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Podcast #113 – The consistency episode.

The one where I talk about consistency. Plus, my housing situation and the joys of sunken living rooms, conversation pits, and inglenooks!


Dear Janet, you embody the entire feminist problem.

Writing in The Australian, Janet Albrechtsen takes umbrage with fellow columnist and self-confessed alcoholic Nikki Gemmell who had declared that men who choose to become obstetricians only do so because of reasons of power over women, you know the drill.

Gemmell may not have meant to join this miserable movement. Maybe she was naive. But her claim that we should question the motives of why a man would want to be an obstetrician gives cover to others who choose gender as a determination of good or bad motives. Think of the obsessions about the white patriarchy and toxic masculinity. Rather than ­encourage more of these mindless accusations, can’t we agree that this genre of revenge feminism deserves no helpers? And that men should not have to defend themselves against inchoate claims about bad motives?

Revenge feminism is one part of a larger body of grievance politics, each offshoot with its own misguided postmodernist pursuit.

The term revenge feminism is a tautology, for feminism is predicated on ideas of revenge; revenge against men, revenge against other women, revenge against society, and revenge against God. Feminism is 24/7 revenge for the permanently outraged and lazy. It is why male-feminists are the most obtuse people in the world.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The persecute a Christian edition.

Welcome to the hawt chicks & links bestest and brightest, here we go here we go, step right up me maties, it’s all aboard for the hawt chicks train. We got chicks and stuff for your enjoyment, and enjoyment is our name and enjoying is our game. We got photos, we got videoes, we got links to all manner of miscreants and hoodwinkers, fat bottomed trumpets and slim crumpets, what you see is what you get, all you get is all you pay, we hope you enjoy your stay and that when you’re done you can all safely dwindle far into the night, content in what you’ve seen, and feeling slightly dirty for what you’ve experienced, because no night is a good night unless you wake up the next morning with an immediate feeling of dark foreboding at the things that you might have done the night before.
And then you roll over and get a face full of Hillary. Oh begezus, what ever will we do now?
Why, read the hawt chicks & links of course.

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Update on hag rape.

Oh my lord. Those Bergdorf Goodman dressing rooms sure are weird places.

Sarkeesian spends her way to stone broke woke.

It seems that everyone’s favorite feminist video game non-entity is in a spot of bother.

The broke wokeness of Anita Sarkeesian.

Remember when the name “Anita Sarkeesian” was influential? When the feminist commissar was named to Twitter’s “Trust and Safety Council”? The anti-male hatemonger rose to fame from 2012 to 2016 by demonizing men in the videogame industry and claiming to be a victim of sexist harassment. In 2014, the year of the #GamerGate controversy, Sarkeesian’s Feminist Frequency project raised more than $400,000 and, over a five-year-period, her organization raised nearly $1.6 million. Yet as Brad Glasgow explains in a remarkable YouTube video, Sarkeesian’s non-profit is now essentially bankrupt, having begun the year with a balance of barely $30,000 and laying off its employees …

Her business model was based on soliciting money for feminist harassment of innocent targets for SJW purges. And that’s a serious amount of money to spend in so short a time. Keep in mind that the staff numbers were a grand total of two, apart from the great Anita herself.

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Don't shoot the messenger, girls.

“The male is by nature superior and the female inferior…the one rules and the other is ruled.”

Reader Katie took umbrage to my article the other day that men are superior to women.

It’s not supposed to be “men vs women.” Feminism and blogs like this are both banging the same drum – “team man vs team woman! Women are better than men! No, men are better than women!” What’s truly good for men is also good for women because good men are good for women. And good women are good for men. We are not supposed to be adversaries – at our best we are interconnected in many ways, and our growth and virtue and honor benefits those around us, men and women.

The natural assumption if someone states that men are superior is that the interlocutor is adversarial to women. This is a defensive posture on the part of the accuser as the alternative is more unpalatable; a non-adversarial posture of superiority is unsettling precisely because no conflict is intended or sought. Or to put it in the more common vernacular, a position of superiority with zero fucks given drives women up the wall.

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Aging hag says Trump raped her.

Oh my goodness, you ain’t gonna believe this, but apparently Trump raped this chick in a department store back in 1995. She’s waited a while to come forward, like right at the moment when she’s promoting her new book which needed a bit of controversy to get it going methinks. But hang on a minute, I hear you saying. Maybe she’s telling the truth; maybe Trump did have a shot at the title in the Bergdorf Goodman department store in 1995. That’s a while ago though, 25 years to be exact.

