Podcast #110 – The hemispheric differential episode.

Aaron Clarey and The Great One flew down to Louisiana to hang out with me for a weekend. So we recorded a podcast together and answered a few of Cappy’s Arsehole Consulting requests.

3 thoughts on “Podcast #110 – The hemispheric differential episode.

  1. TechieDude

    The Great One had a great observation – The girls on these dating sites being wreckage, damaged goods.

    In my observation, all a girl needs to do is keep herself fit (Not model thin, but ‘healthy’), Fix up her appearance best she can, go where guys are, and be nice to them. You go to any social situation, be sociable, talk to the same dude maybe 2-3 times, you’ll get asked out. Most guys are simply not that picky, especially if you make it easy on them.

    (Ahem…In my best ‘Barney’ voice) “WHEEL HER IN HOMER! I”M NOT A PICKY MAN!”

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