I have long argued that the climate change movement has nothing at all to do with the health of the planet and the environment in which we live and everything to do with power and the forced introduction of a global socialist system. In other words, take money from the poor and the middle classes and give it to the rich. That this has got to the point that it has is endemic not just of the collective gullibility of the population, but to the general falling away of organised religion. People have to believe in something after all, and people also have to believe that in their individual short time on earth they are good people.

Goodness is no longer conferred by a 2000 year religion; instead it is parceled out by those who have political and social power. Thus, if you worship homosexuality and all of its deviant forms, you are good. Those in charge tell us so. If you worship the cult of baby sacrifice also known as abortion then you are good. Not only that but if you do not worship it then you are bad and unwelcome in our brave new world.

There are many more that I could list but you get the point. But the biggest cult of goodness of all is that of climate change as it crosses all national borders. If you drop 100K on a shitty Tesla that’s okay because it makes you good. Not only can you signal your virtue to the community but you can actively and openly castigate those who are not as good as you. So if you see someone driving a V8 pickup it is perfectly acceptable to boldly approach them in public and berate them for not caring about the planet and the lives of countless millions of unborn future babies, (those that make it through the abortion mills of course).

The science of climate change is bunk and discredited but that matters nothing to those behind it any more. Scientific arguments that contradict the acceptable climate change line are futile as the powers at be have moved on from pesky things such as evidence. Their minds are made up and nothing will dissuade them from enacting the next step of the climate change movement which is a total breakdown of the economy and a drastic return to feudalism and serfdom, with them as the lords and the rest of us as the peasants.

Don’t believe me? Don’t think that it could happen? Well first of all it happened this way in every other single country that fell into socialism. That’s the first point. But more importantly, our enemies are now openly revealing their hand.

UK proposal: 75% wage cut to combat climate change.

The Labour Party is discussing plans to bring in a 10-hour working week and slash pay by 75 per cent to tackle climate change. The radical report titled The Ecological Limits of Work by the Autonomy Group states unless current carbon emissions are cut there would be an ‘unprecedented decrease in the economic activity’.

It says the sustainable work week would likely be ‘well below 10 hours per week’.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, who has previously backed a four-day working week, said: ‘This is a vital contribution to the growing debate around free time and reducing the working week.’ Leo Murray, adviser to Shadow Treasury minister Clive Lewis, said: ‘I like this take a lot.’

The UK Labour party could well win the next election due to the Tories’ implosion over Brexit.

This is not a fringe proposal. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, who praised the proposal, is a senior figure in the Labour Party, and has a real chance of being put in charge of Britain’s banking system and economy after the next election.

The report kind of skips over issues which might concern some workers, like how British workers already suffering fuel poverty are supposed to warm their homes and feed their families with 75% less money, and how they are supposed to pay their mortgages and bills (maybe all mortgages will be forgiven?), but I doubt the politicians considering this radical policy proposal have ever personally experienced real hunger, poverty or cold.

Sacrifices must be made, comrades. And anyway, the science of global warming has told us all that it will get really hot so none of you will need to warm your homes. If it’s snowing outside and ice is forming on the sheets of your bedding then that’s just indicative of your failure to adequately believe in the great climate revolution of which we are all enthusiastically joined together.

The linked to report is not a joke. It is not from satirical sites like The Onion or Babylon Bee. It is the real deal. The radical increase in power prices over the last decade is not an unwelcome side effect of the mass implementation of renewable energy, but rather a planned and carefully thought out priority to beggar our economies and make us energy dependent on the state. The middle class is the enemy and the majority of us have foolishly contributed to our own doom in the abject pursuit of the feeble and fleeting bestowal of goodness and virtue from those who would see us destroyed.

I hope that you enjoy reading my writings because in the future world of energy scarcity, only the privileged few at the top will enjoy the luxury of electricity and the internet. After all, that was the end game behind the climate change smokescreen all along.

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