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Ladies, your youth and beauty lives on in your children.

A couple of hilarious pieces in The Guardian by some chick called Arwa Mahdawi, (must be an Englander!), caught my eye this week.

Men’s fixation on young women is another sign of masculinity in crisis.

Researchers looked at nearly 200,000 heterosexual users and found that while men’s sexual desirability peaks at age 50, women hit their prime at 18. And then it’s all downhill from there apparently. Can I just remind you that 18-year-olds are teenagers, and so this study is basically saying that straight men don’t find women attractive; they like girls.

I wrote about this study when it came out last year but this feminist’s reaction to it is just so heartwarming that I had to share it. It’s a strange conundrum; on the one hand feminists go around loudly proclaiming to all who don’t want to listen that they don’t need or want men, yet they also get rather upset when men show preference for anyone but them. Sucks not to be wanted, right? But then, feminists are simply women who men either never wanted in the first placed or who they tired of.

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The sheer awfulness of Game of Thrones.

Last night I watched Game of Thrones due to the fact that I have HBO in my hotel room and I thought, what the hell, I’ll give it a shot; how bad could it be? It was beyond bad. It was quite simply the worst piece of television that I have ever seen.

The week before I had caught the previous two episodes. The one with the giant battle against the army of the undead in the frozen north made for bewildering viewing seeing as the lighting was so dark when they filmed it that for most of the battle I couldn’t make out anything at all. It turned out that they won because a very small girl killed the very bad undead dude. Okaaaaaaay …

Then last week’s episode had a dragon shot out of the sky by a flotilla of triremes sporting gigantic fixed crossbows. As I watched I thought to myself that the other dragon is going to make mincemeat of them seeing as the ships were all in a narrow body of water and couldn’t turn around. I mean, all the remaining dragon had to do was to fly quickly around behind them before they could swivel the crossbows and simply open its mouth.

Instead, helmed by the blonde with the very dark eyebrows it flew away in a panic leaving the crossbow triremes to effortlessly destroy the dragon’s allied navy. Makes sense, not.

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A real mother on Mother's Day.

If you want to make prog tard liberal lefties sperg out because that’s how you get your kicks, just show them the following photo.

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Podcast #107 – The sex strike episode.

Alyssa Milano has called for a sex strike against men. What repercussions might this have on hot blooded males? Surely this is serious business! I mean, men can’t even find friends these days, let alone hawt chicks. Tune in to find out.

Shapiro hits the canvas.

In the short history of this blog my single biggest viewing day has been a tad under 5000 views. The article that garnered so much attention was a short piece examining the way that our old buddy Jordan Peterson twists the meaning of common words to suit his own nefarious purposes. The reason that it got so many hits is because somebody chose it for a Google Chrome selection of the day; in other words, it popped up in people’s feeds. The funny part is that I have no doubt that the Google staff member who selected it assumed that I was a lefty because I criticized Peterson.

The irony stick thus goes something like this:

Peterson is a lefty who masquerades as a righty because he is a professional wolf in sheep’s clothing, what is also known as a dissembler. He succeeds because people are stupid.

The left in general take Peterson’s stance at face value and assume that Peterson is what he falsely positions himself to be and thus draw the conclusion that he is the enemy. The reason for this is because people are stupid.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The okay edition.

Welcome to the Friday hawt chicks & links, a result of tireless work to scour the internet for links worthy of your time and energy. We take our job seriously here at the hawt chicks & links because we crave your approval in an abject manner. We hope that this is okay with you and ….
Hold it a minute! You can’t say, “okay”! The okay sign is now a racist symbol of white supremacy! Don’t you idiots know anything?? Why, flashing the okay sign will get you barred from your favorite sports stadium for life.

They blurred the image. Get your heads around that and consider just how much of a laughing stock the MSM has become. Of course, Ace summed up the entire issue beautifully:

If I were a white supremacist I would be seriously concerned at the idea that this idiot was on our side. Just sayin’.
Enjoy the links, kiddies. And the hawts.

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The feminist mind virus strikes again.

A woman pulls into a service station with damage to her car from a minor fender bender. You’re a guy who knows how to fix things and so you help this damsel in distress. Two hours later and the car is good to go. She gives you a hug of thanks and drives away and you feel good about yourself for having done a good deed.

And then the nightmare begins which ends up costing you your family.

Good Samaritan vindicated after assault charges thrown out of court.

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An afternoon quickie.

Talk of when Lauren Bacall first met Humphrey Bogart:

When Lauren Bacall first met Humphrey Bogart, she was only 19 and he was 44. All the odds were against him, and Bacall’s family and friends tried to talk her out of getting involved with him:

Bacall’s mother was strongly against her daughter being married to “an elderly alcoholic,” while [director Howard] Hawks energetically warned her about Bogart’s womanizing, promising her she would end up abandoned pretty soon.

Have you ever been a wing man for a buddy? If you want to be a good wing man, all you need to do is to tell girls to stay away from your friend because he’s trouble. Then step back and watch the fireworks.

And another thing:

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Things that are supposed to get girls, but don't get girls.

A comment from reader Debo on yesterday’s post:

I must say, as a life-long lifter, I can honestly say it has not helped me get girls at all. I know I’m probably one of the only ones in this regard, but I think it is odd. Either way, I still workout, and will forever.

I can empathise with this. There are plenty of tactics that men who are not naturally gifted with women use in order to improve their chances in the dating game. And while these tactics might work on occasion, if you attempt to use them when the cool guy who gets all the chicks walks into the room then you’ll discover that they’re about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. Which then leads to the conclusion that they don’t work as intended because they are not meant to be used in isolation but in competition.

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Lifting to get girls is not blue pill.

The 21 Convention was held last weekend in Orlando, Florida, which was a conference dedicated to the manosphere and red pill topics. R.S. McCain covered the event due to a personal invitation from Rollo Tomassi and his report of the weekend and his experiences can be found at his site. I posted my own opinion of McCain’s article in a discussion over at Dalrock’s site.

McCain is on his own red pill journey, as we all are. Some of the stuff that he is writing now would have been unthinkable to him 2 or 3 years ago. His own exposure to these ideas has had a definite effect on him. And when you consider that he is a Boomer and for most of his life has been a mainstream journalist, well, the article that he has written on the 21 convention is quite extraordinary.

McCain is more open to the ideas of the red pill than any other mainstream journalist on the planet. The main reason for this is that McCain is an actual journalist, which is something that they haven’t taught in journalism schools for over 30 years. He reports as opposed to emotes.

As a writer I am constantly surprised at how seemingly innocuous statements that I use as a way to build mood or set a scene are taken as the main body of the story and intensely debated. So too with McCain’s piece, as what I thought was a throwaway section with the same objective to set the tone was instead seized upon in the comments at Dalrock’s site.

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