Crazy girls and sexual opportunists.

Emily Hart is the gift that keeps on giving, at least if your idea of presents is someone who is wildly dysfunctional. I reckon that a fair portion of her fan base is made up of women who watch so that they can feel better about their own sad lives. I’ve spoken about Emily before but I stumbled across one of her latest videos and it’s a doozy, folks. It turns out that Emily has finally nailed down a boyfriend and she’s done what all mentally stable people with a Youtube channel do which is to parade him to the entire world.

The video is under 10 minutes so give it a watch as like I said, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

The comments are particularly brutal, and somewhat hilarious when she asked her followers to be nice to her new beau. Whether or not he is actually gay, there is certainly a huge amount of soy in this boy which was not alleviated at all by his attempts to subtly roll up his sleeve to show off his tasteful tattoos of naked women.

I predict an epic future meltdown video from Emily when he dumps her, but this prediction is a little like shooting fish in a barrel. What is interesting about the video is the tactic that he used to get her into bed.

Emily is no doubt crazy, (she talks about a tarot card reading here for God’s sake), and the old saying about crazy girls being good in the sack is an accurate truism in general. The crazier she is then the wilder she is in bed. Thus if you’re a bit of a sexual opportunist then there is no doubt that you would want to exclusively date crazy women as you’re guaranteeing bang for your time.

What clued me up was the moment when they described how they met. Our nice young man chose to talk to her about the topic of mental health. In fact, their first date was a walk in the park where they pontificated on what it’s like to be nuts. Think about it for a moment; which subject do you think crazy girls like to talk about more than anything else? I mean, apart from themselves. This line is probably a sure fire winner if you suspect that she might be bonkers. You can add a little fuel to the fire by admitting that you too have had mental issues in the past as you can now become her project.

He made every one of these moves. It’s actually pretty smart when you think about it and I have to admire his pluck in this regard. Of course, he’s a blithering idiot for putting his face to her Youtube channel but he’s probably got nothing to lose. I mean, what is with that single dangly earring?

The other sad aspect to this whole thing is if he’s actually legit. So the woman who makes videos saying she’ll never settle and who has long lists of the qualities that a man must have chooses an ex-junkie and alcoholic and then parades him before the world?

The brutality of the wall never ceases to amaze and shock. Mother nature is indeed a bitch.

14 thoughts on “Crazy girls and sexual opportunists.

  1. Kraemer

    In the US, single left ear ring is apparently a code sign for the homos to find one another. Idk where she lives but if it’s US he’s at least bi.


    1. I’d be interested in any sources you have on homosexual signaling. It was always a mystery to me, how they could find each other on the basis of a deviancy that, for most of history, had to be very carefully hidden.

      One would think it’d be so difficult that homosexuals would never have been able to group up in the first place. After being red-pilled, one would wonder if feral women serve as middlemen, sniffing out sexual degenerates for their own purposes.


  2. Dave

    >”Basically I’m farking the boss”

    In other words, potential future #MeToo should things go sour.

    I stopped watching after 2mins, I have my limits.


  3. purge187

    “[T]he old saying about crazy girls being good in the sack is an accurate truism in general.”

    I was just watching some videos about Elizabeth Holmes on YouTube. She’s going to be very popular in prison.


  4. She suckered this guy into doing this video as a testimonial to her vast qualifications in pleasuring men. She picked a guy with a daintier jawline than her own and pipe-cleaner arms reminiscent of David Hogg’s. I would hazard a guess that she did this just so that she could ruffle the feathery crests of any white knights out there who think they have more to offer. Not that she is at all likely to accept any of those offers. She is probably only getting several hundred of them now as opposed to the thousands she got in the past before she posted her makeup free post-wall impact photo on Instagram. That she probably thinks any of this will work on someone that would meet her criteria as an acceptable man is where she is entirely mental.


    1. Carl-Edward

      Interesting your mentioning Hogg: I think he is a sexual fence-sitter – although it would be difficult to imagine him getting into bed with anyone. Whichever way the wind may blow with him, he is clearly deranged.


  5. As someone pf part-Irish stock, I always had an inborn pedestal-type view of English girls. The last 15-20 years have largely shorn me of this. Darymple’s articles about their slaggish behavior, their actual slaggish behavior as depicted in pictorial essays, and the YouTube personalities of British girls have all but burned away this natural inclination to that darling, dainty English accent—which doesn’t even exist anymore in pop culture, replaced with either wanna-be newscaster tone or else the young kids’ gutteral timbres and potty mouths that I suspect are akin to the Jersey Shore-esque tones of the U.S.

    Emily’s vapid behavior and crazy don’t even rise to the level of “cute eccentric.” She is low-class messed-in-the-head with a pretty face.


  6. Allen

    Oh my, I knew a woman like her once. No matter how trivial his offence is, he’s going to royally piss her off, and she’ll try to burn his house down or something equally insane. He is of course completely oblivious to it.

    She needs a sign around her neck: Toxic Woman Stand Clear


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  8. “Talk about mental illness” is fine advice, right alongside the hoary (lol) advice to look for a g/f at the STD clinic (she fucks, and she’s clean because she’s had her shots).


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