Carroll is now 75, is an advice columnist for Elle, and wrote magazine features for Playboy and Esquire.

Does anyone here seriously believe that Donald Trump in the prime of his life would have gone around raping 50 year old women in department stores?? 50 years old??? Ladies, please – the only way that you’re gonna get raped at that age is if you put yourself firmly in front of an invading Russian army, and even then the boys would probably need a whole lot of vodka and the NKVD ordering them into the breach, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

Let’s have a look at a contemporary photo of this bird and then lie back and try to imagine if you could summon the urge to, you know, do the Rapey McRapey thang.

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It is better to be a man than a woman.

A wonderful article from Jupes at Catallaxy Files on the subject of suicide among ex-servicemen in Australia. In it he compares battlefield casualty rates from men in WW1 with those in Afghanistan as well as what horrors troops in those respective wars had to face. One of his conclusions is that the emasculation of the armed forces has resulted in men who are not prepared for what they have to face when they go into battle.

With the exception of Special Forces, Australia no longer sends soldiers to war, rather, we send civilians with military skills. Since 1985 females have trained alongside male recruits in the Army and standards have lowered considerably to facilitate this. Back in the day when men joined the army, they were taught from day one that their individual aspirations took second place to those of the Army. They had to do any job the Army wanted them to do and go wherever the Army sent them. Training was hard, taught men to kill without hesitation and left them in no doubt about the nature of war. Not anymore. Female recruits can choose when they join, can sign on for half the commitment of male recruits and can even choose the location of their first posting.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The get on with it edition.

This week has seen some sort of chaos implosion on this side of the interwebs due to Vox Day’s attack on the MGTOW community. I did a podcast on the subject and then put up a very short post to address a comment by a reader – the post garnered over 30 comments. A lot of people have been calling Vox bad names, and stating that they didn’t like his tone. Apparently Vox cannot understand because he has never been divorced etc etc.

Let me make something very clear – none of us have a monopoly on misery.

Spawny’s Space put up a thread on the topic and I had this to say:

You don’t win by not playing the game. You lose. It’s the cowards’ way out. And Vox generalizes against MGTOWs because it’s a colony of incels. I have scant respect for a man who gets knocked down and then cries about it, but I have total contempt for those who never get on the playing field in the first place whilst simultaneously crying about how hard done by they are because it’s all stacked against them. The fact that Vox has taken so much flak is because he is right over a very fertile target.

Real men get on with it. Does one get over these events? No. So we collect scars that will hurt at the most unexpected moments. But we tell no one and carry on regardless.

I get it that men are hurting. But we are made to hurt, and suffer, and still carry on. The 23rd trait of the modern man – the modern man gets on with it.

What I cannot stand is the attempt at poisoning the well for younger men just starting out. Unlike the bitter post-wall women who do it in order to share their misery, I have no doubt that men do it with good intentions but the effect is the same. Yes it is important to educate and warn men of the dangers in dealing with modern women, but this needs to be done with the objective of making men more prudent and discerning both in their own behavior and in their selection of women for marriage, not so as to turn them off women for life.

My attitude is always one of hope rather than despair. And that is how my writings and recordings will continue on the matter.

And now your weekly dose of goodness. Stay frosty, my friends.

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How SJWs treat their own.

Gunner has a good breakdown of a report on the inner workings of a company sub-contracted to moderate Facebook messages. Based on the report and Gunner’s comments, it sounds like the workplace would make Chinese coal mine managers blush. Some examples:

One, named Randy, would sometimes return to his car at the end of a work day to find moderators waiting for him. Five or six times over the course of a year, someone would attempt to intimidate him into changing his ruling. “They would confront me in the parking lot and tell me they were going to beat the shit out of me,” he says. “There wasn’t even a single instance where it was respectful or nice. It was just, You audited me wrong! That was a boob! That was full areola, come on man!”

… Miguel is also allotted nine minutes per day of “wellness time,” which he is supposed to use if he feels traumatized and needs to step away from his desk. Several moderators told me that they routinely used their wellness time to go to the restroom when lines were shorter. But management eventually realized what they were doing, and ordered employees not to use wellness time to relieve themselves.

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