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Podcast #112 – Should you get married and have children episode.

The one where I examine Vox Day’s advice to men to get married and have the babies. Will I come down on Vox’s side or will I stand with the dreaded MGTOWs?

Links mentioned in the cast:

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Courage and cowardice.


  1. hoohoocachoo

    I wouldn’t say I’m MGTOW, but I see the way that I’m given open hostility and disdain by females. I’m sorry, balding and quiet. I’d rather not be a meal ticket, simp or a P beggar again. Life is more than being a tool for some vag that will throw you away or accuse you at her whim.

    • Rex

      If you aren’t MGTOW, then what are you? Do you care about the future of your nation? Are you doing anything to help improve its future if you aren’t going to create a family?

  2. purge187

    Terrence Popp is a member of the Army Special Operations who came home from one of several tours of duty to dind that his wife blew up their marriage. And Vox calls people like that “cowards”?

    Yeah, Vox is an asshole.

  3. Abelard Lindsey

    Vox represents a special case. He was in a pop band that had a hit song in the early 90’s. I believe he has also been successful in the computer gaming field. I believe he is independently wealthy as a result of these successes and now lives somewhere in Italy. I also believe he had his successes PRIOR to getting married and having kids. As such, I don’t think his situation applies to most other people. I think one needs to keep his situation in mind when considering advise from him on your own personal situation.

    As to the question about getting married and have kids, I believe that one must answer this question on their own independent of the opinions of others that may or may not have your interests and well-being in mind. I will say this. I have never, for an instant, accepted any advice from any other human when it came to my own life choices if I thought the person giving the advice had any other motive than to sincerely help me accomplish what I want from my life.

  4. Rex

    Adam, might you have any plans to elaborate on some of the warning signs you talked about regarding your marriage? It may be helpful for guys who are on the fence about marriage or who may not know what all to look for.

    On semi-related note, I remember reading a while back about the veto on your pig farm plans. It set off a yellow flag back when I first read it. It wasn’t so much the fact that your wife didn’t want the farm to happen so much as the way the veto was conveyed. I also remember you saying that she only nixed a single digit number of your plans during your marriage. Would you consider this behavior to be included among your warning signs? Thinking back on it now, it seems like she didn’t want you to do it simply for the sake of her own image and comfort. Win-lose instead of win-win.

  5. Dave

    >”You are not special”……….

    Adam, you forgot to mention and include a very important point, namely that all men are not equal, hence a one size fits all approach to marriage and children does not necessarily work.

    The egalitarian approach is the blind belief trumpeted by the left and while you did state that some men will fail I believe you needed to mention that while we are not special, as men we do exhibit personal diversity as a group unlike women.

    PS: the mention of a “secret men’s club” made me think of a few out there who are in it for the cash.

  6. What is the point of life?

    Plow a bunch of girls, in 100 years who’s going to care.
    Make money, in 100 years who’s going to care.
    Create a business, in 100 years who’s going to care.
    Write a book, in 100 years who’s going to care.
    Create quality adults, in 100 years your grandchildren will definitely care.

    The meaning of life is simple and does not need to be over thought. The purpose of life is to create more life. The brain you use to think these thoughts exists to create more brains. The fingers you use to type these words exists to make more fingers and so on.

    Evolution is the only theory for existence that is backed by evidence and makes logical sense. Life is a series of winners and losers. The adapted and the extinct. If you don’t have children, you have failed. If you do not raise your children to be well adjusted functioning adults who will continue the pattern, you have failed.

    `Gods, souls, heaven, faith are wishful thinking. Religion can handicap you because it removes the urgency in life. What’s the point of success in this world if you have the next world to look forward too?

    “Men who give up, find religion” –TGO.

  7. Charlton Saxon

    I think it basically boils down to whether or not you are okay with going extinct. I don’t trust guys who enthusiastically embrace their own extinction in exchange for a few decades of hedonism and childish irresponsibility.

  8. Best podcast you’ve done, bar none.

  9. Carlos

    Decent advice from 100 years ago.

    It was courageous, honorable and fashionable to ride horses 100 years ago as well. They got you from point A to point B. We have Teslas, high speed trains and airplanes today. It’s cute to see someone riding a horse nowadays, but the rules of the road have changed. You might want to update, or get run off the road.

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