3 thoughts on “Podcast #109 – The honor episode.

  1. “So long as we as a nation cling to the lie that only a stay-at-home mum is best placed to assume the responsibilities of caregiver then working fathers will continue to feel insecure about stepping off the corporate treadmill to spend more time with their children.”

    I wonder how many read that and thought she was implying that fathers are better at caregiving than mothers. Of course what she simultaneously wants and doesn’t want is for fathers to take a bit more time off work so that the mothers have another nit to pick. Across a population it is bound to be the last straw resulting in divorce in at least a few cases. Great for the kids!

    Another question is if neither the stay-at-home mother nor the father is best placed to assume responsibilities as caregiver, then who is? Does anyone have the countdown on when Big Sister is going to be retconned into existence? Or is she already watching you (and your kids)?

    Some history of compulsory employment for your entertainment: http://www.cyberussr.com/rus/labor-discip.html


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