Are you special enough for women like Wendy?

Dalrock draws attention to an interview with some old bat called Wendy Griffith who is famous for making a career out of never getting married but who has now gotten married. I fully expect her next book to be about divorce; I mean, where else does she have to go?

Anyway, here is a quote from Griffith that Dalrock used and which I want to examine a little bit closer.

Griffith:  If we don’t know that, again we’ll settle for much less. You know it breaks God’s heart when we settle. And that’s the other thing that the Lord taught me through the heartbreak was God hates compromise! He hates it when we settle, because He’s a good daddy, he wants to give his daughters – and his sons – His very best. And He’ll let us settle if we ignore all the red flags and if we keep going He’ll say ok but He desperately doesn’t want us to settle. He want’s us to hold out for His best.

The level of cognitive dissonance on display here is breathtaking. I knew that these women were out where the trains don’t run, but I never really imagined that they were this crazy. This quote is from someone with a pathological level of self-obsession. Which would be one thing if she was by herself locked up in a home, but the woman is out there influencing millions of similarly delusional women who hang on her every pronouncement as if she were a conduit with God.

How curious that the left is all about equality, and yet when it comes to selecting their future spouse apparently God purposely made a great number indeed of very average men who are entirely beneath consideration just so that women like Wendy could test their faith by rejecting them. How is it even remotely statistically possible for God to supposedly want all of us to wait for His very best?

Implicit in this delusion is that Griffiths herself is one of these very best from God. Why else would she be holding out for the very best if she were not also one of the highly anointed? It’s a club, you see, and one with a most definite hierarchy. At the top are the people that God values the most, and to break into that special club you have to love and value yourself above all others. Apparently all that stuff in the bible about selflessness was a lot of guff. All those saints who abandoned their worldly possessions and went out to spread the word of God were just a bunch of losers who couldn’t attract the best of the best of the best like Wendy Griffith.

Of course the reality is that women like Griffith have wasted their lives and thrown away their ovaries, and the only thing that will make the pain of this reality bearable is if younger women make the same mistake. What she really means when she’s saying that God wants women to wait is that God wants you all to share in each others’ self-induced misery. Women who have made or are firmly on the road to making bad choices react with furious indignation when confronted with any reality that conflicts with their fantasy world in which they are invested.

Take this innocuous tweet yesterday from Aaron Clarey.

Aaron observed a feminine woman and contrasted her with what is paraded on view and found that women in general are seriously coming up short in comparison. Implicit in Aaron’s Tweet is the fact that the woman that he observed is young. He is not going to be saying this about a has-been like Griffith, no matter how well she is dressed.

To say the reaction to this innocuous Tweet was a little over the top is somewhat of an under exaggeration. Women are furious with him, not to mention the parade of white knights riding to the rescue of the good name of women everywhere. A great number of the angry replies to Clarey are composed of put-downs of his physical appearance which are all attempts to disqualify him from the club of special people. While I am not saying that these women are religious, the philosophy is the same as that used by women like Griffith. Reality is a bitch and women have never been that good at accepting reality even at the best of times.

Griffith’s message is also for men. It is important for men not to go after any young women who have made themselves available as they should be patiently holding out for those older women who have finished with their party years and who are now looking for that special man that God Himself wants for them.

19 thoughts on “Are you special enough for women like Wendy?

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  2. TechieDude

    Clarey’s tweet was hilarious. The reaction to is just shows the butt-hurt level in the world.

    Same thing happens to me, almost daily, but for a different reason. My long range vision isn’t what it used to be, at least for detail. So I’ll be in a public place, like an airport, and see what looks to be a hot woman only to find that up close, she’s normal to ugly. Just “Sculpted” with the best hair care and cosmetics there are. That is this Wendy chick. I’m sure first thing in the morning, she’s not that attractive, and probably hasn’t been for a decade or better.

    The old lady and I watched The Big Chill the other day. The first show about nothing. It was lame when I saw it in the theater. Lamer still when we watched it on video tape. And damn near offensive as I view it now.

    One of the characters is the total career woman lawyer that can’t find a man, then decides she wants a kid. In the scene where she’s complaining about her choices, I told the wife “She’s having trouble finding a guy because she’s older, and becoming a dude.” Look at how she’s dressed, look at the hair style (short, 80s dude cut), look at her posture, tone, and even how she’s smoking that cigarette. Honestly the most un-sexy thing I’ve seen all year.

    As far as this old woman, Wendy, goes, If memory serves she wasn’t even looking until she was pretty much past her sell-by date. Eventually, probably when she dies, she’ll see her life in context and see where all along God was sending her men she ignored.

    Women really bristle when you point out the expiration date. Just like with the 32 year old Catholic woman making the rounds this week, at some point – mid 30s, latest, women need to come to grips that whatever marriage they manage at that point will be one of companionship, and look for an older dude.


    1. 342

      Nope, Amish have no problems getting rides in cars, flying in other people’s airplanes etc. They just aren’t supposed to own them.


  3. Clarey’s not the only one who has noticed. I fully expect the Orthodox church and the Amish/Mennonite communities to swell with young men looking for honor and decency (and wives).


    1. mnt9791

      Many Orthodox churches in the US are just as inundated with feminism and white knights as any other group. I know, I am Orthodox.


      1. Tubalcain

        I’m Orthodox (convert from Protestantism 21 years ago). Belong to an Antiochian parish. I disagree with you. While I’ve seen some of this, its not typical, which is one of the many reason I fled a feminized mega church.


    2. Exactly! I’m a convert to the Orthodox Church having fled Protestantism 21 years ago. My parish is swelling with converts, many are men, who like me, had their fill of feminized churches, entertainment worship, and social justice theology.

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  4. Sasha Hrongmitts

    I’ve finally found the perfect girl,
    I could not ask for more,
    She’s deaf and dumb and over-sexed
    and owns a liquor store!


  5. Allen

    It’s like the old joke about how a guy is praying to win the lottery but never winning. He continues to lament not winning until this sonorous voice booms out “work with me here, buy a ticket!” Maybe she expects for guys to come with notes pinned to their shirts saying “this is the one!”

    Another old one, about telling the Mennonite from the Amish houses. The Mennonite houses have phone lines running to them. A piece of advice for guys, marry only into your faith.


  6. purge187

    Like I said in Dalrock’s comments section, you wonder why a woman even bothers to get married at that age. Her sex drive and childbearing capabilities are both on the wane.


    1. From a man’s perspective, women past 40 are not practically marriageable. But women are always up for the honor of being wed, not to mention the associated cash and prizes.


    1. Red Pill

      I refuse to settle for the scraps of some ‘Bad Boy’ or tattooed thug; it’s like chewing somebody else’s gum that was picked up off the street.


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