader, the fact is that she was a complete aberration, and the longer that the right holds her up as some mystical saint designed to lead us out of the lefty universe then the longer we shall be predisposed to elevating women to roles that they should be nowhere near. Such as prime minister Morrison announcing his new cabinet with its record number of women.

Dear God almighty; will the dumbness never stop?


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