Boys love war.

Here is a documentary of the only operational De Havilland Mosquito in the world going on one of its first flights. The narrator, an ex-Royal Marine, is almost giddy with excitement before the flight and fully emotional about the experience afterwards, (and for once a modern narrator who isn’t a giant douchebag as so many of them are.)

To gain an understanding of why people love this plane so much, (and incidentally it is also my favorite combat aircraft of the Second World War), you have to return to your own youth and remember why as children we played army men in the backyard, and built models of our favorite vehicles and aircraft, and read countless books and comics about battles large and small.

It’s because boys love war.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The Ebola edition.

It’s hawt chicks & links time here at the old website of zee Gentleman Adventurer, who is busy having Louisiana style adventures and having a Cajun blast, let me tell ya. This week is Ebola week on the old links thread which if you haven’t heard is a somewhat nasty virus that causes you to die in ways that make the Alien series of films look like kiddie’s play time in comparison.

I was in Uganda 20 years ago when there was a little Ebola scare so I do have some idea of what goes down in this situation. Basically everyone shits themselves and hopes to God that anyone infected gets eaten by crocodiles due t0 the fact that you don’t usually start exhibiting symptoms for about 2 weeks which gives you a lot of time to infect lots of other people.

Aesop has been writing about the latest outbreak which has made the jump into Uganda. This is his latest but he has many more; worth the read if you like having bedtime nightmares. But what is infinitely more interesting and terrifying at the same time was the news that a few hundred “refugees” from the Congo turned up in the USA by crossing the somewhat porous southern Mexican border. How exactly these people, none of whom speak English and who are all desperately poor, managed to cross the Atlantic and make their way up to the southern US border is a mystery.

Well, a mystery in the sense of who stuck them there on purpose. Which is what must have happened because there is no way that they did it without serious organised and professional logistical assistance. Now when you add to this the fact that they have come from a country with a major Ebola outbreak and you add to this the latent incubation period, then I begin to ponder if nasty people are working towards a mainland USA Ebola outbreak. Which is the sort of thing that you expect Bond villains to do.

How do you survive an Ebola outbreak? Simple: you go to a remote area with a hidey hole stocked with food and water and you shoot anyone who gets within a mile of your location.

Links and hawtness to follow and have a nice weekend.

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The climate change socialists show their hand.

I have long argued that the climate change movement has nothing at all to do with the health of the planet and the environment in which we live and everything to do with power and the forced introduction of a global socialist system. In other words, take money from the poor and the middle classes and give it to the rich. That this has got to the point that it has is endemic not just of the collective gullibility of the population, but to the general falling away of organised religion. People have to believe in something after all, and people also have to believe that in their individual short time on earth they are good people.

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It’s pride month, so enjoy your time in the sun.

I’m all out of virtues. Plain tuckered out. Got no more shits to give, no more fucks to take. It’s gay pride month. Month. Not a day, not an hour, not even a week. A whole entire month dedicated to people celebrating where they choose to stick their private parts. Years ago, yeeeeaaaaaaaaaars ago, when the gays wanted the equalities, it was all about them being left alone to do what they wanted in the privacy of their own homes. Now we have an entire month of public sodomy celebration. Everyone has to get on board. If you don’t get on board, enthusiastically mind you, then you’re unacceptable. You’re a hater. You’re an un-person who is undeserving of being treated with the normal niceties of a civilized society.

In my book, a civilized society doesn’t publicly dedicate an entire month to sodomy. Just sayin’.

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Example number one million of why women should not have the vote.

If you have a look at the top of my home page you will see a little button that you can click that will take you to my personal beliefs and opinions. I know, I know; a white heterosexual Christian male having opinions is most very bad and racist, but I have them anyway and you’ll have to take them from my cold dead hands.

Anyhoo, one of my opinions is on the subject of giving women the vote. Here is what I have to say on the matter:

A mistake as women vote with emotion as compared to logic. The growth of the welfare state originated from when women were given the vote.

I know, I know; what a really bad and evil and horrible person I am. I bet most prog leftists wouldn’t want to even be in the same space as me or breathe the same air. Well, bad luck, snowflakes; I’m in your elevator breathing your air.

Continue further for the latest example of why women should not have the vote.

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