The reason that Trump won the 2016 election and has hung on to power in the face of continuous treason from the minions of the deep state is because Trump is a very smart operator. Trump has both street smarts and real smarts, a combination which is very rare indeed. The key to having both is knowing when to utilize the one or the other. Mix the two up at the wrong moment and you can find yourself in very hot water.

Intermixed with this is a great deal of personal charm that transmits on both a personal level and to a wide audience. Finish it off with a very healthy dose of extreme high energy and what you have is a unique individual. I mean, if you want to get all nerdy, if you rolled up Trump as a D&D character he would be mostly 18s.

The problem with what Trump is doing is that he makes it look easy. He makes it look effortless. Why, all you need to do in order to be like Trump is to say whatever you want, never apologize, and never back down.

Unfortunately it’s not that simple. For an abject example of how badly an individual can do trying to be just like Trump, look no further than the man known online as Sargon of Akkad.

I have known of this individual from back in my days as an online gamer. He had a Youtube channel but I stayed away from his stuff as he struck me as a libertarian crackpot. If anything I would have described him as a leftist who just didn’t like how far leftism had gone which is similar to Jordan Peterson. To his credit he did back GamerGate but Sargon always had a habit of engaging in online flame wars. In fact, he lived and breathed such conflicts; it was if they were fuel for his personal fire.

He’s not a particularly bright individual; in fact there are plenty of video moments of him getting handed his small brain on a stick. His tendency is to misunderstand something and then to create elaborate fantasy constructs around his misinterpretation. This is perfectly fine, however. I mean, we all need our hobbies and this guy managed to create a living around doing just that, so hats off to him was my attitude and I simply ignored him.

Up until the latest EU elections, that is. This I couldn’t ignore. For it seems that Sargon fell into the trap of believing his own bullshit. Not only that but he fundamentally misunderstood why Trump has been so successful and then he created one of his fantasy world views around his misunderstanding and then made a drastic power play based on this false assumption.

In other words, he stood for election for UKIP and he basically destroyed the party.

If you want an example of pure hubris, I don’t think anything tops what this idiot has done to himself and other people over the last month. No, it’s not as easy as Donald Trump made it look. In fact, the easier someone makes something look then the probability exponentially rises that what you’re witnessing is actually rather hard.

Sargon thought that all you have to do is to attack everything with a flame thrower and that somehow this approach would magically ensure that everyone would want to vote for you. But hey presto, this doesn’t work. What a surprise.

Let this be a lesson for everyone on our side of politics. Not that Sargon was ever on our side.

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